eLearning Brothers Introduces the Strategic Learning Blueprint to Help Organizations Access and Improve Their Modern Learning Strategy

eLearning Brothers | October 11, 2021

Learning solutions leader eLearning Brothers today announced a new strategic consulting service, the Strategic Learning Blueprint that evaluates an organization’s existing training, architects a custom plan, and activates a modern learning strategy.

Businesses can’t afford to provide training that doesn't work,Organizations need effective learning solutions that are engaging, change behaviors, reduce costs, and deliver results. As an end-to-end learning solutions provider, eLearning Brothers is uniquely positioned to develop custom training for organizations, whether that’s virtual reality, gamification, or other types of interactive learning experiences.

Andrew Scivally, Co-founder and CEO of eLearning Brothers

Joining the eLearning Brothers team to spearhead the Strategic Learning Blueprint is Treion Muller, the new Chief Solutions Architect at eLearning Brothers. Treion has close to 20 years of experience innovating, developing, designing, digitally transforming, and strategizing in the learning and development space with some of the largest L&D players in the world.

The Strategic Learning Blueprint has 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1. Assess - We start with an assessment of your existing training plan, offerings, and technologies and identify training needs, objectives, and behavioral change gaps.
  • STEP 2. Architect - We design a custom learning plan for your specific training needs and objectives based on what is discovered. This includes selecting the right solutions, technologies, partnerships, and modern learning approach.
  • STEP 3. Activate - We launch your modern learning training solutions, accountability processes, and success tracking system to assure your goals are achieved.

Implementing the Strategic Learning Blueprint changes behaviors, reduces training costs, and achieves measurable ROI. You then empower learning rockstars for your organization.

Organizations can contact eLearning Brothers to schedule a FREE strategy session.

About eLearning Brothers
eLearning Brothers is a leader in learning technology solutions that enable organizations to conquer performance and development challenges. The company offers a one-stop-shop for learning development and delivery, ranging from strategic consulting and custom learning development to content libraries and development tools, all paired with an easy-to-use platform for delivering and tracking learning. eLearning Brothers helps everyone create and deliver measurable learning experiences that rock.


This video talks about CAPA's SLDOs (Globalization, Urban Environments, Social Dynamics, Diversity, and Personal & Professional Development), which are aimed to help students navigate and reflect on their experience studying abroad.


This video talks about CAPA's SLDOs (Globalization, Urban Environments, Social Dynamics, Diversity, and Personal & Professional Development), which are aimed to help students navigate and reflect on their experience studying abroad.

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Ellucian Announces Expansion of Strategic Partnership with PowerSchool

Ellucian | April 13, 2022

On April 12th premier education technology solutions provider, Ellucian, announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with PowerSchool, a leader in cloud-based K-12 education software. Both the companies aim to join hands to enable students to get access to better career and education support from kindergarten to college. The partnership will allow Ellucian to integrate its Experience Platform with PowerSchool’s PeopleAdmin faculty management, talent management, and interoperability products for higher education. "Building on a strong relationship with PowerSchool, our enhanced collaboration brings together the leading technology solutions providers in K-12 and higher education. Together with PowerSchool, Ellucian will gain greater insight into drivers of student success. As a result, we'll be able to help our higher education customers develop programs that align with student interests and needs, and we can explore new solutions to support evolving career and education pathways and long-term learning." -Laura Ipsen, President and CEO, Ellucian "We are excited to take this next step in our relationship with Ellucian. At PowerSchool, our mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their own way. Through our collaboration with Ellucian, we can help ensure students' experiences within the K-12 ecosystem are reflected on in a way that best helps prepare and support them in college, careers, and life." -Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool

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TUTRRD launches an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education

