Playful Schools Conference 2023

March 27-29, 2023 | USA

Playful Schools Conference 2023
Do you believe in the power of play for children's learning but lack examples of successful implementation in the classroom? Join us on March 27-29 together with experts and educators from around the world to discuss play in schools and gain useful ideas and lessons-learnt to bring play into your classrooms.


This whitepaper explores how eLearning providers (Learning Management Systems, Training Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, and content providers etc.) can convert these challenges into opportunities by prioritizing the customer experience (CX) to increase customer satisfaction and profitability.


London International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning

April 23-24, 2023 | UK

London International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, 24-25 April 2023

Leader' Lounge Virtual Retreat for Early Education Professionals

January 13-16, 2023 | USA

What if you could learn what’s working right now to build a high-performing team, increase profits, and drive student engagement… from award-winning speakers… for FREE!

Esports in Education Summit 2023

February 10, 2023 | UK

The Esports in Education Summit is an annual event that brings together those in the industry, and educators to discuss the importance of esports in the curriculum. Guest speakers from across the country (and the globe) speak about topics like: the future of the industry, how students can benefit from esports, the Student Champs, as well as many more important discussion points.

Skills @Work Conference

December 8, 2022 | USA

This event will tap into the workforce potential through broader, inclusive, and equitable learning with a focus on the deep potential of the broader workforce in the emerging skills economy. You will gain insights into how learning is fast becoming a strategic imperative and how to build an inclusive learning culture for growth. As an attendee, you will learn how to: Unlock the new potential of the workforce and how to measure and quantify that value. Implement hiring strategies that break down traditional barriers to tap into talent. Build continuous learning into work practices and learning systems. Develop personalized learning at scale, along with community-centered learning. Reshape the future of learning through emerging technologies, market analytics, and system architecture.