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Linewize Launches Linewize Pulse for Real-time Insights on Student's Wellbeing

Linewize Launchs Linewize Pulse for Real-time Insights on

On February 28, 2023, Linewize, an education technology company, launched the Linewize Pulse platform for real-time actionable insights on students' well-being with weekly online check-ins for individual and organizational intervention, enhancing overall school culture.

Its 60-second weekly check-ins include questions related to well-being and school experience. Through these check-ins, it offers an overview of students' mental health and anonymously gathers school-level trending data. It gives students safe and easy suggestions for asking for help, and educators clearly know who is very vulnerable and sensitive. In addition, it inspires students to express gratitude for people who made a difference in their lives. Thus developing school-community relations and fostering a culture of enhanced inclusion. The Educator Impact platform helps schools with their culture and student outcomes, connecting well-being, performance and engagement Linewize's acquisition of the Educator Impact platform resulted in the launch of the Linewize Pulse solution.

Psychologist and Linewize's Director of Community Engagement, Teodora Pavkovic said, "As the nationwide children's mental health crisis continues, it's more important than ever to prioritize student well-being. Not only does Linewize Pulse empower individuals to seek out help, but it also provides administrators with the information they need to design school-wide programs and initiatives that meet students' current needs." She added, "Even further, the platform helps foster deeper and more meaningful relationships between school staff and students by alerting teachers and administrators to those struggling and needing assistance. With this information on hand, school staff can better adjust their daily routines to account for individuals' needs and develop stronger connections with their students."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

About Linewize

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Linewize, an IT consulting and services provider for the education sector, offers products that filter content, support teacher visibility and give teachers the required control. It creates an educated community that gives priority to children's safety on an online medium. It is a division of ASX-traded company FamilyZone, having a K-12 cyber safety management system, working for cyber safety and EdTech companies worldwide. With a team of education experts and experienced school IT administrators, it designs solutions for e-learning and the online safety of learners. It empowers schools, educators, partners and families to secure every child's digital journey in the classroom and at home.



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