RED OXYGEN | May 11, 2022

Red Oxygen, a leading short message service (SMS) solutions provider, today announces a strategic partnership with Residential Management Systems (RMS). As part of the partnership, Red Oxygen's SMS solutions will be exclusively recommended by RMS through its Mercury products, which enable university and college housing and residential staff to deliver revolutionary, customized content to students and housing team.

"There is no shortage of text message providers out there, We are humbled to know that Red Oxygen stood out in a way that has earned us the title of exclusive SMS partner for RMS' innovative Mercury product line. These tools streamline custom housing applications, contracts, electronic signatures, payments, student assignments and so much more. Adding easy text message capabilities into the mix, we believe, strengthens an already impeccable product. We're proud to have this relationship with RMS, and feel it's a natural fit."

- Tom Sheahan, CEO and co-founder of Red Oxygen.

Red Oxygen's SMS solutions will now be available as an optional add-on for all RMS Mercury customers which includes universities and colleges around the United States.

"We are excited to partner with Red Oxygen to bring even greater functionality to our Mercury products, Red Oxygen's SMS solutions work seamlessly with Mercury, allowing you to send text messages to your residents. SMS can be sent to individuals as confirmations, alerts, and more, or they can be sent to multiple residents. Our clients have used Red Oxygen for several years and it is exciting to formalize the partnership so that we can bring even greater communication options to our clients."

- Graham Banister, RMS President and CEO.

Founded in 2001, Red Oxygen is a leading short message service (SMS) solutions provider. The company enables businesses to send appointment and payment reminders, security codes, emergency alerts and staffing updates easily online, through email or from a spreadsheet. Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, Red Oxygen has worked with some of the world's top brands, including: Lowe's, Allstate, Neiman Marcus, Shell, The University of Chicago, Pfizer and more. Red Oxygen has been trusted to send more than 400 million messages to people in over 50 countries.


LearnCity is an eudtech platform that offers online courses for students and professionals. The platform offers a range of courses in different fields such as technology, management, creative arts, and more. The courses are designed by experts and industry professionals and are aimed at providing practical knowledge and skills that can help learners advance in their careers.


LearnCity is an eudtech platform that offers online courses for students and professionals. The platform offers a range of courses in different fields such as technology, management, creative arts, and more. The courses are designed by experts and industry professionals and are aimed at providing practical knowledge and skills that can help learners advance in their careers.

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Apogee Announce Acquiring Cumulus Technology Services Inc

Apogee, Inc. | January 02, 2023

Apogee, an industry leader in managed technology services for higher education, has recently announced the acquisition of Cumulus Technology Services Inc. Headquartered in Ventura, California, Cumulus Technology Services is a specialist in secure cloud services for higher education and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner. This acquisition reaffirms Apogee's commitment to be the preferred managed technology partner for universities and colleges that strive to innovate and transform. The acquisition extends the managed networking and IT services capabilities of Apogee into the cloud, enabling the new potential for higher education IT innovation to enhance student experiences and promote institutional competitiveness. While the use of technology in attracting and retaining students and providing great blended learning and student life experiences is growing, IT teams in higher education confront increasing difficulty in acquiring and retaining IT expertise. Services and products that delegate IT operations, manage expenses, improve operational effectiveness, and foster innovation are in great demand. Improving the delivery of managed cloud services in higher education helps universities and educational institutions liberate time for innovation, as promised by Apogee. The following acquired services will be incorporated into Apogee's managed technology services portfolio: Secure Cloud Services increase Apogee's expertise in cloud, security, and data center management. Cumulus Technology Services' significant understanding of enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud migration and containerization, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will enable Apogee to provide colleges and universities even improved performance, scalability, robustness, and security of their apps, infrastructure, and data. Cumulus Data Adapter (CDA) connects and synchronizes institutional ERP systems such as Ellucian Banner® with learning management systems (LMS) such as Canvas by Instructure using a secure, simple-to-deploy technology that significantly enhances IT administration efficiency and student life. As a managed service, CDA is an additional critical tool that addresses the major pain point of data synchronization between LMSs and ERPs, hence easing student data integration difficulties for IT and enhancing the student experience for class registration and attendance. Security Services bolster Apogee's security experience and expertise, allowing for the delivery of brawl-tested college security assessments, ransomware incident response readiness, and staffing and disaster recovery plans. About Apogee Apogee, a leading provider of managed IT services founded in 1999 in Austin, enables colleges and universities to innovate in order to improve the campus experience and foster student life. Apogee helps over one million students and administrators from over 350 colleges and universities across the United States. The company's extensive array of managed services includes Managed Campus networks and IT services, campus engagement, residential networks (ResNet), and video.

