Skyward Helps Districts Leverage Edtech as Digital Transformation Accelerates

Skyward | September 30, 2021

As district leaders have accelerated their reliance on technology and digital skills, it has become clear that some of the strategies and tools put in place during the last 18 months will remain in the post-COVID-19 education world.

For many school districts, leveraging their use of existing technology allowed them to make digital transformation a much less stressful experience.

One such district, Consolidated High School District 230 (D230) in Illinois, integrated their SIS (Skyward) with their LMS (Canvas) to help them transition to a successful virtual learning environment. While D230 already had plans in place for eLearning to be used for inclement weather days prior to the pandemic, the district had to speed up their plans when the pandemic hit. Luckily, the district's SIS easily integrates with many third-party solutions, so they were able to get their virtual learning environment up and running quickly.

"The integration [of Skyward] with Canvas has made it much easier to manage changes with courses, teachers, student rosters, team teaching, and more," stated John Connolly, chief technology officer at the district. "Our teachers especially love the gradebook passback feature."

Another district in Texas, Grand Prairie Independent School District, used Skyward to offer online enrollment amid the pandemic. With a student count of over 29,000, Grand Prairie ISD needed a way to enroll all students without in-person visits. Enter Skyward's New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE).

According to Bill Young, the district's director of student information systems, implementing the NSOE feature created convenience and peace of mind for both district administrators and district families.

"NSOE has been a great way to receive information from parents, process the information to get students enrolled, and communicate back to the parents, all with no face-to-face contact," said Young.

Finally, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indiana, used Skyward to move their parent-teacher conferences online. The results surpassed expectations, with one elementary school reporting 100% participation.

"A silver lining to all the negatives of the pandemic is the move of parent-teacher conferences online," said chief operations and technology officer at the district, Pete Just. "Our participation is through the roof and teachers and parents are connecting to help students in ways they never had before. Engaging the adult in the student's life is key to student success. I think online parent teacher conferences are here to stay and that's a great thing!"

For D230, Grand Prairie ISD, MSD Wayne Township, and thousands of other districts around the nation, COVID-19 caused a quick pivot to remote learning with a heavier reliance on their edtech. By using Skyward in creative and innovative ways, these three districts thrived.

The pandemic created a rapid acceleration in districts' move to digital solutions,For districts, leveraging edtech they already own allows them to shift to a digital environment, without having to invest in additional software or learn new tools.

Ray Ackerlund, president of Skyward.
While it is impossible to know what the coming years of education will look like, these examples show how districts are using their edtech to stay future-ready as they anticipate what may happen next.

About Skyward
Skyward's school administrative software solutions are used by more than 2,000 public sector organizations worldwide, from small entities to statewide implementations. Since 1980, Skyward has remained committed to a better experience for every user.


Are today’s students ready for college and careers? This report explores the issues facing the education landscape, and how digital learning plans and LMS adoption come together to support a system-wide solution. Beyond K-12 will cover:


Are today’s students ready for college and careers? This report explores the issues facing the education landscape, and how digital learning plans and LMS adoption come together to support a system-wide solution. Beyond K-12 will cover:

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FocalPoint Education | July 06, 2022

