MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is an East European country with sophisticated infrastructure and a European cultural feel. Ukrainian universities offer international students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and realize their potential through quality education. The Ministry of Education and Science (Ukraine) recognizes and regulates medical universities and their courses. The six-year MBBS degree is one such course that is offered in universities in Ukraine to impart learning with a humanitarian touch.

The Medicine Course

MBBS in Ukraine is not only a course but an opportunity that turns novice aspirants into noble doctors. The six-year course pedagogy bestows students with the much-desired knowledge, skills, and clinical training that instills capability in them to think beyond excellence. The topmost universities provide an amicable ambiance for learning and holistic development.

Why Ukraine?

Student exchange programs in collaboration with healthcare institutions in the EU, India, and other countries make the admission procedure hassle-free. Ukraine has the upper hand over China, Russia, and other Central Asian countries in terms of living conditions, the medium of education, exposure to European culture, and affordability issues. For instance, in Ukraine, the medium of education is in the English language, while in some universities in Russia, international students pursue the degree bilingually (three years in English and the rest in Russian).

Eligibility for the MBBS Course

All universities have their own admission criteria, such as some universities have a requirement of 50 percent in Class XII (PCB), while others require 60 percent. The fundamental requirement for every candidate is to qualify for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) exam. Indian citizens and overseas citizens of India can approach the Ukrainian universities for direct admission after clearing the NEET exam, which is valid for three years.

Essential Prerequisites

• A passport

• Mark sheets of Class X and XII (duly attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, India)
• Original copy of the birth certificate

• An official letter of invitation issued by a Ukrainian university
• Reports of HIV tests.

Points to Remember

• Every  year  more  than  3000  (approx)  students  from India  submit  applications  for Ukrainian universities. Maximum admission inquiries are received in June, and the admission process is closed by August. The applications are entertained on a first-come, first-served basis and the minimum age is 17 years and the maximum is 23 years.

• The TOEFL or IELTS scores are not required.

• The fee structure ranges from $4200 (?3,10,800 to $8000 (?5,92,000) per year. There are options for yearly recurring payments.

• The average living cost per person is $180 - $200 (?13,320 to ?14,800).

Krok Exam KROK is a licensing exam that applies to Ukraine’s medical education system and it must be cleared by students to complete the MBBS course. The KROK -1 exam is conducted at the end of the third year, while the KROK-2 exam is conducted at the end of the sixth year to assess the overall progress of students. Failure in the KROK exam leads to disqualification from the MBBS course.

Recognition of the MBBS Degree

Ukrainian Medical Universities are registered with the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). All universities in Ukraine offer a legitimate degree that is recognized by WHO and ECFMG. The degree is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC).

The Standard of Education

The experiences of the current students reveal that there is a good and strict academic atmosphere. There is no room for indiscipline, and the successful completion of the course requires strenuous and sincere efforts. It is not just medical education that is a prime concern in universities; rather, they focus on the overall development of students. The educational standards incite students to partake in extramural activities, international seminars, and conferences. One more positive aspect is that universities are reforming and upgrading their syllabus to match the syllabus of the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination).


There are rumors prevalent regarding educational standards, exams, classes, and academic pedagogy. But all such rumors are baseless because the educational standards and the pedagogy are unique in themselves. For example, a concept of “rework” widespread in universities requires every student to pass the daily tests that are conducted based on previous lectures. If a student doesn’t qualify within the stipulated duration, then he/she bears a penalty.

List of Universities

32 top-class universities offer affordable quality education to international students. Out of these, 16 are approved by the Medical Council of India. The top 5 universities are –

1. Lviv National Medical University – It is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine (Estab. 1784)

2. Ivano Frankvisk National Medical University

3. Vinnitsya National Medical University

4. Denipro State Medical University

5. Zaprozhiya State Medical University

Living Conditions and Safety

Ukraine has a cold temperate climate. The Climate certainly plays a crucial role in adaptability for many candidates especially for Indians because they are accustomed to the hot, humid, and seasonal climate. The safety of the child is a major concern for Indian parents especially when it comes to unexplored international locations. But the experiences of the students and alumni reveal that Ukraine is even safer in general for students and in particular for girls than India.

Future Prospects of MBBS Graduates

Alumni of Ukrainian Universities can pursue their careers either at international locations or in India. However, to start their medical practice in India students have to qualify for a licensing examination - NEXT (National Exit Test). Students are anxious about these licensing exams and they fear that whether the international MBBS degree would be accepted in India or not. But all such apprehensions are baseless because these licensing exams are qualifying and are compulsory for all students.

Parents and students can placate their apprehensions and clear their doubts by reaching out to info@ukraineeducation.org. This is the official channel via which all the legitimate information, guidance, and cooperation can be received.
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