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Global eLearning Provider KnowledgeCity Offers Complimentary Course Access to Mark National Nonprofit Day

KnowledgeCity, a leader in online education and training solutions, has announced the launch of a national educational campaign to mark National Nonprofit Day on Tuesday, August 17.

KnowledgeCity is offering U.S. nonprofit organizations the chance to receive complimentary access to its full range of eLearning programs as part of the company's mission to make quality skills training more accessible to everyone.

Employees of eligible nonprofits will receive a three-month subscription, providing them unlimited access to KnowledgeCity's online learning library of more than 18,000 training videos from categories in business, compliance, computer, safety, and finance. The participants will have the opportunity to receive guidance and direction related to course participation, certification, and identification of their selected learning paths.

"As a company, we have always emphasized the importance of social responsibility, so National Nonprofit Day presents an ideal opportunity for us to help the many organizations that are dedicated to helping others," said KnowledgeCity Chief Executive Officer Marwan Alshaer. "Nonprofits are among the organizations hardest hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the area of fundraising. By offering their employees the chance to improve or refine their skills, we hope it will help them better serve their constituent communities in need."

To be eligible, organizations must serve the public by fulfilling a specific mission or community need, have registered as a 501 (c) organization, and have a minimum of ten employees. To register, qualified nonprofits must submit their organization's information through an online submission form by Tuesday, Aug. 31.  Following the submission's close, KnowledgeCity will onboard each organization to provide their employees course access through its proprietary Learning Management System.

About KnowledgeCity
Founded in 2007, KnowledgeCity is an eLearning company based in Carlsbad, Calif., specializing in online training and education solutions that maximize skills development and minimize the cost, time, and effort associated with implementing online training programs.



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