Today FocalPoint Education, ( a successful edtech innovation firm announced their new strategic partnership with ClassLink, ( a leader in single sign-on, class rostering, learning resource analytics, and account provisioning solutions. The new partnership provides greater access to FocalPoint’s LearningTree AI-empowered adaptive learning LMS through ClassLink’s App Library, extending FocalPoint’s wide SSO (single sign-on) capabilities to an even larger spectrum of solutions. ClassLink’s customers will see FocalPoint’s SSO tile to click for easier access, the same as FocalPoint’s existing clients do today. “This is exciting stuff. “LearningTree uses xAPI data and AI to create true adaptive learning pathways based on each students’ proficiencies. Our ClassLink partnership furthers our strategy to provide education and strategic content partners the full spectrum of FocalPoint’s solutions seamlessly.” Kiran Athota, CEO of FocalPoint Education The LearningTree solution is used extensively by both education agencies and strategic partners. It represents a complete re-thinking of the underlying technology used in most e-learning LMS and assessment platforms. The LearningTree technology represents an extraordinary advance in learning experiences, replacing a traditional architecture that originated in the 1990s when the LMS was invented to manage the distribution of curriculum. "Newer LMS solutions show significant evolution and improvement, yet they are built on an old foundation," says Randall Dennis, FocalPoint's Chief Strategy Officer. “The old foundations are ‘long in the tooth’ and struggle to sustain the needs of education in a post pandemic reality. Kiran Athota and LearningTree helps partners build a fresher, stronger foundation.” ABOUT FOCALPOINT EDUCATION FocalPoint Education is a metro-Atlanta based firm with extensive experience in educational technology innovations. FocalPoint has successfully deployed bespoke enterprise statewide solutions for Georgia, Rhode Island, Maine and North Dakota, as well as school districts in 14 states. FocalPoint provides their innovative xAPI (Xperience API) platform as a service (PaaS) to education organizations to measure and manage teaching and learning. The platform includes LearningTree (an Adaptive Learning LMS leveraging next-gen AI technology), LENS (learning analytics with a recommendations engine and data warehousing), AssessCloud (a solution allowing educators to develop and manage assessments), and Backpack (a blockchain-enabled credentialing portfolio maintaining credentials for life). FocalPoint’s solutions deliver advanced learning analytics to drive student engagement, match digital resources with targeted student needs and support data-driven, personalized learning. All FocalPoint solutions seamlessly integrate with countless third-party edtech solutions. ABOUT CLASSLINK ClassLink is a global education provider of access and analytics products that create more time for learning and help schools better understand digital engagement. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 17 million students and staff in over 2,200 school systems.

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SU Prep Digital Teams Up With Google Public Sector to Develop Streaming Educational Curriculum With Universal Access