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Linewize Launches Linewize Pulse for Real-time Insights on Student's Wellbeing

Linewize US | March 01, 2023

On February 28, 2023, Linewize, an education technology company, launched the Linewize Pulse platform for real-time actionable insights on students' well-being with weekly online check-ins for individual and organizational intervention, enhancing overall school culture. Its 60-second weekly check-ins include questions related to well-being and school experience. Through these check-ins, it offers an overview of students' mental health and anonymously gathers school-level trending data. It gives students safe and easy suggestions for asking for help, and educators clearly know who is very vulnerable and sensitive. In addition, it inspires students to express gratitude for people who made a difference in their lives. Thus developing school-community relations and fostering a culture of enhanced inclusion. The Educator Impact platform helps schools with their culture and student outcomes, connecting well-being, performance and engagement Linewize's acquisition of the Educator Impact platform resulted in the launch of the Linewize Pulse solution. Psychologist and Linewize's Director of Community Engagement, Teodora Pavkovic said, "As the nationwide children's mental health crisis continues, it's more important than ever to prioritize student well-being. Not only does Linewize Pulse empower individuals to seek out help, but it also provides administrators with the information they need to design school-wide programs and initiatives that meet students' current needs." She added, "Even further, the platform helps foster deeper and more meaningful relationships between school staff and students by alerting teachers and administrators to those struggling and needing assistance. With this information on hand, school staff can better adjust their daily routines to account for individuals' needs and develop stronger connections with their students." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Linewize Headquartered in San Diego, California, Linewize, an IT consulting and services provider for the education sector, offers products that filter content, support teacher visibility and give teachers the required control. It creates an educated community that gives priority to children's safety on an online medium. It is a division of ASX-traded company FamilyZone, having a K-12 cyber safety management system, working for cyber safety and EdTech companies worldwide. With a team of education experts and experienced school IT administrators, it designs solutions for e-learning and the online safety of learners. It empowers schools, educators, partners and families to secure every child's digital journey in the classroom and at home.

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StrongMind(SM) Rostering Earns 1EdTech Certification for OneRoster® 1.1

StrongMind | March 21, 2023

StrongMind recently earned the 1EdTech™ certification for OneRoster® 1.1 for its StrongMind Rostering product. With OneRoster, schools can securely and reliably exchange roster information, course resources, and grades between learning tools, platforms and systems, saving educators time in their already busy days. Using OneRoster to reduce the administrative burdens of ensuring the technology works, gives educators the space and time to leverage their tools to create more impactful and personalized learning experiences. StrongMind is invested in the mission of 1EdTech, as a Contributing Member of the member-led, non-profit ed tech organization that is accelerating the digital transformation of learning. As such, StrongMind prioritizes privacy and security for student data and interoperability among systems, leading to ease of use for StrongMind products by schools. StrongMind Rostering helps teachers and administrators easily share student information between different education programs, such as class rosters, grades and enrollment data. With StrongMind Rostering, districts and schools can save time and reduce errors because it utilizes the 1EdTech One Roster specification, making it easy to use and ensuring security of student information. Schools can say goodbye to manually transferring data between systems and hello to seamless information exchange with StrongMind Rostering. "We are excited to announce the adoption of the OneRoster specification for our StrongMind Rostering product, which will enhance our product's interoperability and streamline data management for educators, ultimately improving student outcomes," said Derek Neighbors, Senior Vice President Technology, StrongMind. "To earn this certification, StrongMind had to put in the work and not only say they complied with the OneRoster standards but prove they made it work," said 1EdTech Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rob Abel. "With this certification, it will be easier for StrongMind's customers to get the data they need when and where they need it." About StrongMind StrongMind partners with schools for forward-thinking solutions to address unique challenges. With engaging digital curriculum and SEL, a suite of edtech tools, services, and clear insights, we maximize student achievement and help schools thrive. With multiple Digital Promise Research-Design certifications and more than 60 awards, we innovate into the future.

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