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StrongMind Announces Release of Innovative K-5 Solution for Hybrid, Virtual, and Remote Learning

StrongMind | August 03, 2021

StrongMind today announces the release of a new, innovative K-5 solution designed specifically for hybrid, blended, and virtual learning models. Developed by a team of education experts passionate about fostering student success, the digital curriculum is standards-aligned, research-based, and leverages technology to create a personalized and impactful learning experience for all students.

Using backwards-design and sound teaching pedagogy, the StrongMind K-5 solution engages students with rich media multimedia, including videos, infographics, interactives, comics, and more. Opt-in scaffolds, such as text-to-speech, annotations, translation for 18 languages, closed captions, and more ensure all learners receive the support they need. Most courses include 1-2 projects, guiding students to synthesize their understanding and apply their learning to real-world applications.

For K-1 students, the StrongMind solution uses a unique carousel-style interface with short blocks of text or media to capture and maintain attention. Young learners are also supported with read-along storybooks to reinforce reading skills and fluency.

StrongMind equips teachers with robust resource guides, providing the supports needed to instruct students in hybrid, blended, or virtual learning models. Additionally, teachers can easily tailor learning by customizing discussion questions, modifying sequence control, adding content, and adjusting settings for how students progress through courses. Teachers can view snapshot reports of the whole-class, groups, or individual students with real-time data and actionable insights. They also have a comprehensive view of formative and summative assessment data, including item analysis.

As a unique added benefit, StrongMind has several resources to support parents, families, and learning coaches as students work through K-5 courses. Resources include printable materials, extension and enrichment activities, materials lists, and additional guidance for coaching and online learning.

"From the outset, we designed the StrondMind K-5 curriculum with the end-users in mind, which includes teachers but also parents and students," says Chief Academic Officer, Yovhane Metcalfe. "By working closely with parents to gather feedback and observing students as they interact with courses, we were able to create a user-driven experience that is supported by research- based best practices and aligned to state standards."

StrongMinded K-5 courses are compatible with any instructional model – virtual, hybrid, or blended – ensuring continuity of learning across grade bands or as models change.

About StrongMind

StrongMind partners with schools and districts to develop forward-thinking solutions that address unique school challenges. With a consultative approach, engaging digital curriculum, a suite of edtech tools, a range of services, and clear insights, we maximize student achievement and help schools thrive. A recent recipient of multiple Digital Promise Research-Design certifications and winner of more than 60 awards, StrongMind innovates into the future of education.


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Last year, the assembly of the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization agreed to set an aspirational goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, reinforcing targets and commitments made already by both industry and individual states for the sector. While net zero provides a common goal for aviation, it comes with a recognition that this sector is likely to be one of the hardest to abate. Most stakeholders agree that meeting this challenge will require a broad approach, encompassing both operational efficiencies and changing the ways we fuel flight.

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Age of Learning and AASA Create Partnership to Advance Evidence-Based Solutions in Early Education

