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Global Webinar on Education, Technology and Research

Welcome to the Global Webinar on Education, Technology, and Research - a dynamic platform for cross-sectoral collaboration, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insights that bridge academia, industry, and policy realms, driving holistic growth and innovative progress. Join us to explore paramount themes, from the impact of globalization on education and research, to emerging technologies' transformative influence, and the fusion of ethics with educational innovation. Register now to be part of this distinguished platform that bridges the chasm between knowledge and innovation, and fosters collaboration among luminaries and pioneers from diverse scientific research fields
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Bridging the Skills Gap

May 28, 2024 | 11:30 PM EST

In 2022, ATD Research published Bridging the Skills Gap, which focused on what contributes to the skills gap, the current state of the skills gap, who is responsible for closing the skills gap, and methods to address the skills gap. In this study, we’ll update the previous research and focus on the role of talent development in filling skills gaps in organizations. We’ll also include a section on the importance of durable (soft) skills.Primary Capability Covered: Future ReadinessParticipation in this event, either live or recorded, can be reported for one (1) point of professional development toward the initial certification eligibility or recertification requirements for the APTD or CPTD credential.
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Uplifting the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education by Building Parent Capacity

May 20, 2024 | 3:30 PM PST

Parents are a child's first educator. Just as we build the capacity of our educators, education leaders must also build the capacity of adults in their learning community serving as parents to current and future students. In this webinar, Dr. Tiffany Anderson, the first Black female superintendent of the Topeka School District, will reflect on the 70-year legacy of Brown v. Board of Education and offer attendees a framework for building parent capacity.
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