Studio in Vancouver raises $1 million to build online learning experiences

dailyhive | November 02, 2020

Vancouver-based Course Studio is prepared to change the internet learning scene in the wake of raising $1 million from industry insiders to extends its group and administrations.
The organization, which was helped to establish by CEO Tonner Jackson in May, works with course makers to construct "web based learning encounters."
Also, similar to the business they are attempting to stir up, Course Studio is developing quick.
“The number one thing this funding will help us with is hiring. We are kind of bursting at the seams right now,” said Jackson. “Course Studio has access to customer problems and we’re building solutions to solve those problems. The million dollars is effectively allowing us to do that.”
The financing will likewise be utilized to acknowledge Course Studio's guarantee to makers of "you encourage it we construct it." Jackson clarifies that they do this with their redid web based learning encounters.
“Online learning experiences need to be very good at three things. The first is education, so content that people want to pay to learn and that they cannot get for free elsewhere. The second thing they need is entertainment and we have some interesting proprietary ways and philosophies of injecting entertainment into online education. A lot of that is gleaned from Masterclass and our experience of growing some of the world’s most trafficked online classes. And then the third piece is community, when you’re on a browser your distractions are maximized. You have Netflix and social media a tab away. We believe that the community aspect is a big way to mitigate that. We have some novel ways of implementing community inside of an online course that we’re really excited about.”
The Course Studio group is situated in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and San Francisco. It is comprised of individuals who have worked with Masterclass, Blue Wire Podcasts, Metalab and Thinkific. Their aggregate experience incorporates planning a portion of the world's most dealt online classes for people like Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Hadfield, Steph Curry, Thomas Keller and constructing and delivering computerized items for Sam Harris (Waking Up), Microsoft, Atlassian, and then some.
“We have such an interesting group of individuals,” added Jackson. “We have folks who literally built and scaled the most trafficked online course experiences on the planet.
“They have perspectives that very few have and there’s a ton of artistry that people may not realize. Frankly, I think there are more parts art than science when it comes to the design of the curriculum itself.”
The organization is hoping to enlist Vancouver-based creators and designers, incorporating programming engineers with React and Node.js experience just as a senior lead fashioner to lead their plan group.
Course Studio will dispatch their first online classes in mid 2021, including a course for a "extremely persuasive person who is a major commonly recognized name." The organization is likewise chipping away at another innovation they are expanding on top of Thinkific, and working with more modest course makers to refine a portion of the manner in which they work in the administrations business.
“Our ambitious goal is to be cash-flow positive and generating a million dollars of revenue this year,” shared Jackson.
“We probably have 30 or 40 subject matter experts and creators reaching out to us a week right now wanting us to build something with them. Our strike zone customer is someone who has a large audience but has a less than foggy idea about what educational content they want to roll out effectively. We have a very robust process for helping them.”
Jackson’s hope for Course Studio is for the company to become a Vancouver success story.
“I want Course Studio to be a big business in Vancouver that’s generating a lot of impact for this community,” said Jackson. “I was steeped in the entrepreneurial ecosystem here. My first business is still operating.
“Like e-commerce was 10 years ago, our view is that’s where we are at in the life cycle of the online education space. We’re really excited about where we’re going.”


The conventional, one-size-fits-all system of education must evolve and adapt to meet the individual needs of each student and equip them for success in the 21st Century. Personalized Learning, sometimes known as competency-based education or mastery-based learning.


The conventional, one-size-fits-all system of education must evolve and adapt to meet the individual needs of each student and equip them for success in the 21st Century. Personalized Learning, sometimes known as competency-based education or mastery-based learning.

