Class Technologies Launches Breakout Room Enhancements For Use in Education

Class Technologies | September 20, 2021

Class Technologies Inc., the company enhancing virtual classrooms by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom, today unveiled new breakout room features and functionality for Class software.

  • View all breakout rooms at once in one place.
  • Monitor activity in breakout rooms at the same time.
  • Send chat messages to and from individual breakout room groups.
  • Share web pages, videos, and files with specific breakout rooms.
  • Launch individual teaching or training activities to specific breakout rooms.
These features will make it easier for instructors to facilitate group collaboration online and enhance learner engagement and success with online learning.

"Schools and corporations across the globe are navigating the return to in-person learning and work environments unlike any other period in history," said Michael Chasen, education software pioneer and Class co-founder and CEO. "Class is releasing new breakout room features that make virtual instruction more like face-to-face learning environments."

"As we head back to school, educators must be prepared for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning scenarios to ensure continuity of learning," said Dr. Kurt Hoffman, Class Strategic Advisory Board Member and Senior Vice President of Instructional and Student Affairs at Allegany College of Maryland. "Class brings the real classroom to life online. For educators, assigning students to work in small groups is an important strategy to foster collaboration and engagement. Class bringing this ability online is a natural extension of their work to make the online classroom work seamlessly across all hybrid and virtual learning environments."

This new functionality also helps to improve the online corporate training and learning experience.

"With so many companies mapping out return to work scenarios, many have found virtual training to be so efficient and effective that they're never going back," said Marcia Nuffer, Class Strategic Advisory Board Member, Founder and Principal of BlueShor, and former Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey. "In so many learning and development programs, employees are broken up into small groups to enhance workflow and collaboration. The new and enhanced breakout rooms from Class merge the best from virtual and in person training, and can foster connection and community amongst employees. This will help organizations better upskill and retain their best talent."

Class is a Gold Sponsor of Zoomtopia 2021, where it will showcase its solutions in the virtual expo hall.

About Class Technologies Inc.
Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom and makes the virtual classroom feel like a real classroom. It helps teachers take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with a student, and more. 


The PPL Foundation aids Lacawac Sanctuary in giving students hands on STEM education.

Other News

Elsevier and the University of Florida sign pilot agreement to support open access publishing and research

Elsevier | July 01, 2020

The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida (UF) and Elsevier, a global leader in research publishing and information analytics, have agreed to a new pilot program to support open access (OA) publishing at UF. The agreement will support UF’s open access goals by providing the university’s researchers with incentives to publish OA articles. It also presents the opportunity to better understand researcher behavior and to learn from the resulting data—helping progress OA at UF and beyond. The pilot agreement is an amendment to the existing licensing agreement UF currently has with Elsevier. The new pilot agreement will take effect July 1, 2020.

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Ivy Camps Receives Funding from MonCap and Man Capital to Accelerate Growth for K-12 EdTech Platform

Ivy Camps USA, Inc. | December 23, 2021

Ivy Camps USA, Inc. ("Ivy Camps" or the "Company"), a global education technology company delivering live curated classes to children aged 6-18 taught exclusively by instructors from top US universities, today announced that it has raised funding from MonCap and Man Capital. Founded by Danny Hundert, Ivy Camps has taught over 1,000,000 student-hours of fun, educational content that supplements school-based learning programs. Ivy Camps' instructors hail from universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Courses start at $149 for 5-session modules and some of the most popular offerings include Public Speaking, Crypto for Kids, Video Editing for YouTube, Engineer a Better World with the Stanford Design Cycle, and Writing for College Admissions. This funding round will be used to accelerate growth and expand the Company's global presence. As part of the investment, Jonathan Sockol and Loutfy Mansour will be joining the Company's Board. "We are pleased to welcome MonCap and Man Capital as partners in Ivy Camps," said Hundert. "Both have a proven reputation of being active, value-added partners and will help us further our mission of inspiring every child to follow their passions and excel beyond the classroom." "We are proud to be backing Danny and his team. Ivy Camps expands learning beyond the traditional curriculum taught in school classrooms and equips children with the essential skills and knowledge that they need to succeed." Jonathan Sockol, Managing Partner at MonCap Loutfy Mansour, CEO at Man Capital said, "Ivy Camps is changing the landscape of learning around the world. We are excited to work together to drive a paradigm shift in education while enabling children to interact with the best and brightest on the planet." About Ivy Camps Founded in 2014, Ivy Camps has provided educational and fun programming to thousands of children via both in-person and online interactive classes. Ivy Camps offers its premium classes in a format that is accessible both in prices and delivery to families in over 40 countries. With a consistent 5-star satisfaction rating, Ivy Camps prides itself on being the preeminent provider of supplemental education designed for any student who seeks to spark their passion for learning and widen their path to a future of elite education. About MonCap MonCap is a growth-based investment firm backed by some of the world's largest family offices and institutions. We seek to invest $10-$100mm into companies and managers who share our ambitious goals of changing the world. Our strategy revolves around being great partners and providing resources to foster transformational growth. Our flexible mandate allows us to create bespoke solutions for sellers, management teams, and strategic partners. The collective experience of our partnership spans a broad array of industries and geographies. About Man Capital Man Capital is the investment arm of the Mansour Group. The Mansour Group is a global conglomerate that employs over 60,000 people in over 100 countries. At Man Capital, we have a history of building long–term relationships with our investee companies, business partners and other stakeholders. We are an independent entity wholly owned by the Mansour family which provides us with the flexibility and ability to move quickly while benefitting from the stability of a high quality and committed sponsor. At its core, our business remains a family-backed enterprise with values of diligence, trust and transparency.