ASU Prep Digital | July 19, 2022

ASU Prep Digital, an accredited online K-12 school offered through Arizona State University, has partnered with Google Public Sector, to make remote immersive learning technology more accessible to students across the United States and around the world. ASU Prep Learning Cloud is a streaming solution that empowers schools to deliver innovative and interactive 3D learning experiences to students using low-bandwidth devices. The technology was developed on and is powered by Google Cloud.This new platform invites students to solve challenges by immersing themselves in interactive settings made possible by technology. For example, students can watch geologic formations emerge through simulations rather than reading about it in a textbook. Students can also explore human organs in 3D or examine a plastic mannequin. This brings topics like erosion, hydrolysis, and human anatomy to life. To successfully complete a lesson, students must think critically about the concept, explore it, and learn through discovery. Real-time, instructive feedback also helps contribute to a more individualized learning experience. “We’re turning students into explorers by embedding learning into the digital formats that students love, We spark curiosity by asking students to navigate 3D worlds, hypothesize, and discover knowledge by manipulating game-like simulations to solve real-world problems.” -David Sudarma, ASU Prep’s chief technology officer Advancing Accessibility The ASU Prep Learning Cloud represents an important step toward accessibility for students in rural areas, with limited broadband access, and districts where limited technology funding makes it difficult to deliver cutting-edge learning opportunities. This immersive cloud-based education technology can be experienced from mobile devices or Chromebooks, increasing accessibility for all learners, anytime, anywhere. Removing those barriers is especially important for a program like ASU Digital Prep, which can be instrumental in bridging gaps for districts where resources are slim. ASU Prep Digital has allowed us to partner and advance educational opportunities for thousands of K-12 students who might not have otherwise had access to the courses, credits, mentors, and teachers we offer, said Arizona State University President Michael Crow, who is widely known as a pioneer of online education. Crow’s vision has created a tech-enhanced learning environment across ASU, inclusive of pre-collegiate students via ASU Prep Digital. A key element of that vision is expanded opportunities in online education, which offers a path to higher education for students who are otherwise hindered from pursuing their education goals. In addition to its rapidly expanding K-12 enrollment, ASU Prep Digital’s School Partnerships continue to grow. The program supports entire school districts in states like Utah, Louisiana and Ohio, as well as schools in 22 states and 12 countries. Powerhouse Partnerships In addition to the full- and part-time students who enroll directly with ASU Prep Digital, the school also teams with private schools, public schools, and districts worldwide to offer a K-12 curriculum and one-on-one instruction in a virtual environment. The program’s latest suite of courses, which will be available this fall to partner schools via the ASU Prep Learning Cloud, powered by Google Cloud, can be used in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As pioneers in their respective industries, ASU Prep Digital and Google Public Sector worked to develop the platform, which is based on game engine technology. The ASU Prep Learning Cloud features responsive design optimized for the most commonly used devices (e.g., Chromebooks, mobile phones) using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). “Our partnership with ASU Prep Digital has the ability to unlock new and innovative academic opportunities for learners across the country, We’re unleashing the power of Google Cloud to help make individualized, digital, and interactive learning the new standard in education.” -Steven Butschi, director of Education, Google Public Sector Courses integrate seamlessly into existing learning management systems, while supporting robust interactive features that personalize learning. The platform currently supports ASU Prep Digital partner schools, but in the future, could be rolled out to other educational institutions. As immersive technologies become more widely adapted in education, 3D learning environments such as augmented reality and virtual reality offer great potential for engagement and retention, Our collaboration with Google Public Sector is a terrific first step in expanding access to immersive solutions across many devices, and we’re working together to explore ways immersive technologies can be made even more universally available to eager learners. To preview a snapshot of ASU Prep Learning Cloud courses, visit: or take a deeper look at the immersive platform here: About ASU Prep Digital ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online K-12 school that offers a single online course or enrollment in a full-time, diploma-granting program. Because it is part of Arizona State University, ASU Prep Digital offers an accelerated path toward college admission and the chance to earn concurrent high school and university credit. For more information, visit

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Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science Executive Education and TalentSprint to create global DevOps experts

TalentSprint | July 25, 2022

TalentSprint, a global edtech company and a market leader in transformational deeptech programs, today announced a multi-year and multi-program partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) School of Computer Science (SCS), Executive & Professional Education – World’s #1 Computer Science School. The Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps, first to be launched under this partnership, aims at fulfilling a growing need for new-age DevOps professionals in the APAC region. Most impacted by digital transformation, industries like BFSI, IT, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Entertainment are creating enormous opportunities for DevOps specialists globally. These market dynamics positions CMU’s well-researched Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps as a significant addition in the upskilling journey of the aspirants. “This partnership has further strengthened our presence in the United States. CMU’s School of Computer Science is iconic and this association is a validation of our success in path-breaking programs with leading institutes and global tech organizations in India and the US. Our first program with CMU aims at creating world-class DevOps specialists.” Santanu Paul, CEO of TalentSprint. Commenting on the launch, Ram Konduru, Director of Executive Education at the CMU-SCS said, “We were exploring international markets like India, Middle East and Southeast Asian markets that have a growing demand for tech professionals. We wanted to collaborate with a serious edtech company that could align with our core competencies and help us reach out to new geographies. We are happy to announce our association with TalentSprint and launch our first program in DevOps.” The Advanced Certificate Program in DevOps will help participants with in-depth knowledge of various new-age DevOps tools. The 6-month high-impact program, designed and taught by the expert faculty of CMU-SCS, who are globally renowned thought leaders in DevOps such as Professor Len Bass, and research scientists Hasan Yassar and Joseph Yankel. On successful completion, participants will receive CMU’s globally recognized certificate. The program will be delivered on TalentSprint’s digital platform Applications for this program are open.

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