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ACI Learning, a leading provider of audit, cybersecurity and IT certification and professional development training that empowers individuals to start and advance their careers, is proud to be ranked among the top 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S. on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list. Since 2018, ACI Learning has increased the company headcount to 300+ employees globally, and achieved 345% revenue growth. ACI Learning’s unique training and SaaS platform supports professionals and enterprises along the full career lifecycle by leveraging deep domain content through multi-modal delivery, providing high value for must-have audit, Cybersecurity and IT training. Whether someone is looking to make a career change, prepare for a certification exam, advance in their career, or provide comprehensive training for their team, ACI Learning’s training and SaaS platform covers the latest technologies, trends and real-world applications needed to grow and succeed. “The ACI Learning team is incredibly proud to be included on the Inc. 5000 list. Our continued growth is a direct reflection of our team’s dedication to providing engaging and relevant training content for enterprise and channel partners as well as our users. We aim to support professionals at any point in their IT career,. “Every day, we set out to ‘do well by doing good’, and I look forward to bringing this mantra to life as ACI Learning continues to grow and lead the IT certification and online training market for audit, IT and cybersecurity learners.” Brett Shively, CEO, ACI Learning Over the last 12 months, ACI Learning has been engaged with the community through speaking at industry events such as the 2022 RSA Conference and the 2022 Learning Technologies Conference, supporting U.S. veterans through financial contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project as well as joining the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program as a participant, and will soon be launching over 30 free hours of hands-on learning to help close the digital skills gap. Most recently, ACI Learning announced that Practice Labs has achieved the milestone of helping one million learners start or improve their IT career. In addition to ACI Learning’s recognition on the Inc. 5000 list, ITProTV, ACI Learning’s ‘binge-worthy’ video training, certification prep and virtual lab experience, recently won multiple industry awards. ITProTV was recognized by the 2022 Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Awards as a Market Leader in the Cybersecurity Training category, and Next Gen in the Security Training category. Additionally, ITProTV’s impressive library of courses with over 6,000 hours of up-to-date content earned a spot on the Training Industry Awards’ 2022 Company Watch List for Online Learning Libraries. About ACI Learning ACI Learning trains professionals and leaders in Cybersecurity, Audit, and Information Technology. Whether they’re starting their career, mastering their profession, or developing their team, ACI Learning is with them every step of the way. ACI Learning believes that training is not a transaction, but an ongoing essential of life-long learning and career growth. The company helps professionals choose which learning path suits them best, delivers personalized training in the way they want it, and helps them to find the right career opportunity.

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Liwa Education Selects Suite of PowerSchool Solutions for Its Private School System in United Arab Emirates

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PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, today announced Liwa Education in the United Arab Emirates has selected PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), PowerSchool Enrollment, PowerSchool Unified Classroom®, PowerSchool Unified Insights™, and PowerSchool Unified Talent™ solutions to support its ongoing growth in the Middle East. Once all the PowerSchool solutions are implemented, Liwa Education will be able to manage student information, course enrollment, personalized learning, advanced analytics, recruitment and talent operations through a unified interface. Further, Liwa Education’s new PowerSchool additions will help the organization simplify future reporting and analytics-based initiatives to better support student outcomes. “We love that the PowerSchool suite expertly integrates various PowerSchool solutions and data into a unified and accessible interface, Implementing PowerSchool’s products will give us the opportunity to modernize our e-learning platforms without compromising student outcomes. The comprehensive reporting features will provide great insights on all aspects of learning for our various stakeholders, and we look forward to utilizing PowerSchool to support our continued growth and expansion in the future.” -May Saqqa, Director of Marketing and Enrollment, Liwa Education Previously, Liwa Education utilized over ten different technology solutions to facilitate regular instruction, assessments, learning support, standards mastery, and other academic needs. While functional, key information was spread across the various solutions and was difficult to quickly access when needed. As Liwa Education expands its footprint in the UAE by opening additional K-12 schools and nurseries in the United Arab Emirates, it selected PowerSchool based on the company’s integrated solutions that were scalable for a variety of real-world education scenarios. As one of the leading education institutions in the Middle East, Liwa Education needed a trusted and unified suite of education technology solutions capable of managing all aspects of its administrative and learning operations, We’re proud to provide Liwa the solutions they need as they open their newest schools, plan for continued expansion, and continue offering a world-class education to students across the UAE,said Craig Greenseid, Chief Revenue Officer, PowerSchool. Liwa Education is an established educational leader, recognized in providing an accessible, high-quality, American curriculum education in the United Arab Emirates for the past three decades. Its schools and nurseries across Al Ain and Abu Dhabi offer a challenging American curriculum education, combining the essence of Emirati values with a rich set of core competencies that produces confident, resilient, and courageous young leaders. Initially founded as Liwa Private School in 1992, the institution has seen tremendous business growth and received numerous accolades for its program offerings in the region. Among the awards earned over the years, notable acknowledgements include receiving the “His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashed Al Maktoum’s Award” for Distinguished Academic Performance and the “His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.” Liwa Education will begin offering classes featuring its American curriculum for the 2022-23 school year at the Liwa International School Al Qattara (LISQ) in Al Ain. About PowerSchool PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. Its mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their way. PowerSchool connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student outcomes. From the office to the classroom to the home, it helps schools and districts efficiently manage state reporting and related compliance, special education, finance, human resources, talent, registration, attendance, funding, learning, instruction, grading, assessments and analytics in one unified platform. PowerSchool supports over 45 million students globally and more than 14,000 customers, including more than 90 of the top 100 districts by student enrollment in the United States, and sells solutions in more than 90 countries.