TUTRRD | November 20, 2021

TUTRRD, an online learning and teaching platform for K-12 that focuses on one on one interactive learning as launched their an app to bridge the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education. The platform aims at bridging the gap between after school tuitions and virtual education by enabling teachers to conduct classes at their convenience and generate additional income for themselves, thereby providing personalized, convenient, and affordable learning solutions to the students from across all boards. The announcement of the platform was done on Children's Day i.e. 14th November, 2021 through a webinar with the app going live on Android. The platform has on boarded over 500 teachers and aim to onboard around 5000 teachers by the end of this financial year in March 2022. The app is currently only available on Android Play Store. "I strongly believe that teaching and learning should not be restricted to any geographical boundaries. When the educational system transitioned online, there was heavy reliance on technology to conduct classes. There was an increasing need to include the human element in this content-learning age. Moreover, the number of students were huge and personalization was becoming a challenge for the schools and colleges. That is how the idea of Tutrrd was born, where we focused on providing the personalized experience to learning that has been missing in the market." Divya Tej Pereira, CEO & founder, TUTRRD "It has always been my vision to empower teachers to connect with students and ensure they have the technology and skills to make learning an exciting and fulfilling experience. With the pandemic, many teachers lost their jobs or their salaries were reduced due to the economic halt. In such situations, it is important to assist teachers to step into their power and increase their income. We provide a platform for teachers to provide their expertise in the most convenient and engaging manner," added Mr Tej further. The Tutrrd app provides a seamless user-experience, wherein students can book one-on-one personalized classes with the teachers based on their interest areas and educational needs. Dependency on private tuitions has proved to improve the performance of students at all levels of education. Therefore, the USP of the app is the personal touch that it provides to the students in their learning experience. The app has helped rethink the idea of private tuitions, wherein the students can get personalized attention with the help of expert teachers in order to enhance their academic performance with 100% live interactive and one-on-one tutoring. The primary focus of teaching is on core academics. However, with the personalization, the teachers can assist in the complete holistic development of students, thereby increasing their disposable income. India's online tutoring market offers more than just internet-based tutoring sites; it also offers tuition services that use virtual worlds for teaching and providing personalized virtual attention to students. Growth of the online tutoring market has been attributed to several factors, including adoption of higher studies, COVID-19 outbreak, and improved accessibility to technology. By 2022, the market is predicted to reach USD 9 billion. About TUTRRD TUTRRD provides the most efficient and convenient way of learning for students by making education more accessible, affordable, and inclusive. Headquartered in Mumbai, TUTRRD is a platform that offers all Indian teachers an opportunity to conduct online classes and at the same time, help students to find expert teachers based on their subject specialization and book 100% live, interactive, and one-to-one tuition with them. Aimed at creating an integrated community, empowering and enabling educational professionals to highlight their individuality and unique teaching skills. By connecting students across all boards and highly qualified teachers through a single platform, TUTTRD prioritizes personal attention, thereby assisting teachers and students in their growth and development.

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Omron helps to educate young talent at Lakota East High School with free e-learning resources

prnewswire | December 08, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic provokes schools to construct utilitarian frameworks for internet learning, one secondary school specifically found an ideal answer for keeping its designing courses pressing onward. This was a progression of e-taking in instructional exercises from industry-driving computerization arrangements supplier Omron Automation Americas. The online assets gave Lakota East High School designing educator Todd Hummer a viable method to instruct his Computer Integrated Manufacturing course distantly just as in a socially separated way once understudies started returning for face to face learning. Hummer has around 45 understudies, the two youngsters and seniors, who are seeking after designing information and are on target to examine the subject at a school level. Regardless of whether classes are held on the web or face to face, pandemic-related concerns make it difficult to permit different understudies to gather around a solitary bit of gear. Hummer's methodology has been to modularize the whole class and utilize a turn technique, which presents a test for tending to inquiries regarding the material. With Omron's e-learning modules, he had the option to structure his substance to help understudies remain locked in. "Not only was the Omron e-learning content valuable for remote students, now that we are back to school in person, the lessons will be just as valuable," says Hummer. "Due to social distancing requirements, we are learning content in rotations, or a modular environment. As a result, I am not always able to traditionally instruct the class, but Omron helps fill in that instruction as I move around the room helping the students who need it. Students can work through the learning modules at their own pace until they reach proficiency!" Voelker Controls Company, an Ohio-based mechanical computerization arrangements supplier and an Omron wholesaler, was instrumental in acquainting the e-learning modules with the secondary school. "We're regarded to work with our neighborhood schools and understudies to extend their designing information. At the point when customary techniques were not accessible and with restricted alternatives to show mechanization distantly, Omron's e-learning was an incredible asset," says Andy Walsh, Voelker's Product Manager of Robotics and Automation. "Voelker Controls alongside Omron has the absolute most exceptional mechanization mastery on the planet, and we are glad to share our insight to help instruct the fate of Automation." The e-learning modules have more than 50 seminars on capacities and general information on production line computerization hardware. The modules are intended for individuals of all foundations trying to become familiar with advanced mechanics and other designing points identified with modern mechanization innovation.

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