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Jones & Bartlett Learning with LiveCarta Offers E-learning Solutions

Jones & Bartlett Learning with LiveCarta Offers E-learning

On February 02, 2023, Jones & Bartlett Learning, one of the providers of learning-performance management solutions, partners with LiveCarta, a collaborative platform for digital publishing and learning, to deliver customized e-learning resources for nursing educators.

Through its platform, nursing educators can structure educational resources such as books, academic papers, video and audio clips, binders, and scholarly collections with the nursing education curriculum. This integration will acquire a slot in popular learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas or Blackboards, making it accessible to everyone, including the students. In addition, LiveCarta's platform will provide proven nursing education concepts, a developed flipped classroom experience, and just-in-time teaching (JITT) modes.

Its collaborative publishing platforms and portals offer flexible, goal-oriented learning and a shared platform for digital content for authors, educators, and classmates. Publishers and content creators can sell the whole book, specific chapters, allowing students to collect data from different publications as course content and study aids.

President of the parent company of LiveCarta, Tributary Publishing, Richard Speakman, said, "We built LiveCarta to provide educators with new tools to create the perfect online course pack. Educators can tailor books for their students, including only chapters they intend to teach and adding in additional materials to extend the original author's work. We are excited to partner with Jones & Bartlett Learning to offer nursing educators more innovative ways to bundle learning materials."

(Source – Business Wire)

Director of Product Management at Jones & Bartlett Learning, Matt Kane, said, "LiveCarta supports our mission to offer students and instructors flexibility in their learning resources. We're excited to offer select nursing education titles among the first products to be featured in the LiveCarta platform."

(Source – Business Wire)

About Jones & Bartlett Learning

Jones & Bartlett Learning, which is a division of Ascend Learning, is one of the prominent assessment and learning-performance management solution providers for the secondary, post-secondary, and professional education markets. It also designs educational services and programs by modifying authoritative written content with innovative technology applications, thus creating engaging e-learning educational content catering to the needs of the current education system. In addition, it has been providing personalized, quality learning solutions across nursing, health administration, health professions, computer science, and public health.



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