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Ace your enrollments with the ideal higher education marketing strategy

June 11, 2019 / educationdive

School is full of competition. Students are competing to get accepted, competing for scholarships and competing for honor roll and the Dean’s list once they’re in. Higher education institutions are not exempt from the competition—they’re in a constant battle to capture the attention of prospective students and win the race for enrollment. As a result, higher education marketers need to find innovative and cost-effective ways to bring quality, prospective students to their programs amidst this increasingly competitive market. College admissions directors have reported a great deal of concern about meeting their enrollment goals. In fact, with the exception of public doctoral institutions, over 50% of respondents from every institution, polled by Inside Higher Ed, have high anxiety about filling classes. The audience they need to reach is progressively savvy, always on the move and constantly refocusing their attention on new platforms to meet their social needs a...