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EdTech Unicorn EEO Joins Hands with Peking University -- Redesigning learning experiences for the new digital-forward model of education

EEO | July 08, 2022 | Read time : 2 min

In July, 2022, with the support of EEO's hybrid technologies, Peking University successfully concluded the first academic year of its Global Open Courses Program in partnership with a list of distinguished institutions, including Tokyo University, Nanyang Technology University, Moscow State University, Waseda University, University of Granada, Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, Chulalongkorn University, Cornell University, and Cairo University.

EEO was founded in 2014 with the purpose of building an inclusive and student-centered learning ecosystem through the power of technology. Since 2019, EEO and Peking University joined hands to collaborate on digitizing physical learning environments, constructing specialized archeology classrooms, and adopting hybrid learning methods. It is a nonstop journey for EEO and Peking University to explore how to better motivate students and support educators in experimental teaching strategies. The project of Global Open Courses Program focuses on how hybrid learning gives rise to an enriched learning experience and expands learning communities.

Hybrid learning, a method that incorporates hybrid technologies and open educational practices, has witnessed increasing adoption in K12 and higher ed institutions globally. Teaching Economics as part of the Global Open Courses Program, Professor Huang Yiping successfully engaged students in the classroom and those joining virtually with group discussions and activities.

"Our professor came up with eight topics for discussion, encouraging us to form groups with students overseas. And we have been keeping in close touch with students online as well." Li Yipin, a student in Professor Huang's class, reported.

For many, the program's hybrid courses placed vast learning resources within reach. With abundant course offerings, students had extensive opportunities to explore emerging topics with a cohort coming from diverse background.

The platform of choice, ClassIn, is an all-in-one solution for online and hybrid learning with interactive virtual classrooms, a school management backend system, student learning reports, and more. Currently under internal testing, the product will support more innovative teaching methods by transforming into an LMS, a platform that caters to each step of the learning process in addition to the already powerful synchronous in-class interaction.

It is evident that EEO's product family is designed with the consideration of scientific methods, masterful teaching, and lifelong learning. ClassIn, one of the first online classrooms in the world, was released in 2015. Building on feedback from educators and in-depth research, EEO released ClassIn X, a new hybrid solution for the new era. The company is also in the process of developing TeacherIn, a curriculum co-construction platform. It helps teachers find like-minded partners, with whom they can design and share lessons.

As of now, EEO has partnered with more than 60,000 institutions around the globe and expressed great passion to collaborate with international educators and institutions, sparking the creativity of teachers and creating innovative learning experiences for students.


Join Professor Brian Hallett, an expert in Visual Communication and Branded Content, as he unveils the transformative power of AI in education at IE University. Discover how IE University empowers students to embrace AI as a valuable tool for creativity and critical thinking. Witness real-life examples where AI enhances students' inventions and analyses, raising the bar for excellence. Experience the future of personalized learning, where AI and humans collaborate to create a dynamic and enriching academic environment. Hit play now and unlock your true potential with AI-enhanced education at IE University! IE University

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New Canvas Alignment Tool streamlines flow of data between One45 and Canvas learning management system

GlobeNewswire | September 14, 2023

Acuity Insights announces that its One45 product now offers a Canvas Alignment Tool, which streamlines the flow of data with Canvas – one of the most widely-used learning management systems (LMS) in higher education. This new tool allows programs to ensure that their curriculum mapping and facilitator reporting are consistent and accurate between the two systems. As a result, it reduces administrative burden, duplication of effort and reporting inconsistencies, ensuring program reporting meets accreditation standards with ease. This new tool will improve functionality and productivity for health professions programs that use both One45 and Canvas. "The Canvas Alignment Tool is an exciting addition to our groundbreaking One45 product. This tool combines complex data from diverse systems, delivering an efficient and effective solution for program administrators," says Rich Emrich, CEO of Acuity Insights. "This is yet another step in our strategy to enable program administrators to harness the power of data easily and effortlessly. We offer seamless integrations with leading education technology platforms in higher education. By doing so, administrators can gain valuable insights, ensuring both program and student success, without the hassle of making sense of data from various disconnected systems." What is One45? One45 by Acuity Insights is a comprehensive program management solution that allows health professions programs to simplify complex workflows, streamline accreditation, and enhance program assessment. Streamlined solutions for health professions programs One45 empowers programs with a dynamic, all-in-one platform that powers scheduling, curriculum management, assessment and evaluation, and MSPE processes with unparalleled flexibility. Simplified reporting tasks One45 solves tedious reporting challenges. It fully supports accreditation requirements in assessment, curriculum, clinical experiences, and Student Affairs, while effortlessly meeting day-to-day reporting needs. Seamless collaboration The One45 program management solution facilitates easy information sharing, collaboration, and communication among departments and learners alike. To find out more about the Canvas Alignment Tool, please read our blog post about integrating Canvas with One45. About Acuity Insights Acuity Insights is the leading provider of admissions assessment, program management, and analytics solutions for higher education. The company’s solutions help higher education institutions deliver on their mission holistically, considering the whole student, widening pathways into higher education, and ensuring both student and program success. Recognized as one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 companies for 2021 and 2022, Acuity’s solutions are used by over 600 higher education programs worldwide. Its Casper situational judgment test (SJT), taken by more than 150,000 applicants every year, is the most widely used open-response SJT in higher education and is backed by almost 20 years of efficacy research. For more information, visit

