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Ellucian Foundation Announces 2023 PATH Scholarship Program

PRnewswire | March 31, 2023 | Read time : 03:10 min

Ellucian Foundation Announces 2023 PATH Scholarship

The Ellucian Foundation, established in 2020 by the leading higher education technology solutions provider Ellucian, today announced that the 2023 Progress, Accomplishment, Thriving, Hope (PATH) Scholarship Program will accept applications March 27th – May 12th for U.S. institutions and March 27th – May 26th for eligible institutions outside of the U.S. Now in its fourth year, the PATH Scholarship provides grants to higher education institutions globally to support students facing economic hardship and educational disruptions. For 2023, the PATH Scholarship Program will focus on providing grants to 2-year public colleges in the U.S. and eligible higher education institutions in Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

"Students across the globe cite lack of financial resources among the biggest obstacles to achieving their educational goals," said Laura Ipsen, President & CEO, Ellucian. "We are proud to support students through The Ellucian Foundation's PATH Scholarship program, helping those facing financial hardship stay in school and complete their program of study."

• "Receiving the Ellucian PATH Scholarship means that I will be able to prioritize and focus on my education rather than worrying about how to finance it." - 2022 PATH Scholarship Recipient, Pacific University
• "Funding with my bills will take some of my worries and stress away so I can concentrate and finish school, which will be a dream come true." - 2022 PATH Scholarship Recipient, Central Carolina Technical College
• "This program provided invaluable support to students who were needing additional assistance...because of this award, our students are edging closer to achieving their goal of earning a degree." - an administrator from Our Lady of the Lake University. • "With the allocation of these funds, I can complete my degree this year. If I was not awarded...I would have had to remain on an academic registration hold, restricting my enrollment in Spring semester classes." - 2022 PATH Scholarship Recipient, Pacific University

"In the U.S., two-year public colleges play a vital role in providing access to higher education for underserved students, offering an affordable and flexible learning pathway to a better life," said Jen Welding, Executive Director of the Ellucian Foundation. "We are honored to continue this program and support students at these institutions and other higher education institutions around the world through this year's PATH Scholarship program, providing much-needed financial relief to help students facing hardships stay in school and achieve their educational and career goals."

In 2020, Ellucian partnered with the Business-Higher Education Forum and pledged an initial $1 million to create the PATH Scholarship. Now administered by the Ellucian Foundation, the program will award block grants to higher education institutions in $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000 (USD) amounts. The institutions will then distribute the scholarships to students in financial need, with a maximum award of $1,500 (USD) per student. Students can use these funds to help cover items such as housing, tuition and food. Since its creation, the program has distributed over $1.6 Million in scholarships to 1,900+ students.

For 2023, The following types of higher education institutions are invited to apply:

• In the U.S., public two-year institutions that are eligible to participate in the Federal Title IV Student aid programs. Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are strongly encouraged to apply.
• In Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico and the United Kingdom, not-for-profit higher education institutions that are approved by the country's ministry of higher education (or other national government ministry) to provide associate's or bachelor's degrees.

An independent judging committee will select the institutions chosen to receive a PATH Scholarship award. Recipient institutions in the U.S. will be notified in mid-July and those outside the U.S. in mid-September.


Ellucian powers innovation for higher education, partnering with more than 2,900 customers across 50 countries, serving 22 million students. Fueled by decades of experience with a singular focus on the unique needs of learning institutions, the Ellucian platform features best-in-class SaaS capabilities and delivers insights needed now and into the future. These solutions and services span the entire student lifecycle, including data-rich tools for student recruitment, enrollment, and retention to workforce analytics, fundraising, and alumni engagement. Ellucian's innovative solutions, vast ecosystem of partners and user community of more than 45,000 provides best practices leading to greater institutional success and achieving better student outcomes


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Lincoln Learning to release impactful tool for classrooms with AWS

