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Pearson and Education Tech Partner to Offer English Learning Solutions

Pearson | July 01, 2022 | Read time : 5:00 min

The British Campus is already a partner of NCUK (Northern Consortium the United Kingdom), one of the largest international qualification providers that have been in operation for three years. Despite the pandemic's constraints, it has grown to become Africa's largest center.

A new partnership with Pearson, the world's leading learning company, was officially signed today through Education Tech. The collaboration aims to create new opportunities in education, such as the implementation of the English language using Artificial Intelligence and access to advanced English training for all, whether children, adults, or working professionals. Whatever their requirements, a tailored solution for learning English will be available, and these programs will be available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Commenting on the partnership/this development, Mr. Lotfi Ghazi, Founder and General Manager- Education Tech said: "We want to broaden the horizons of learners and to ensure that none of them is forgotten, we are implementing all the tools that technology offers to education. The teacher remains at the heart of learning and, these solutions will give a chance to all those who wish to learn without constraints".

"We are always looking to build strong partnerships in new markets to help us expand our English Language Learning offerings to learners across the globe. Algeria has made significant strides in education in the past 60 years.  Pearson's partnership with Education Tech will be vital in this endeavour as our Versant English Placement Test and online English digital solutions will improve learners' English-language proficiency in both the public and private sectors. The collaboration will benefit both the organizations as we embark on this journey to bolster the quality of Algeria's higher education system and position the nation as a premier knowledge hub."

Guy Elders, Director - Middle East, English Language Learning, Pearson


In this video, discover 3 strategies you can use to give effective feedback in e-learning.


In this video, discover 3 strategies you can use to give effective feedback in e-learning.

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Lumio and Canva for Education Announce All-New Integration to Bring Immersive Digital Learning to Life

PRnewswire | June 27, 2023

Lumio, the digital learning tool used by millions of teachers and students worldwide, is pleased to announce its integration with Canva for Education. This new integration allows teachers to seamlessly add Canva designs to Lumio, merging the power of Canva's visual communication platform with Lumio's ability to add interactivity for engaging, dynamic lessons. The integration offers educators free access to export and upload Canva lessons, presentations, and other materials into Lumio to create interactive lessons with game-based activities, formative assessments, and more. Educators will also be able to access libraries from both Canva and Lumio to explore thousands of high-quality, ready-made templates and infographics. "The Lumio team is excited to roll out our integration with Canva for Education," said Dan McMahon, Lumio Vice President of Software. "This collaboration reinforces our commitment to inspiring creativity, saving teachers' time, and creating an active learning environment that is accessible and collaborative for all." Canva for Education makes it easy to create and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond. It allows educators to bring their ideas and lessons to life with thousands of ready-to-use educational templates. Lumio is an intuitive digital learning tool that transforms lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their devices, in class, or remotely. "Empowering educators and students through creativity and collaboration are core values for both Lumio and Canva for Education," says Head of Canva for Education, Jason Wilmot. "We are thrilled to come together with Lumio to support both teachers and students and to provide them with the high-quality resources they deserve and need for fantastic learning experiences." Lumio, created by global EdTech leader SMART Technologies, is also unveiling several new features aimed at making teaching easier and learning more engaging and accessible for students. The latest updates include: • Ability to edit PowerPoint slides after they have been imported into Lumio with editing support for Google Slides and PDFs to follow. This feature is now live as a public beta. • Access to OpenDyslexic, a typeface designed to support learners with a variety of dyslexia symptoms. • New themes available for several Lumio game-based activities, including clean, simple versions that appeal to older learners. Also, Lumio is showcasing a new Logic Model that highlights research demonstrating Lumio's effectiveness to enable leading teaching practices to drive student outcomes. The Canva for Education and Lumio integration will be available for teachers to work with over the summer and for back-to-school, and other new features in Lumio are available for use today. About Canva for Education Canva for Education makes it easy to create, collaborate, and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond. It's 100% free for K-12 districts, schools, teachers and their students. Bring your ideas to life with thousands of ready-to-use educational templates from presentations, posters, comic strips, book reports, infographics, newsletters, and more. About Lumio Lumio is an easy-to-use, digital learning tool that lets teachers transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices, wherever they are. With countless ways for students to engage and drive their own learning, Lumio is a perfect fit for educators who are looking for ways to increase interactivity, collaboration, and game-based learning.

