RedShelf Expands Portfolio of Workflow Solutions for Campus Bookstores

prnewswire | February 03, 2020

RedShelf, an EdTech company working to make education more affordable and effective through the use of digital learning resources, today announced powerful new enhancements to its portfolio of workflow solutions collectively known as the RedShelf Content Delivery System (CDS). RedShelf's proprietary CDS technology platform streamlines all of the complex workflows involved in acquiring, selling, distributing, and billing for course materials. "As higher education continues to evolve in the digital age, we've seen the role of the campus store evolving as well. But what hasn't changed is the fact that institutions rely on their stores to provide efficient delivery of affordable course materials to students," said Greg Fenton, CEO and co-founder of RedShelf. "Our responsibility is to work with the store managers and course materials managers to develop tools that empower them to provide the best solutions for the students and institutions they serve."


For companies around the world, the recent shift to hybrid and remote employees has forced them to revisit their approach to employee training and development.  

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Tashkent Declaration of UNESCO Sets the Global Agenda for Early Childhood Education Till 2030

UNESCO | November 25, 2022

On the last day of the World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education held in the capital of Uzbekistan on 14-16 November, representatives of about 150 countries adopted the Tashkent Declaration of UNESCO. This information was provided by the Ministry of Preschool Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Earlier, speaking with a welcoming speech to the delegates of the conference, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said:"I am confident that today's conference will be held in the spirit of frank discussions and exchange of views, new ideas and initiatives, and that specific proposals and recommendations will be developed. Undoubtedly, the Tashkent Declaration, which will be adopted at the conclusion of the conference, will serve as the basis for our joint efforts in this direction. The Tashkent Declaration is intended to set the international agenda for early childhood education through the year 2030. This document has been prepared through a consultative process during the conference and, once signed, will be translated into the six official languages of the United Nations and shared with the UNESCO Member States. "In Uzbekistan, we have the opportunity to send a powerful message to the world based on UNESCO's commitment to make 2022 the year of mobilization of efforts for education. Here in Tashkent, we must determine the model of society we want to live in a society that takes care of its children, guiding them and giving them all the attention they deserve," UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. In the framework of the strategy for global transformation of early childhood care and education (ECCE) system, the Tashkent Declaration established a set of guiding principles: improving the quality and relevance of curricula and pedagogy; ensuring equal and inclusive educational services for all children, and protecting and guaranteeing the rights to access ECCE in emergency situations. These and a number of other tasks are based on such fundamental factors as the development and support of teachers, broad introduction of innovations and state support for the sphere. The provisions of the UNESCO Tashkent Declaration, which set the main vectors for development of ECCE until 2030 – a milestone for the UN Sustainable Development Goals since the moment of signing become a guide for international organizations and relevant ministries of the countries participating in the world community in implementation of the paragraph 4.2 which reads: "By 2030 to ensure that all young girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-school education systems so that they will be ready for primary education.

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Trualta Partners with Washington State to Provide Free Caregiver Education to Families

Trualta | November 03, 2022

Trualta, the leading e-learning platform for family caregivers, is partnered with Washington state to bring free caregiver training to families. In the past year, Trualta has enabled more than 200 Washington caregivers to provide better care for their loved ones. As November's National Family Caregiver month begins, Trualta is excited to celebrate the important work caregivers do, no matter where they are on their caregiver journey. "We are thrilled to work with Washington to empower family caregivers across the state, We know that our online content and modules will be extremely valuable for caregivers suffering from burnout, anxiety and isolation, especially at this point in the pandemic." Jonathan Davis, Trualta CEO. There are an estimated 860,000 unpaid family caregivers in Washington who provide $10.8 billion in annual care, according to the AARP. Additionally, the number of Washingtonians aged 65+ is expected to reach 1.5 million by 2025, which will require a 50 percent increase in professional caregivers. Trualta's innovative education platform offers micro-lessons on many caregiver skills, including activities of daily living like toileting, bathing, or transferring a loved one, as well as important skills like managing caregiver burnout. It offers content for families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, an intellectual or developmental disability, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, a recent stroke and more. About Trualta Trualta's online learning platform supports families managing care for loved ones at home. In partnership with innovative healthcare payers, providers, government and social service organizations, Trualta improves care at a lower cost. Each partner organization is equipped with a customized learning portal offering on-demand, personalized, skills-based training to help caregivers support loved ones at home for longer. Currently available in 29 states, Trualta's evidence-based offering is proving that trained, confident family caregivers can improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

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ThriveDX is Now Tackling the Human Factor in Cybersecurity From Classroom to Boardroom with the Launching of Their Best in Class Enterprise Solutions