PRnewswire | July 19, 2023

Lincoln Learning Solutions announced today the release of its Lincoln Content Bank, a multi-modal, educational content library designed with Amazon Web Services and intended to equip teachers with nearly 110,000 rigorous learning assets they can configure and assemble to meet the needs of their students. "Educators working with pre-K through 12th-grade students need an easy-to-use tool that allows them to personalize learning opportunities," Lincoln Learning Solutions CEO, Bob Clements, said. "Our Lincoln Content Bank gives them the ability to quickly and simply search a huge variety of content to determine the best fit for individual students, small groups of students, or entire classrooms." The Lincoln Content Bank features a robust search tool allowing teachers to harvest information based on searches of keyword, topic, standard, subject, grade level, modality, and more. Approximately 110,000 learning assets are at their fingertips ready to be incorporated into their courses in Canvas, according to Clements. Designed by teachers for teachers, the content bank allows them to populate and preview on the same screen and intuitively makes recommendations based on previous searches. It gives teachers the luxury of saving the searched-for educational material in collections for easy retrieval at a later time. Teachers who provided Lincoln with feedback in the early stages of development said the content bank would go a long way toward helping them close learning gaps, challenge students, ensure alignment with IEPs and 504 plans, and obtain standard mastery, all issues they face regardless of their learning environment. "A lot went into this launch," Clements said. "The payoff for working with AWS to create this leading-edge teaching tool will come in the form of student success, which is always our top priority. AWS is proud to have collaborated with Lincoln Learning Solutions on the development of the Lincoln Content Bank," said Annmarie Lehner, K-12 Business Development & Strategy Leader at AWS. "We look forward to seeing how K-12 school districts leverage the tool to personalize student learning in leading Learning Management Systems to improve student success." LLS designed the tool with AWS so that it seamlessly integrates into the Canvas learning management suite and equips teachers with seemingly limitless access to an immense repository of educational content. Available in Canvas and in the AWS Marketplace, the Lincoln Content Bank will, among other things, provide teachers with: • Perceptive and rapid searching and browsing features • Customizable material for full classes or individual students • Myriad options for supplemental learning • Streamlined access to and application of learning objects targeting different learning modalities • Cross-curricular learning opportunities School administrators will appreciate the content bank for its ability to streamline and standardize course creation across subjects while allowing individual departments to retain a level of ownership in the scope and sequence of their courses. About Lincoln Learning Solutions Lincoln Learning Solutions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to collaborating with educators and maximizing their talents to facilitate student success. Based in western Pennsylvania, it is the developer of Lincoln Empowered™, a digitally based curriculum that delivers engaging, standards-based, instruction in online and blended learning environments. Lincoln Empowered™ offers a dynamic array of courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and the creative and performing arts. Lincoln Learning Solutions currently serves nearly 100 schools in 14 states, and upward of 20,000 students.

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Littera Education Now Offers the Delta Math RtI Program to Help Michigan Students Complete Unfinished Learning in Math

Businesswire | August 03, 2023

While Michigan test scores declined sharply during the pandemic, the new MI Kids Back on Track program is working to tackle unfinished learning by providing $150 million for individualized tutoring and academic support. To help Michigan schools and districts get students on track in math, Littera Education has partnered with Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (ISD), the developers of the Delta Math RtI Program, to integrate the evidence-based Response to Intervention (RtI) curriculum with high-impact tutoring delivered through the Littera Tutoring Management System (TMS). “Now more than ever, districts need proven ways to support students who have fallen behind in math,” said Justin Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Littera. “We’re excited to welcome the Delta Math RtI Program to Littera’s growing portfolio of curriculum partners.” The Delta Math RtI Program focuses on high priority readiness standards from first grade through Algebra II to prepare students for success with grade-level content. Using the Littera TMS, Littera virtual tutors can deliver the Delta Math curriculum to students in 1:1 or small group tutoring sessions. As tutors log feedback in the Littera TMS, districts can monitor student progress in real-time. “Delta Math resources have been used with success since 2009,” said Mike Klavon, who leads the development and implementation of Delta Math for the Ottawa Area ISD. “Through our partnership with Littera, I look forward to many more students benefiting from these materials in tutoring sessions with experienced, highly-trained professionals." About Littera We believe every child deserves the care and attention of a great tutor. Littera customizes high-impact tutoring for K-12 schools and districts by supporting any student, subject, schedule or staffing model. With our virtual tutors, curriculum partners, and the Littera Tutoring Management System, schools can reach every learner with individualized support. About Delta Math The Delta Math RtI Program, developed by the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District with support from Alt+Shift, integrates accelerated learning strategies within an MTSS framework to help students complete unfinished learning in kindergarten through Algebra II.

