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How to Demonstrate Confidence in Your Teaching

June 11, 2019 / edsurge

When I taught my first class at the college level, I was somewhat nervous, but not as much as I may have been if I had comprehended the magnitude of what I was about to do. The first decade of my career had been in a dissimilar context, the franchising industry, teaching computer classes, and my expectations were unrealistic as to just how different it would be to teach at the college level."Gaining confidence can be elusive to those of us in higher education, since academic culture can often subtract from our confidence, instead of building it up."The person who had originally instructed me how to teach had ingrained in me that you should avoid telling people that this was your first time teaching a class. While never asking me to lie, he had proposed that my first-timer status should not ever be brought up by me. He said that otherwise I ran the risk of having people lose confidence in my capacity to guide them through the day of learning a new software program