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HMH Launches the Center for Model Schools™ to Drive Transformational Change in Districts Across the Country

PRnewswire | August 18, 2023

Learning technology company HMH today announced the establishment of the Center for Model Schools. Building on the legacy and work of the International Center for Leadership in Education, the Center for Model Schools provides K-12 school systems with ongoing leadership support through its namesake Model Schools Conference, leadership cohorts and shoulder-to-shoulder consulting. "Now more than ever, every student must be part of a school community that enables them to thrive in an increasingly complex world," said Dr. Joshua P. Starr, Managing Partner, Center for Model Schools. "I am thrilled to introduce the Center for Model Schools as a place where districts can deepen the skills needed to transform insight into action and create environments where all learners succeed. Every child deserves a Model School, and leaders make that happen." Leaders can engage with the Center for Model Schools in three key ways: • Transformational Leadership Network: The Transformational Leadership Network, steered by experts and practitioners, connects leaders who share similar challenges. Year-round cohorts give network members opportunities to learn from and with each other via inter-district cohort sessions facilitated by specialists in improvement science, personalized 1:1 collaboration focused on meeting specific goals and flexible engagement options, including a range of in person, synchronous and asynchronous opportunities. • Leadership Consulting: Leadership consultants from the Center for Model Schools partner with school and district leaders to bring their visions to life. Partnerships are customized based on the school or district needs and helps leaders enact practical strategies that drive system-wide transformation. Strategies may include development and support for principals, leadership coaching, strategic planning, curriculum alignment, PLC-powered data teams, effective teaching and learning and keynote speakers. The Center for Model Schools' leadership consulting also supports school improvement initiatives via an exclusive partnership between UChicago Impact® and NWEA, a division of HMH. Structured around the 5Essentials® Framework and Survey, which are based on over 30 years of research by the UChicago Consortium on School Research, this approach provides a holistic, evidence-based system that defines, measures and utilizes the most important organizational conditions to improve student outcomes. • Model Schools Conference: The Model Schools Conference is the nation's largest gathering for rapidly improving K-12 schools and districts. The conference brings over 5,000 educators together for a powerful slate of workshops and sessions focused on making a difference within learning communities. From networking to sharing best practices to inspiring keynotes and panel discussions, the conference experience gives attendees a toolkit to implement meaningful change when they return home. About HMH Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is a learning technology company committed to delivering connected solutions that engage learners, empower educators and improve student outcomes. As a leading provider of K–12 core curriculum, supplemental and intervention solutions, and professional learning services, HMH partners with educators and school districts to uncover solutions that unlock students' potential and extend teachers' capabilities. HMH serves more than 50 million students and 4 million educators in 150 countries.

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Talent Development

Gravyty launches first-of-its-kind platform for higher education advancement

Gravyty | July 14, 2023

Gravyty announced its groundbreaking fundraising and engagement software platform for higher education advancement and alumni relations teams. The Gravyty higher education platform revolutionizes how university advancement teams engage, solicit and steward students, alumni and donors through personalization, seamless integrations and AI. Through the fully integrated platform, institutions will benefit from sustainable long-term growth, reportable ROI and a simplified user experience. "We're thrilled to be able to provide a holistic platform that helps institutions solve for the challenges they face in advancement—from engaging with alumni at scale to executing a dynamic digital fundraising strategy to stewarding donors and building pipeline year-round," said Josh Robertson, VP of Product at Gravyty. Robertson continued, "We've designed the platform to get smarter as insights grow. The data and analytics provided in the platform paired with the cyclical approach to engagement, fundraising and stewardship provides schools with a comprehensive advancement solution." About Gravyty Gravyty is the leading provider of purpose-driven technology, providing higher education institutions, nonprofit organizations and K12 schools the tools they need to create an engaging community and fundraise smarter. Backed by K1 Investment Management, Gravyty has $72 million in funding and six strategic industry acquisitions to build a holistic, mission-driven ecosystem of solutions. Gravyty is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations in the United States, Canada and Israel.

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