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Flatiron School Introduces Pivotal AI-Powered Chatbot Learning Aid

Flatiron School Introduces Pivotal AI-Powered Chatbot Learning

Flatiron School, a global provider of technical education, introduced an innovative AI-powered chatbot designed to enhance learning experiences across their software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design courses.

Flatiron Schools chatbot comes at a critical time, where demand for adaptive learning and general AI fluency is at an all-time high. Embedded into learning materials so it has an awareness of the curriculum, this 24/7 learning aid is focused on facilitating independent thinking and will support students with a more personalized experience. The chatbot will make use of analogies, diagrams, and code challenges, helping students better understand complex concepts and hone problem-solving skills. Additionally, the chatbot will allow students to interact in their native language.

The chatbot is a value-add to Flatiron School’s existing support system, so students will still have the opportunity to connect with a live, dedicated technical coach during regular office hours.

Chatbot benefits include: • 24/7 Access. A complement to regular live support, students have access to the chatbot round-the-clock, allowing them to study on their own schedule, irrespective of time zone. • Multilingual Support. Students can facilitate chat in their native language, breaking down language barriers and fostering deeper understanding of course material. • Learning Assistance. Common roadblocks and questions are promptly addressed; students can overcome challenges and grasp difficult subjects quickly.

“Flatiron School has always been committed to dynamic learning, flexing our courses and instruction based on individuals' unique styles and needs. The chatbot is another resource for student success and aligns with our vision to foster a holistic and inclusive learning environment,” said Pete Barth, Chief Product Officer.

About Flatiron School

Since 2012, Flatiron School has been an education innovator, training over 10,000 graduates in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design. Flatiron School works with students, universities and colleges, and industry-leading companies around the world to provide essential technical training. When it comes to landing a job, Flatiron School graduates have a proven track record of success thanks to experienced instructors and dedicated career coaches.



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