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Anthology Accelerates Innovation in Higher Education with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

PRnewswire | July 18, 2023

Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, today announced its future of incorporating generative AI capabilities into its ecosystem of EdTech solutions in collaboration with Microsoft. By using Microsoft's advanced AI technologies with Anthology's purpose-built suite of higher education solutions, Anthology is bringing forth new capabilities to help institutions personalize learning journeys, improve efficiencies and operations, and bolster recruitment and enrollment programs. Anthology selected Microsoft as its AI solution partner because of Microsoft's vision and leadership in cloud AI developer services, long-standing relationship, and shared commitment to responsible AI by design. Leveraging the power of AI across its solution suite is a key differentiator for Anthology and core to its mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Microsoft to drive the next wave of innovation in education and open a world of possibilities for the global education community," said JD White, Chief Product Officer at Anthology. "While other vendors might be looking at AI within a point solution, Anthology is assessing the power of generative AI technology across our vast stack of EdTech solutions. By thoughtfully integrating AI into our ecosystem, we can harness its power to foster innovation. The collaboration with Microsoft ensures these solutions are scalable, secure, and seamlessly integrated into existing educational ecosystems, making them easily accessible to institutions worldwide." "We're excited about our collaboration with Anthology to power new AI solutions for education with a shared commitment to responsible use," said Serena Sacks-Mandel, Global Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Education. "Anthology is a proven partner that has consistently demonstrated innovation and is aligned to our mission of empowering education through technology." Anthology's collaboration with Microsoft represents a significant step forward in delivering state-of-the-art AI capabilities tailored to the unique needs of higher education institutions. By integrating Microsoft's AI features into Anthology's purpose-built higher education solutions, institutions can unlock new opportunities for personalized student engagement, advanced data analytics, and streamlined administrative processes. For example, using Microsoft's Natural Language Processing capabilities, institutions can gain deeper insights from unstructured data sources, such as student feedback, surveys, and communications, empowering administrators to make data-informed decisions to improve student success and satisfaction. Anthology unveiled new real-world applications of AI capabilities today at Anthology Together within its Blackboard Learn learning management system that are using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, including: • A course-builder aide for instructors that create draft modules, titles, descriptions, etc. The integration of Azure OpenAI Service will enable instructors to streamline content creation processes, saving valuable time and effort. • Content-based test generation. AI-powered algorithms analyze a document's content and quickly generate a diverse set of questions. This allows educators to allocate more time to other important tasks, such as lesson planning and individual student support. • Rubric creation. Rubric creation powered by AI streamlines the rubric creation process and ensures consistency and fairness in evaluating student performance. Educators will have the ability to customize and fine-tune these AI-generated rubrics according to specific learning objectives and assessment criteria, providing a balance between automation and instructor expertise. These features are built following Anthology's commitment to responsible AI use, ensuring that human judgment and ethical considerations always guide AI-facilitated decision-making and to use AI as a tool to enable positive outcomes while respecting privacy, fairness, and transparency. Learn more about Anthology's approach to ethical and responsible AI use. Anthology uses Azure for cloud services and the Microsoft Power Platform for business intelligence solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the foundation of its customer relationship management (CRM), Anthology® Reach, and Finance and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, which will allow Anthology to use Dynamics 365 Copilot features to accelerate innovation. Anthology also harnesses the power of Microsoft 365's collaboration and productivity tools within many products, including its learning management system (LMS), Blackboard® Learn. Microsoft awarded Anthology the Microsoft Business Applications Inner Circle award in 2022/2023 and 2021/2022. The award recognizes Outstanding Achievements in EdTech and Anthology's rank in the echelon of Microsoft's Business Applications global network of partners. About Anthology Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, supporting more than 150 million users in 80 countries. With a mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™, we help learners, leaders and educators achieve their goals by offering over 60 SaaS products and services designed to advance learning.