ThriveDX | November 04, 2022

ThriveDX, the leading global cybersecurity education solutions provider, announced today it is prioritizing a new category in cybersecurity, "Human Factor Security", to close the global cybersecurity skills and talent gap while increasing diversity and inclusion across the industry. Cybersecurity Ventures reported that there are nearly 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide, and it's estimated that 95% of cyber attacks are caused by human error, leading to projections that cybercrime costs will be $10.5 trillion by 2025. Leading the charge to enhance cybersecurity skills in the workforce and give people of all backgrounds the opportunity to fill these highly lucrative and in-demand cyber positions, is ThriveDX. ThriveDX was formed out of the grouping of several top-tier cyber skills companies, including Cybint Cybersecurity Solutions, Lucy Security Awareness Training, and Kontra Application Security, all acquired by HackerU and rebranded to be the company we know today. Together as one powerhouse, their mission is to address the cybersecurity talent shortage and skills gap from the classroom to the boardroom, collaborating with universities to train students for careers in cybersecurity, train enterprise employees beyond cybersecurity awareness and to proactively address underrepresented communities to excel in cybersecurity positions. Through combining enterprise cyber solutions companies Lucy, Kontra, and Cybint to fuel enterprise training, ThriveDX has created a CISO's 360° solution - a one stop shop for all human factor security skills and talent. ThriveDX's enterprise suite offers relevant cyber training for every position in the organization, including application security for developers and engineers,, beyond awareness training for non-technical roles, specialized C-suite training, as well as cyber talent matching, which was announced earlier this year. "The fight against cyber-attacks, specifically those caused by human error or lack of awareness, continues to grow not only in frequency but complexity. By increasing our efforts around human factor security, ThriveDX is upskilling the existing workforce and reskilling the future workforce to make secure practices the default, The amazing thing about human error is that it's preventable and avoidable with the right tools, training, and understanding." Roy Zur, CEO, ThriveDX's Enterprise Division. Not only are we actively closing the skills gap with our recent addition in enterprise training, ThriveDX is opening opportunities to transform diverse groups of learners to join the tech workforce through our cyber bootcamp training and employer matching," said Dan Vigdor, Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Executive Chairman of ThriveDX. "We're excited to offer a true classroom-to-boardroom journey in cybersecurity education. ThriveDX's cybersecurity enterprise solutions boast more than 5 million end users and 500 enterprise customers in 60 countries across the globe. As for their collaboration with universities, ThriveDX has helped nearly 50,000 bootcamp graduates to fill open cybersecurity jobs. Within this short-time frame since January of 2022, ThriveDX has unified all enterprise products with the existing performance 20+ year HackerU, and as one global company, has made remarkable strides to develop relationships with thought leaders across the industry, large enterprise, major universities and of course, leading investors as NightDragon, to form the Global Cyber Talent Hub, as announced at the White House earlier this year. To get more acquainted with the classroom to boardroom approach, ThriveDX is hosting the TDX Tech Summit which will include industry leaders focused on the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity and tech, including: diversity, skills, and talent. Today is the final day of the virtual summit, you can register for free here: About ThriveDX ThriveDX is the global leader in cybersecurity education, and an expert in providing cybersecurity training to upskill and reskill lifelong learners. Our teams are made up of military trained cyber experts, industry veterans and seasoned educators united to close the worldwide skills and talent gap in cybersecurity. Operating in two main divisions – education and enterprise – ThriveDX's award-winning solutions exist to bridge the skills gap and impact the talent shortage in the cybersecurity and overall tech industry. ThriveDX partners with top-tier academic institutions, enterprises, and government branches globally to offer advanced, professional development programs in cybersecurity and digital technology. The Enterprise branch (formulated by companies formerly known as Cybint Solutions, Kontra Application Security, Lucy Security, ThriveDX Labs, and HackerU Pro), is a suite of products and services that cater to non-technical employees, developers, IT professionals and anyone in between.

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Instructure Acquires LearnPlatform, Adding Evidence-Based EdTech Application Insight to the Instructure Learning Platform

Instructure | December 19, 2022

Instructure Holdings, Inc. today announced it has completed the acquisition of LearnPlatform, the leading provider of technology that enables educators and their institutions to research, select and evaluate digital learning solutions. This unique platform equips stakeholders across the educational landscape with real-time, meaningful insight into the effectiveness of their tools of choice. This acquisition accelerates the impact of the Instructure Learning Platform for schools, universities, and shared partner providers by adding evidence-based insight into inventory, compliance, procurement, and usage. The acquisition demonstrates and strengthens Instructure's commitment to building an open, transparent and integrated teaching and learning platform for the education industry. The combination of LearnPlatform's capabilities with Instructure's Learning Platform delivers a new, partner-friendly offering that helps educators, schools and universities ensure that every learning technology choice they make is delivering on their intended outcome. "The acquisition of LearnPlatform underscores Instructure's commitment to building an open global education platform.K-12 and Higher Ed institutions need an efficient, research-based, insight-rich solution that drives the selection and ongoing management of the sprawling learning technology landscape. We believe that adding these solutions gives our customers and partners even more ways to measure the impact of their investments and drive student outcomes for each and every student." Steve Daly, CEO of Instructure. Based in North Carolina, the LearnPlatform team has approximately 70 employees. Since 2015, the company has equipped educators, leaders, policymakers and edtech partners with the tools to modernize their learning environments. We're thrilled to join Instructure, a company dedicated to amplifying the power of teaching," said Karl Rectanus, CEO of LearnPlatform. "As institutions and districts seek to understand and improve the effectiveness of their digital learning environments, the combination of LearnPlatform and Instructure will accelerate access to the trustworthy, independent evidence they need to inform decisions, providing customers and partners unprecedented insight into the learning journey of students.With this acquisition, Instructure is building upon its commitment to a robust partner ecosystem. Instructure currently has more than 600 partners. By adding LearnPlatform, Instructure enhances capabilities for current and future partners who serve the educational community. With over 10,000 EduApp provider listings in the LearnPlatform ecosystem, Instructure can now offer even more value to its partners. ABOUT INSTRUCTURE Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today the Instructure Learning Platform supports tens of millions of educators and learners around the world.

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