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Varo Bank Launches "SaveUp" Financial Education Course in Collaboration with EVERFI

EVERFI | September 17, 2022

Varo Bank, the first all-digital, nationally chartered U.S. consumer techbank, announced today the launch of SaveUp, a free middle school savings curriculum designed in strategic partnership with social impact education innovator, EVERFI. The SaveUp course is the largest initiative to date of the Varo Money Power program, which includes free online financial education lessons for adults and the Russ x Varo Money Power financial education workshops for high school students designed in partnership with NBA superstar Russell Westbrook.SaveUp empowers students by providing them with the tools they need to build a strong savings foundation and will be available to 4,500 middle schools nationwide by June 2024. The course is aligned with Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Finance Education and focuses on middle school students to provide them time to learn and practice savings habits before they start to deal with more pressing financial challenges in high school and beyond. "Everyone deserves the same access to opportunity, and that starts with financial education,Through this joint initiative, Varo and EVERFI continue to advance our shared mission of expanding financial inclusion and helping young people learn the fundamentals of what it takes to build wealth for themselves and their communities. We plan to leverage this program content in the future to broaden the reach of financial education and literacy to a wider audience going forward." Colin Walsh, Founder and CEO of Varo Bank Throughout the course, students will learn the importance of saving, how to budget, how savings can help reach financial goals, and how to open a savings account. This will be accomplished through an interactive learning experience that includes: Self-guided lessons to help students develop simple, actionable strategies. Real-world scenarios that prime students for long-term behavioral change using problem-solving and self- reflection activities. Detailed score reports and offline extension activities to help teachers maximize their impact across all students. Middle school is a time of financial socialization for students as they start to develop their own values and beliefs around money," said Ray Martinez, Co-Founder and President of EVERFI. "Developing the SaveUp curriculum and bringing it to middle schools around the country, is just part of our commitment to help students, especially those in low-to-moderate income populations, build the knowledge and skills they need to achieve financial wellness and stability while providing equal access to the financial services system. About Varo Bank, N.A. Varo Bank is the first all-digital, nationally chartered U.S. consumer techbank built from the ground up, designed to make financial inclusion and opportunity a reality for all. Varo Bank is reimagining the modern banking experience and providing customers with the tools they need to build financial resilience and realize their financial power – with offerings such as Varo Believe, a secured card to help build credit, Varo Advance to help stretch hard-earned dollars between paychecks, the ability to earn cashback at 1,000 merchant locations nationwide, and a newly launched high yield savings account option, more than 38x the national average. A different kind of financial institution – Varo Bank serves everyone striving to build a better future – from those with abundance to people struggling to make ends meet. Varo has been named one of Forbes' World's Best Banks in 2022, Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies, and is on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies for 2022. For more information on Varo Advance, Varo Believe, and other offerings such as Perks, visit, like Varo Bank on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @varobank. @2022 Varo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. About EVERFI, Inc. EVERFI from Blackbaud is an international technology company driving social impact through education to address the most challenging issues affecting society ranging from financial wellness to mental health to workplace conduct and other critical topics. Founded in 2008, EVERFI's Impact-as-a-Service™ solution and digital educational content have reached more than 45 million learners globally. In 2020, the company was recognized as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and was featured on Fortune Magazine's Impact 20 List. The company was also named to the 2021 GSV EdTech 150, a list of the most transformative growth companies in digital learning. Blackbaud, the world's leading cloud software company powering social good, acquired EVERFI in December of 2021.

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