National Tutoring Nonprofit Introduces Free, Online Training to Help Scale Tutoring Programs

Saga Education | May 10, 2021

Saga Education, the national nonprofit behind one of the country's most studied personalized tutoring services, has announced the introduction of Saga Coach, a free, self-paced educational training portal that covers the basic components of successful tutoring. Saga's expertise as an established implementer of high-dosage, high-impact tutoring programs targeting thousands of students in large U.S. school districts such as Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Broward County, Fla., is at the heart of the training.

According to research, children in the wake of the pandemic learned just 87% of the reading and 67% of the math that their grade-level counterparts learned during more typical years. While more schools prepare for Summer and Fall 2021, state and district leaders are planning to launch elevated tutoring services to ensure students have extra resources to make up for the learning time lost this year. Saga Coach provides school leaders with a one-of-a-kind, self-paced preparation curriculum that will assist them in easily preparing new tutors for this job at scale.

"Leaders at the state and district levels recognize the importance of addressing the major learning disruptions that have occurred during the last year. When tutoring is handled properly, it can do more than just help students catch up; it can also help them thrive "AJ Gutierrez, co-founder of Saga Education, said. "As per University of Chicago research, students will gain two and a half years of math progress in one year by tutoring. Saga Coach takes the lessons we've learned and applies them to every organization, school district, or program that wants to incorporate tutoring."

The virtual platform for Saga Coach is based on Saga's expertise providing over 2 million hours of tutoring. The online curriculum provides 19 self-paced modules on key areas that help tutors excel, such as building relationships with students and structuring an effective tutorial. Saga Coach is accessible on mobile devices and can be reached at any time and from any location.

Learning modules that comprise Saga's basic training are unlocked as tutors progress. Saga's modules concentrate on three critical subjects for successful tutoring: relationship, ratio, and rigor.

The platform has an engaging dashboard where tutors can work through the various units at their own pace, capture reflections, track progress, and engage with the tutoring community.

"The difficulties that school districts face when introducing high-dose tutoring programs stem from the hiring and training of potential tutors, many of whom may not be qualified educators," said Krista Marks, Chief Product Officer at Saga Education. "We expect that by offering Saga Coach as a free, self-paced training platform, organizations can use it to deliver quality pre-service training for their tutors. The interactive course is intended to be engaging and to offer tutors agency over the journey of learning the fundamental skills of becoming a successful tutor."

The University of Chicago Education Lab has studied Saga Education's comprehensive math tutoring model in Chicago Public Schools and New York City since 2013, discovering that it significantly increases learning outcomes for high school students. In two randomized controlled trials, students who got Saga tutoring studied up to two and a half years of math in one academic year – the equivalent to closing up to half of the black-white test score difference in one school year. Saga's tutoring paradigm has cut math course failure rates by 60%, according to the randomized trials.

About Saga Education

Saga Education is an evidence-based, personalized tutoring intervention that aims to provide students who are struggling with math the trust and intellectual strength they need to graduate high school and fulfill their goals. Fast Company added the organization to the distinguished list of the World's Most Innovative Educational Companies in 2020, recognizing it for its evidence-based, scalable tutoring program that targets students in high-need schools.


This jointly delivered talk by Dr. Thomas Newpher and undergraduate Ben Thier highlights how they are striving to make education a team-based, data-driven practice. They delve into novel research they have conducted on team-based learning, course structure, and classroom dynamics.


This jointly delivered talk by Dr. Thomas Newpher and undergraduate Ben Thier highlights how they are striving to make education a team-based, data-driven practice. They delve into novel research they have conducted on team-based learning, course structure, and classroom dynamics.

