5th UNESCO Forum on transformative education for sustainable development, global citizenship, health and well-being

November 29-December 1, 2021 | France

UNESCO has been promoting the transformative power of education since its creation, guided by, among others, the 1974 Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms as well as Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7. In 2021, UNESCO will, for the 5th time, bring together the transformative education community at the UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship, Health and Well-being. 


At the Manchester School of Technology High School, textbooks are rare. So are traditional grades. See how this New Hampshire school is spearheading a different kind of education.


Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2022)

June 21-24, 2022 | USA

The CICE-2022 is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education. The aim of CICE is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy.

3E- Entrepreneurship, Education, Excellence- 2022

May 11-13, 2022 | France

Through an innovative and non-traditional format, the 3E Conference establishes a new paradigm for entrepreneurship conferences. It offers an exclusive and engaging opportunity for researchers, educators and politicians to debate and exchange their experiences of the major challenges and advances in enterprise education with a special and unique focus on Europe. Unlike more traditional academic events, the conference will focus on problems and questions rather than on ready-made solutions and presentations of research findings. There are no keynote speakers to tell us the way but we will pave it ourselves in a joint effort!

NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence 2022

May 28-31, 2022 | USA

NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence is the definitive gathering of community and technical college educators passionate about teaching and learning. Over the years, NISOD’s annual conference has provided faculty, administrators, and staff with the resources, ideas, and solutions that drive excellence in all areas of community and technical college campuses.

5th International conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

July 8-10, 2022 | Switzerland

There are many reasons to join, but here are just a few. The agenda is designed by a diverse group of expert committee members. It addresses the most significant questions in the areas of early childhood education, public education policy, machine learning, theory and practice of physical education development, and more. Our prestigious panel of speakers will guide the discussion for maximum engagement, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from your peers from all around the world. Finally, it is your chance to share your knowledge with thousands of members of our network, be it through paper publications, poster presentations, or networking sessions.