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Alabama Community College System Selects the Instructure Learning Platform to Extend Access to Underserved Communities

PR News Wire | August 31, 2023

Instructure, the leading learning platform and maker of Canvas, today announced that the Alabama Community College System (ACCS), the system of public community colleges in Alabama, has selected the Canvas learning management system (LMS) as part of a major statewide initiative to transform and modernize its learning experience and increase student success. By unifying the learning experience on Canvas LMS along with Canvas Studio, Impact by Instructure and Canvas Credentials, educators across the state can access foundational, evidence-based edtech solutions to support their instruction. Comprised of 24 community and technical colleges, ACCS offers 2-to-4-year transfer, dual enrollment, technical training, adult education and community education for Alabama residents. In 2021 ACCS expanded its usage of Canvas to 12 member institutions. After a successful implementation, increased student access due to a robust mobile application, increased reliability due to decreased downtime and an improved user experience, ACCS now expands its investment by choosing a statewide deployment of Instructure Learning Platform solutions. The proposed solution, which is backed by research and ensures a consistent learning experience across the state, provides a proven approach to extending access at scale. The statewide implementation of the Instructure Learning Platform solutions will be available to all ACCS students by fall of 2024. The statewide implementation is a key milestone for Chancellor Jimmy H. Baker, whose efforts to modernize and streamline operations has improved the department's focus on the needs of higher education students. By scaling operations, including information security, IT and a consolidated approach to edtech, ACCS can now address challenges in a more effective and efficient manner. "Anything that Alabama's community and technical colleges can do to consistently deliver higher education and training in an accessible way that leads our residents to finding their best success is why we exist," said Baker. "We have seen through our academic programs and work-based learning programs, such as Skills for Success and Alabama Career Essentials, that a resident's ability to start their student experience on one platform opens the door to a wealth of other training opportunities throughout our community and technical colleges across the state." "ACCS and the state of Alabama are taking a giant leap forward with accessibility as they address learning deserts, or areas where students traditionally have less access to educational resources and opportunities," said Steve Daly, CEO of Instructure. "We're honored to play a significant role in elevating student success and amplifying the power of teaching throughout Alabama." Alongside Canvas, ACCS students will benefit from Impact by Instructure, a data and analytics solution that improves adoption and evaluates the impact of edtech. Educators and administrators can use these insights to make informed decisions and evolve educational offerings to best suit the needs of students. With access to this timely data, ACCS can help students accelerate the completion of programs and enable them to take any program at any institution statewide. Extending needed educational moments to students in every circumstance will lead to a new generation of educated learners previously excluded. "As a unified system of community colleges, utilization of a common Learning Management System makes sense," said Cynthia Anthony, President of Lawson State Community College. "One of our goals is to eliminate barriers that hinder seamless student experiences. I think a single LMS is a win-win for our students and colleges. We must look at the big picture and remain laser-focused on student success." The ACCS investment further magnifies the impact of the ACCS Innovation Center, an ambitious effort bringing together the state's community colleges, business, industry and community partners to deliver rapid, industry-recognized non-credit training within some of the state's most in-demand career fields. Adding Canvas Credentials to the training programs will play a key role in allowing learners to demonstrate skill mastery in a competitive workforce. "The strategic decision for the Alabama Community College System to have a standardized Learning Management System will simplify the learning process for students that take classes at different community colleges or transfer to another system college, which is significant," said Todd Shackett, President of Southern Union State Community College. "Additionally, it will allow colleges to more easily share faculty and curriculum across schools for better service and more efficiency." This far-reaching program serves as a model for other states seeking to address complex problems prevalent in modern learning environments, such as equitable access and student engagement. By implementing an all-Canvas Higher Education system throughout the state, Alabama promotes continuity and a consistent mobile-ready learning experience which shrinks learning deserts. The Instructure Learning Platform brings together students, instructors, and tools for a familiar digital learning environment in the physical, blended, or online classroom. ABOUT INSTRUCTURE Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today the Instructure Learning Platform, comprised of its flagship product Canvas LMS and several products serving K-12 and higher education, supports tens of millions of educators and learners around the world.