Businesswire | July 21, 2023

Age of Learning, leading education technology innovator and creator of the widely popular ABCmouse® Early Learning Academy, and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, today announced a strategic partnership to support district superintendents in identifying and implementing evidence-based solutions that early childhood educators can use to effectively personalize learning in the classroom. The partnership reflects the commitment of both organizations to prioritize early childhood education initiatives and promote change within districts by facilitating access to best practices and emerging research. AASA’s Leadership Network, the largest and most diverse network of school district leaders in America, is committed to supporting a pipeline of diverse superintendents and educational leaders as they refine the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for highly effective leadership. To forward this purpose, AASA has established several cohorts, each comprised of current and aspiring superintendents, as platforms for leaders to engage in collaborative professional learning. Through this new partnership, Age of Learning will work with multiple cohort leaders to recommend research and case studies for possible use in professional learning activities. The company is partnering on AASA’s Early Learning Cohort, Aspiring Superintendents Academy®, and Aspiring Superintendents Academy® for Female Leaders. “The need for evidence-based solutions for early learners has never been greater,” said Sunil Gunderia, Chief Innovation Officer at Age of Learning. “Through our partnership with AASA, we will work with district leaders to advance evidence-based solutions that support educators with actionable data, and together we will help school leaders and teachers deliver transformative results.” “Early childhood education is a key driver in ensuring students have long term academic success,” said David R. Schuler, Executive Director, AASA. “Age of Learning’s investment in effective early learning solutions makes it great partner for AASA as we work with district leaders to develop the most effective experiences for young learners.” This partnership builds on Age of Learning’s ongoing support for schools via its personalized and adaptive programs, My Math Academy® and My Reading Academy™, solutions that are based on well-established principles of learning science research and are supported by a body of ESSA-aligned research demonstrating their effectiveness. To date, the company has received 10 ESSA-aligned validations for My Math Academy and My Reading Academy. About Age of Learning Age of Learning® is the leading education technology innovator, creating engaging and effective learning resources to help children build a strong foundation for academic success and a lifelong love of learning. The company’s research-based digital education programs have been developed by an experienced team of education experts and have proven efficacy in increasing children’s learning gains. Age of Learning’s flagship product,® Early Learning Academy, is an award-winning comprehensive curriculum for children. The company’s school solutions programs include My Math Academy®, an adaptive, personalized program proven to significantly accelerate math learning outcomes, and My Reading Academy™, an adaptive program designed to help young learners build a foundation for reading comprehension and literacy and become fluent readers. With over 10 billion learning activities completed by more than 50 million children worldwide, Age of Learning is a global leader in efforts to advance equity, access, and opportunity for all children. About AASA AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to equitable access for all students to the highest quality public education.

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edX and Shorelight Collaborate to Connect Learners with International Study Opportunities

PRnewswire | July 31, 2023

edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. today announced the launch of a new Study Abroad hub to help edX learners in India advance their education overseas. This new hub, developed in collaboration with Shorelight, a leader in the international education space, will connect millions of edX learners to Shorelight's catalog of over 3,000 in-person graduate and undergraduate programs at top U.S. institutions, including American University, Auburn University, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Dayton, and more. The new Study Abroad hub will connect edX learners from India directly with Shorelight to help evaluate and select an international study abroad program that best fits their academic and career needs. Shorelight will then help learners navigate the often complex study abroad application process and continue to serve as a support system once the learner is attending classes in the U.S. "Shorelight is steadfast in our mission to help international students access top U.S. universities, equipping them with the knowledge and support they need to excel in their academic pursuits and launch successful careers. Our partnership with edX enables us to share this mission with an even broader audience globally," said Tom Dretler, CEO of Shorelight Education. "We're excited to introduce edX learners to the diverse programs offered through Shorelight, bridging geographical boundaries and expanding the horizons of countless students." Shorelight and edX's collaboration comes as more students around the world look to study outside their home country. In 2022, the number of international students attending college in the U.S. grew 4% to nearly 1 million, with the majority coming from India and China. India is edX's second-largest market in terms of registered learners, behind the U.S., and a focus for the company's continued global expansion. "The Study Abroad hub on edX further enhances our ability to support international learners seeking to study in-person overseas – expanding our global footprint and meeting the needs of a significant and growing segment of the education market," said 2U Co-Founder and CEO Christopher "Chip" Paucek. "Together with Shorelight, we are committed to providing learners in India with greater access to relevant, affordable, and high-quality programs from the world's best colleges and universities." About edX edX is the global online learning platform that fuels the world's ambition. edX was developed in 2012 by Harvard and MIT to make the world's best education available to everyone. Today, as a part of 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), edX connects over 76 million people with online learning to meet every professional moment. Together with top-ranked universities and organizations at the forefront of their fields, edX offers thousands of job-relevant programs across nearly every career discipline, from artificial intelligence and robotics to sustainability and public health. About Shorelight Shorelight is a leading international student marketplace in the United States. Our platform connects international students, universities, and service providers to drive student enrollment and performance at scale. We do this so that a more globally diverse population can lead and prosper for generations to come. Together, we help Educate the World.