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Afficient Academy’s AI-Powered Learning Technology Disrupts K-12 Education

Afficient Academy | March 31, 2022

A perfect storm is brewing at the country’s K-12 schools as teachers and parents struggle to support children who have fallen behind. Facing resource-strapped educational systems exacerbated by the pandemic “learning loss,” parents are seeking alternatives. In response to increasing demand and queries, Afficient Academy, provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, today released data proving that students learn 2-5 times faster with Afficient than with traditional school. By harnessing AI, Afficient’s patented Afficient Methodology helps identify gaps in children’s learning and provides intelligent and self-paced learning paths to not only close the gaps, but also help children dramatically improve learning effectiveness to reach A/A+. Research data ( from Afficient students verified that it has enabled 90% of its students to ace one grade level of content in just two to four months. Many students have exceeded their grade level and advanced ahead of their schools’ curriculum. “As a father of three children, and having seen serious deficiencies in many educational programs, I leveraged my Silicon Valley, teaching, and entrepreneurial roots to launch Afficient Academy with the vision and belief that modern technology can greatly enhance the effectiveness of learning, Now, our students’ data has proved that our AI-powered programs can not only improve learning efficiency by 2 to 5 times, but also lead to much better learning quality. I hope this new generation of technology-based educational programs reach and help a great number of students achieve ‘A’ efficiently.” - Dr. Jiayuan Fang, Founder and CEO. Afficient: Giving Students the Joy of Learning The first Afficient program launched in 2015. Today, over 15,000 students have learned better and faster with Afficient Math (Grades 2-12) and Afficient English (Grades 2-8). Afficient’s adaptive, self-paced programs gift each child the joy of learning by allowing them to learn according to their ability, and not age nor school grade. This is liberating as students compete against themselves to be the best they can be. Angelina Chen’s Afficient Math journey started in May 2021. Her parents noticed gaps in her math understanding, gaps verified by her Afficient diagnostic test. Although a 3rd grader, she started at Grade 2 in math to help fill in those gaps. Straightaway, Angelina excelled. In less than six weeks, she completed all coursework for Grade 2. She’s now an Honors level student and finished Grade 5 math — all this in just seven months. In addition to helping Angelina grow her math skills, her parents love the flexibility of Afficient’s online program, especially helpful since Angelina started in the midst of the pandemic. 4th grader Andy Wang’s skill gaps in math were impacting his confidence. So his parents enrolled him in Afficient Math in October 2021, where he began his journey in 3rd Grade math. In only five months, he has finished Grade 4 math. His parents report that Andy now gets straight As on his math school tests—and he likes math more than before. And best of all, his confidence level has gone up too. How the Afficient Methodology Works After a complimentary diagnostic test, each child gets an individualized AI-based program that adapts to their academic level. Intelligent algorithms guide the child through learning paths optimized to help them reach A/A+. Rather than having to wait for worksheets to be graded manually, students receive instant feedback. And while each child works independently, live teachers can help them get “unstuck” when they encounter learning difficulties. Because the learning is interactive, fun, and rewarding, students are motivated to make persistent progress and advance to excellent academic levels. Afficient enables students to build solid foundations, succeed in school entrance and placement tests, get into advanced courses in school, and get better grades in school – all with less time and stress. Accredited by The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association for Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), Afficient provides: Customized weekly assignments that are automatically generated. Students know how much they need to accomplish in a week and can always do more. Courses that are results centric. Students always know how far they are from reaching their grade-level goals. They are guided through their work until they achieve A/A+ goals. Alignment with Common Core standards. What students learn from Afficient Academy directly helps them get better results in school. About Afficient Academy Afficient Academy, a leading provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, offers computerized Math and English programs that greatly improve learning efficiency and quality. Founded in 2014 to help students “Achieve ‘A’ Efficiently,” Silicon Valley-based Afficient Academy has helped over 15,000 students with its market-proven, self-paced learning programs powered by its patented “Afficient Methodology.” After a complimentary online diagnostic test, students get individualized AI-based programs that adapt to their academic levels. Intelligent algorithms guide students through learning paths that are highly efficient and optimized to help students reach A/A+. Live teachers provide support to help students in their self-learning process. Interactive, fun, and rewarding, Afficient programs motivate students to make persistent progress and achieve excellence. Over 90 percent of Afficient students complete one grade level with an A/A+ in two to four months.