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YouScience® Brightpath Empowers Educators and Students for Academic and Career Success

PR Newswire | August 25, 2023

Based on nationwide research, the majority of high school graduates face a lack of preparedness in making crucial college or career decisions upon graduation, often feeling uncertain about their chosen educational or career paths. • Nearly 75% of high school graduates did not feel fully prepared to decide on their future career or education during high school. • 37% of high school graduates are not sure they are where they want to be in their education or career path Moreover, the strain on counselors and teachers–due to heavy workloads and limited resources–exacerbates the issue by creating gaps in essential discussions about postsecondary opportunities. There is an acute need for solutions that bridge this gap, and help students who are struggling to transition from high school to college, trade school, and career. YouScience® is the leading technology provider dedicated to solving the skills gap crisis for students and employers. Thousands of middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, chambers of commerce, and employer partners use various applications from YouScience. The award-winning education technology company recently launched YouScience Brightpath, which supports educators in addressing critical issues facing students in one unified platform. With Brightpath, educators can: 1. Personalize students' education pathways for increased academic and career success. 2. Provide deeper purpose for classwork by supporting real-world career outcomes into every student's educational journey. 3. Connect students to their future by bridging the gap between education and industry in meaningful and personalized ways. 4. Support every student's growth through the major transitions between middle school to high school, high school to post-secondary learning, and from the classroom to careers. "Brightpath has been an incredible tool to measure student growth in the classroom," said Joel Casiday, from Coldspring-Oakhurst High School in Coldspring, Texas. "Our teachers can give their pre-assessment at the beginning of the year and then the certification exam for the course at the end of the year. The student receives real-time certifications and the teacher has valuable data that shows student growth and instructional impact. With the launch of the career research tools and all the full Brightpath suite offers, our students will be poised for success after graduation." YouScience Brightpath makes it easier for educators to help students connect what they are learning in the classroom to real-world applications. This includes career and technical education (CTE) programs, skill certifications and credentials, and resume creation. "Having a comprehensive platform that helps us connect what students are learning in the classroom with real-world career opportunities turns education into a tangible experience," said Thalea Longhurst, State CTE Director for the Utah State Board of Education. "Local employers also like YouScience Brightpath because they can engage with students, who have the aptitudes and certifications they need, to start building a talent pipeline. It opens doors and opportunities for all Utah students to have a successful future—whether that's 4-year college, trade school, or jumping into a career." Research shows that helping students discover their aptitudes, and building personalized high school and postsecondary pathways, enables student success. In 2022, nearly 80% of high school graduates reported feeling better prepared to choose their educational and/or career pathway based on understanding their natural aptitudes. "Unleashing student potential is at the heart of what we do," said YouScience CEO Edson Barton. "To do that we must empower educators with the best professional tools. Brightpath makes it easier to collaborate across schools and districts, between middle and high schools, and from grade to grade. Brightpath is designed for today's professional educator. Speed, ease of use, scalability, and systems simplicity is top of mind." About YouScience YouScience is the leading technology provider dedicated to solving the skills gap crisis for students and employers. Its end-to-end platform, YouScience® Brightpath, connects education with career applications designed to help students unlock their potential for future pathways. YouScience leverages proven research, artificial intelligence, and industry input to help individuals identify their natural talents, validate their skills and knowledge, and get matched with real-world educational and career pathways in high-demand occupations. YouScience is the preferred choice of individuals, parents, educators, and counselors to guide and support educational and career pathways, currently serving more than 7,000 educational institutions and nearly one million users.

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Join Professor Brian Hallett, an expert in Visual Communication and Branded Content, as he unveils the transformative power of AI in education at IE University. Discover how IE University empowers students to embrace AI as a valuable tool for creativity and critical thinking. Witness real-life examples where AI enhances students' inventions and analyses, raising the bar for excellence. Experience the future of personalized learning, where AI and humans collaborate to create a dynamic and enriching academic environment. Hit play now and unlock your true potential with AI-enhanced education at IE University! IE University