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Flatiron School Introduces Pivotal AI-Powered Chatbot Learning Aid

Businesswire | August 10, 2023

Flatiron School, a global provider of technical education, introduced an innovative AI-powered chatbot designed to enhance learning experiences across their software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design courses. Flatiron Schools chatbot comes at a critical time, where demand for adaptive learning and general AI fluency is at an all-time high. Embedded into learning materials so it has an awareness of the curriculum, this 24/7 learning aid is focused on facilitating independent thinking and will support students with a more personalized experience. The chatbot will make use of analogies, diagrams, and code challenges, helping students better understand complex concepts and hone problem-solving skills. Additionally, the chatbot will allow students to interact in their native language. The chatbot is a value-add to Flatiron School’s existing support system, so students will still have the opportunity to connect with a live, dedicated technical coach during regular office hours. Chatbot benefits include: • 24/7 Access. A complement to regular live support, students have access to the chatbot round-the-clock, allowing them to study on their own schedule, irrespective of time zone. • Multilingual Support. Students can facilitate chat in their native language, breaking down language barriers and fostering deeper understanding of course material. • Learning Assistance. Common roadblocks and questions are promptly addressed; students can overcome challenges and grasp difficult subjects quickly. “Flatiron School has always been committed to dynamic learning, flexing our courses and instruction based on individuals' unique styles and needs. The chatbot is another resource for student success and aligns with our vision to foster a holistic and inclusive learning environment,” said Pete Barth, Chief Product Officer. About Flatiron School Since 2012, Flatiron School has been an education innovator, training over 10,000 graduates in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design. Flatiron School works with students, universities and colleges, and industry-leading companies around the world to provide essential technical training. When it comes to landing a job, Flatiron School graduates have a proven track record of success thanks to experienced instructors and dedicated career coaches.

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YuJa Inc. Announces New, Enhanced Features Across its Portfolio of Ed-Tech Solutions

Businesswire | July 10, 2023

YuJa, Inc., a leader in ed-tech solutions, has introduced a number of new and exciting features across its portfolio of higher education offerings, which include the flagship YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility platform, YuJa Engage Student Response System, YuJa Verity Test Proctoring, and YuJa Himalayas Enterprise Archiving Platform. “Our goal is to continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc. “With these new features, updates, and enhancements, we aim to empower educators and institutions with innovative tools that foster engaging learning environments and enable seamless collaboration. We are dedicated to supporting the ever-changing landscape of higher education and ensuring our products remain at the forefront of educational technology.” Highlighted feature introductions and updates are listed below. YuJa Enterprise Video Platform A number of Enterprise Video Platform improvements were implemented. Highlights include: The need for third-party cookies has been eliminated, which simplified product use and enhances the privacy and security for institutions as they access the Video Platform from within their learning management system. A new umbrella system infrastructure has been deployed to support systems of higher education with multiple campuses or institutions using a single Video Platform instance. Administrators can manage system-level deployment and designate sub-administrators at an individual college level. A new client-side Microsoft Teams app complements the cloud-side Teams integration, which creates a streamlined video-sharing workflow between Teams and the Video Platform. YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform has a long list of new features to help streamline accessibility across institutions. Some accessibility enhancements include: A new gradient reader helps reduce unnecessary eye movements and increases the reader’s focus by providing a guiding color gradient to facilitate a smooth shift between lines of text. YuJa Panorama provides “How-to-Fix” guides to help instructors fix accessibility concerns. Now, guides can now be edited with new text, images, and links, and each issue is now accompanied by both a video tutorial and a link to web content accessibility guidelines. The Alternatives Formats Menu has an updated UI and minimized steps to view a preferred format. YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform Among the top updates to the YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform include the following: YuJa Verity users can now monitor third-party assessments across all learning management systems, which provides secure testing environments within the Verity LTI app. A new lockdown app has been launched. The app works seamlessly with Verity Live Proctoring to ensure students can’t end recordings during an assessment and enforces strict measures to prevent common methods of bypassing proctor settings. Instructors can now create custom profiles for their proctoring settings, which can be applied to upcoming proctored tests. YuJa Engage Student Response System The YuJa Engage Student Response System also saw a host of new and updated features, including: A new mobile application for IOS and Android has been introduced to their respective app stores to provide on-the-go access to polls and results for both students and instructors. Surveys have been updated to seamlessly integrate with the gradebook and new question types have been added. Gradebook results can be manually adjusted within YuJa Engage, which allows instructors to tailor the grading process to better align with individual student progress and ensure accurate evaluation of academic performance. ABOUT YUJA, INC. YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning enterprises within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate. We have legal headquarters in Delaware with primary U.S. offices in Silicon Valley, California, and Canadian offices in Toronto.

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Join Professor Brian Hallett, an expert in Visual Communication and Branded Content, as he unveils the transformative power of AI in education at IE University. Discover how IE University empowers students to embrace AI as a valuable tool for creativity and critical thinking. Witness real-life examples where AI enhances students' inventions and analyses, raising the bar for excellence. Experience the future of personalized learning, where AI and humans collaborate to create a dynamic and enriching academic environment. Hit play now and unlock your true potential with AI-enhanced education at IE University! IE University