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Instructure Reveals Major Product Innovations Across Four Strategic Areas

PRnewswire | August 02, 2023

Instructure, the leading learning platform and maker of Canvas, today announced enhanced and expanded Instructure Learning Platform solutions, further demonstrating the company's ongoing commitment to innovation in edtech and its mission to make teachers' work easier and improve student success. Today the company unveiled enhancements centered around core teaching and learning, advanced analytics, lifelong learning and platform integration during InstructureCon 2023, the company's annual user conference held July 26-28 in Denver. Core Teaching and Learning To better support millions of educators and learners using Canvas around the world, Instructure showcased continued innovation to their core teaching and learning solutions, all designed to save educators time, personalize learning experiences for students and simplify complex tasks for administrators. Today, AI-assisted course templating was announced, giving educators and instructional designers the power to quickly create elegant page layouts using dynamic methods, making courses both more engaging and intuitive. This latest release, soon available in beta, joins the growing list of new functionalities specifically designed to improve educator efficiency and reduce administrative tasks, such as bulk publishing for modules, enhanced Gradebook filters, Course Pacing and the ability to submit assignments on behalf of students. Students also gain a more personalized, equitable experience from Canvas solutions with tailored in-context support, like the beta AI-powered right-and-wrong answer rationale and integration of AI writing tutor Khanmigo, made available through the just-announced partnership with Khan Academy. These tools give instructors supplemental AI-powered tools to support students in and out of the classroom. "This work underscores our continued commitment to build the extensibility and advanced capabilities of Canvas products, while also promoting simplicity for both educators and learners," said Shiren Vijiasingam, Instructure's Chief Product Officer. "With the introduction of AI capabilities into our core products—both with our own innovation and that of our strategic partners found in our beta emerging AI marketplace—we aim to meet the immediate and future needs of our community with substantive improvements that help to drive best practice in pedagogy and curriculum." Advanced Analytics Building upon the rapid adoption of the new data pipeline for Canvas Data 2 and the recently released Canvas Admin Analytics, included in Canvas LMS, Instructure also showcased new advanced analytics solutions now available in beta. This allows administrators to personalize the way they see and interact with their data in a fraction of the time. Injecting conversational AI into Instructure analytics products empowers educators to ask deeper questions of their data using everyday language. This results in more timely, actionable insights to drive better outcomes for students. Lifelong Learning In response to rapidly evolving labor markets and growing demand for alternate educational paths, Instructure's new streamlined offering of Canvas LMS, Canvas Credentials and Canvas Catalog provide institutions with a turnkey solution to diversify course offerings, attract new learners and drive continued institutional growth. As an evolution of this offering, today the company previewed innovative work in credentialing and learner records. Instructure is launching a learner passport in beta designed to empower learners to carry stackable, verifiable evidence of the competencies acquired throughout their learning journey. "We believe the future requires a portable, shareable record to show the skills and achievements an individual mastered with either employers or institutions," Vijiasingam said. "We know that learners are looking for alternative paths to employment and education and this gives them the power to pursue their own unique learning journeys." Platform Integration To realize the company's mission of delivering the most comprehensive, seamless learning platform on the market, Instructure showcased new deep integration between their solutions, like Canvas LMS and assessment management system Mastery Connect, and a seamless learning experience across Canvas LMS, Canvas Catalog and Canvas Credentials. This cohesive platform experience is strengthened by a foundation of data brought to life by advanced analytics. As part of the platform, the Instructure Community, edtech's largest online community, now has PandaBot, an AI-powered chatbot available to all community members. "Whether educators and learners are using Instructure products or other educational technologies on the Instructure Learning Platform, they deserve an experience that puts teaching and learning front and center," said Steve Daly, Instructure's Chief Executive Officer. "Removing the barriers between these solutions allows everyone to navigate freely so they can focus on the content of their education and not the tech. Today we shared our vision of what a cohesive platform experience could and should look like–and our strategy to get there." ABOUT INSTRUCTURECON InstructureCon 2023, Instructure's professional learning event for educators and edtech users, with a 2023 theme of Making Moments, features prominent keynotes from Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington and Dr. Jordan Nguyen. With more than 130 sessions from fellow educators and inspiring thinkers, InstructureCon addresses some of the most impactful edtech insights and tips on resilience, wellness and self-care for educators. This year's InstructureCon event takes place July 25-28, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Denver. ABOUT INSTRUCTURE Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, and inspiring everyone to learn together. Today the Instructure Learning Platform, comprised of its flagship product Canvas LMS and several products serving K-12 and higher education, supports tens of millions of educators and learners around the world.

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