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Springboard Partners with Washington University in St. Louis to Offer Data Courses

Springboard Partners with Washington University in St. Louis to

On February 6, 2023, Springboard, an online learning platform that prepares students for in-demand careers in the tech industry through comprehensive, mentor-led courses, announced a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis, a top private research university. Together, they will provide Data Engineering and Data Science courses for students and potential learners.

Springboard's work with higher learning through its University Partnerships programs has led to substantial growth, demonstrating the company's excellence in offering workforce-based and outcomes-driven programs to universities seeking an asynchronous e-learning partner. Springboard's partnership with Washington University is its second university partnership this year.

Subject matter experts design Springboard's curriculum and students receive one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals and career coaches on networking and job hunting. Washington University students enrolled in the courses will work on real-world projects to showcase their skills to employers.

The Data Science course enables students to learn machine learning and statistical inference to handle data and gain actionable conclusions from the research. It also trains students in Python, the universal data science language.

The Data Engineering course enables students to construct data pipelines that convert raw, unstructured data into formats usable for data scientists. Students will build data streams and APIs and learn data warehousing and modeling using intermediate SQL.

Amazon, Boeing, IBM, Perficient, and other companies in the Fortune 100 have offered jobs to Springboard students in similar programs. The courses are open to the public, and no prior industry or academic experience is needed for enrolment. Upon completing the program, students will obtain a certificate of completion awarded by Washington University's Technology & Leadership Center.

About Springboard

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Springboard offers online education that enables students to thrive in a world where learning is a lifelong pursuit. The company caters to each individual's unique learning needs and provides tailored experiences to match students' pace with support from advisors and mentors. It also facilitates working on substantial projects under the supervision of industry professionals to prepare for the real world. More than 20,000 students in over 100 countries have used Springboard's comprehensive, mentor-led online learning to advance their careers.



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