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How US universities are utilising SAT scores

September 11, 2019 / Study International Staff

To gain acceptance to a US university, an SAT score is often required. Usually, for international students, SAT scores are required if you’re coming straight from high school and aren’t transferring credits from another university. However, some universities still require international students to take the SAT even if they’re transferring credits or have taken similar exams, such as the O’ Levels.There are a few things all prospective students should know before they take the SAT test and apply to a US university. How exactly do colleges take SAT scores into consideration? If you retake the SAT, are you required to submit your previous scores as well? Are scores from all sections on the test taken into consideration? US News Education recently reported that colleges use three different scoring systems: no score choice, score choice or superscoring. These methods apply to ACT scores too, which is what many local American students take, as universities in the US a...