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Kaplan launches an innovative online solution to address business professionals' data literacy gap

With the extending need for business experts to successfully utilize and use information in every day choices, Kaplan, Inc., one of the world's biggest and most assorted training suppliers, has presented a unique answer for organizations to upskill representatives with an information education program. Created by its eminent Metis® information science and examination preparing group and conveyed by Kaplan Performance Academy (KPA), organizations presently have a top notch computerized climate that hosts and arranges exceptionally custom fitted picking up, training, and evaluations.

The Foundations in Data Literacy program was planned by the Metis and KPA groups to prepare representatives in any job all through an association—specialized and non-specialized—with the skills they need to peruse, investigate, work with, and examine information. The program is conveyed on KPA's computerized, vivid stage that gives useful application, execution following, and gathering coaching in live, social student networks, which drives commitment, responsibility, and determination.

“Today’s data-driven economy demands that everyone in business comprehend the fundamental principles of data and confidently use that knowledge to drive business decisions,” said Andrew Perkins, Global Director of KPA. “This collaboration with our colleagues at Metis offers critical training in a format that can be customized to a client’s needs and provides self-assessment, formative feedback, and personalized skills coaching to support participants throughout their learning journey.”



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