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EEO | July 08, 2022

In July, 2022, with the support of EEO's hybrid technologies, Peking University successfully concluded the first academic year of its Global Open Courses Program in partnership with a list of distinguished institutions, including Tokyo University, Nanyang Technology University, Moscow State University, Waseda University, University of Granada, Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, Chulalongkorn University, Cornell University, and Cairo University. EEO was founded in 2014 with the purpose of building an inclusive and student-centered learning ecosystem through the power of technology. Since 2019, EEO and Peking University joined hands to collaborate on digitizing physical learning environments, constructing specialized archeology classrooms, and adopting hybrid learning methods. It is a nonstop journey for EEO and Peking University to explore how to better motivate students and support educators in experimental teaching strategies. The project of Global Open Courses Program focuses on how hybrid learning gives rise to an enriched learning experience and expands learning communities. Hybrid learning, a method that incorporates hybrid technologies and open educational practices, has witnessed increasing adoption in K12 and higher ed institutions globally. Teaching Economics as part of the Global Open Courses Program, Professor Huang Yiping successfully engaged students in the classroom and those joining virtually with group discussions and activities. "Our professor came up with eight topics for discussion, encouraging us to form groups with students overseas. And we have been keeping in close touch with students online as well." Li Yipin, a student in Professor Huang's class, reported. For many, the program's hybrid courses placed vast learning resources within reach. With abundant course offerings, students had extensive opportunities to explore emerging topics with a cohort coming from diverse background. The platform of choice, ClassIn, is an all-in-one solution for online and hybrid learning with interactive virtual classrooms, a school management backend system, student learning reports, and more. Currently under internal testing, the product will support more innovative teaching methods by transforming into an LMS, a platform that caters to each step of the learning process in addition to the already powerful synchronous in-class interaction. It is evident that EEO's product family is designed with the consideration of scientific methods, masterful teaching, and lifelong learning. ClassIn, one of the first online classrooms in the world, was released in 2015. Building on feedback from educators and in-depth research, EEO released ClassIn X, a new hybrid solution for the new era. The company is also in the process of developing TeacherIn, a curriculum co-construction platform. It helps teachers find like-minded partners, with whom they can design and share lessons. As of now, EEO has partnered with more than 60,000 institutions around the globe and expressed great passion to collaborate with international educators and institutions, sparking the creativity of teachers and creating innovative learning experiences for students.

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Intellum, the leader in EdTech for Business, today announced Community, the third component in the Intellum social learning suite and the first in-platform community experience built specifically for corporate education initiatives. Intellum offers all of the features and functionality associated with an LMS and an LXP and is the only education solution to include content authoring, live event management, and social learning in a single platform. The introduction of Community rounds out Intellum's social learning suite, which also includes group activity streams and both one-to-one and group chat to help organizations engage and educate users through social learning. Social learning research shows that employees learn largely through observing and imitating the behavior modeled by experienced and successful co-workers and peers. Intellum's new Community offering provides learners with a dedicated space to search for answers, identify experts, and demonstrate their own expertise by asking and responding to questions and voting on the answers associated with concepts and topics of interest. This empowers learners to do two distinct things: quickly and easily find "just-in-time" answers to pressing questions and author "user-generated content" that is meaningful and increases the learner's visibility among her/his peers. Because Community lives within the Intellum Platform as part of the broader social experience, administrators can easily embed communities directly into learning initiatives, encouraging users to present questions to a specific group of peers while consuming the curriculum. This presents a compelling reason for learners to stay engaged and to come back to the learning environment more frequently. "We have been helping clients drive significant learner engagement for years by allowing users to comment on learning content and support each other through cohort-focused activity streams and group chat experiences. But over time we recognized that something was missing. "Social experiences can be fleeting. Clients need to capture their learners' questions and answers in a way that provides long-term value to the education initiative, so we decided to build our own Q&A community into the platform. By integrating formalized curriculum, informal learning, live events and social learning, we make the whole much more valuable than the pieces." Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum Intellum has a rich history of facilitating social learning. In 2009, the company created Tribe Social (now known as Intellum Social), the first social collaboration tool purpose-built for education. Intellum Social has evolved to include three core social learning components: Groups are modern vertical activity streams that encourage learners to share links, videos, images, files, and polls to kickstart conversation, collaboration, and engagement with educational content. Chat allows users to engage in 1:1 or group chats and can be embedded into any experience on the platform, including live events like instructor-led training and Webinars to drive real-time user engagement. Community gives learners a dedicated space to search for answers, identify experts, and demonstrate their own expertise by asking and responding to questions and voting on the answers associated with concepts and topics they are interested in. When utilized together, the three components in the Intellum Social suite provide organizations with everything needed to introduce, improve and capitalize on the science of social learning. About Intellum Intellum provides the #1 customer, partner, and employee education platform that large brands and fast-moving companies rely on to engage audiences and improve product knowledge, utilization, retention, and revenue. Intellum's scientific, data-driven approach is based on 20+ years of industry experience and the Intellum Platform includes all of the tools an organization needs to create, deploy, manage, track, and continuously improve highly personalized, engaging educational experiences.

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