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MTS AI’s INTEMA Joins NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance to Invest in AI Startups Providing Online Training Courses by Deep Learning Institute

INTEMA | December 16, 2021

INTEMA by MTS AI is pleased to announce that its AI accelerator programme for education has today become a member of the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance, an association of 200 leading venture funds and investors that has been established by NVIDIA to support the growth of startups across fields ranging from AI, data science, and high-performance computing. The collaboration will enable INTEMA to invest in a potential pool of more than 9,000 of NVIDIA’s Inception programme startup members, a group which comprises high-potential AI startups from all over the world. Additionally, the collaboration opens up access to mentor support and the online resources of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute for INTEMA’s investee and portfolio companies. The acceleration of AI startups is one of INTEMA’s investment strategy tools. INTEMA by MTS AI is a business group for developing AI technologies, it is an AI acquisition and investment vehicle that encompasses MTS AI’s $100m VC fund, accelerator and venture studio. The priority of the INTEMA accelerator programme is to find the best AI teams and bring together promising businesses, young researchers, visionaries, designers, and business customers for AI tech to give them every possible tool to boost the AI sector and build a pipeline of next generation AI products. The accelerator offers founders smart money: monetary investment that is coupled with access to cutting-edge technologies and computing power, as well as deep technical and business expertise through INTEMA’s world-class AI experts including mentors from leading tech companies such as Google, PayPal and Shazam. Founders are able to access investments amounting to $100,000 per project, with the most successful projects being eligible to apply for an additional investment package of up to $500,000 from an INTEMA investment fund. Through their collaboration, INTEMA and NVIDIA Inception will share information about their startup members which will strengthen INTEMA via advertising for the accelerator programme, lead generation, trend watching and new technologies. Similarly, NVIDIA Inception will benefit from a new avenue to present their technologies for new startups. The collaboration will also grant residents of the INTEMA acceleration programme with access to online training courses offered by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, including dozens of courses in some of the fastest growing AI segments: video analysis, processing and classification of medical images, deep learning, predictive analysis in healthcare, robotics, manufacturing, and other areas. In turn, members of the VC Alliance will be given a chance to participate in a demo day hosted by the INTEMA acceleration programme and become co-investors in selected startups. Moreover, NVIDIA visionaries will join the INTEMA accelerator’s roster of expert mentors. INTEMA is focused on AI startups in fields such as computer vision, natural language processing, edge computing, biometric user identification, behavioral and predictive analysis, image recognition and processing, while NVIDIA Inception supports all cutting-edge startups. By working together both companies are able to tap into deeper pools of prospective AI talent. “Investors need in-depth expertise in project evaluation, especially for projects at early stages. We want to become a quality filter and seal of excellence for the market and for investors to invest in companies that completed our acceleration programme, and co-invest with us in later stage projects.” Alexey Posternak, Chief Financial and Investment Officer at MTS AI and Managing Partner of INTEMA “INTEMA by MTS AI is a welcome addition to the VC Alliance through NVIDIA Inception. This relationship supports our efforts to help promising startups during critical stages of development as they build and deliver more efficient AI solutions for global businesses and customers,” said Mathew Torgow, Head of NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance. About INTEMA INTEMA by MTS AI is a business group with a focus on developing artificial intelligence technologies. INTEMA seeks to bridge business and developers of AI technologies and lend them support in developing their innovative AI products. Startup founders get a variety of tools, including financial contribution amounting to $100K per project, networking, access to cutting-edge technologies and computing power, and expertise of mentors – experts from leading IT businesses. The best projects may be eligible for extra investment of up to $500K from INTEMA’s fund. MTS AI is a worldwide company for the development, acceleration, and commercialization of AI solutions owned by MTS PJSC. MTS AI is working on a variety of solutions based on computer vision technologies, including a natural language recognition and speech synthesis system, as well as a platform for creation voice robots and smart assistants. About NVIDIA NVIDIA‘s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined modern computer graphics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. The company’s pioneering work in accelerated computing and AI is reshaping trillion-dollar industries, such as transportation, healthcare and manufacturing, and fueling the growth of many others.

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