CONTINUING EDUCATION Debuts Middle School Math and English Language Arts Resources

IXL Learning | September 01, 2021, the leading online education destination serving more than 33 million teachers, parents and homeschoolers, announced the release of its first math and English language arts (ELA) resources for students in grades 6-8. The addition of new printable worksheets, interactive games and lesson plans meets the growing demand for tools that help learners  develop higher-level skills and succeed throughout middle school.

Built by educators, the Common Core-aligned resources encourage students to dive into new topics and cultivate a more advanced skillset. Parents and teachers can tap into various activities—from captivating printables to interactive games—to mix up educational opportunities and make learning fun for students. The materials support student growth across all of the major topic areas for middle school math and ELA.

"Middle school students need diverse educational activities that reinforce classroom instruction while presenting new opportunities to grow," said Kate Mattison, Vice President of Curriculum at IXL Learning,'s parent company. "Parents and teachers of middle schoolers now have an exciting new way to provide meaningful support, help students tackle more challenging skills and foster a lasting love for learning." will continue to develop math and ELA content for middle school, and will introduce science and social studies resources for grades 6-8 later this school year. 

The perfect library for learning
Parents, teachers and students can access the new middle school resources through's Learning Library. The library contains 35,000 standards-aligned activities covering math, science, social studies, reading and more for preK-8 learners. A combination of digital and printable content—from science projects to song videos, workbooks and more—helps students develop key skills and master concepts at their own pace. In addition, teachers and parents can access handy Weekly Boost materials for tips and educational resources that support children throughout the school year.

Over 33 million parents and teachers worldwide have joined since the early learning platform launched in 2006.'s curriculum is comprehensive, covering core skills across math, reading, writing, and more. Designed with flexibility, it can be tailored to meet the interests and needs of diverse learners and can be accessed across a variety of digital platforms. Parents and teachers can follow's guidance step-by-step, curate their own curriculum, or dive deeply into specific areas with more than 35,000 interactive games, worksheets, hands-on activities, and lessons.


Overall, branding your e-learning courses is a crucial step in creating a professional and successful online learning experience for your learners.


Overall, branding your e-learning courses is a crucial step in creating a professional and successful online learning experience for your learners.

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BBConnect Brings Best Brains Classes Into the Home

Newswire | March 30, 2023

Since 2011, Best Brains has provided tens of thousands of students instruction in Math and English concepts by employing real teachers in their over 140 locations. This year, this award-winning company has expanded their platform to provide any child aged 3-14 the opportunity to learn online. Via the app "BBConnect," students connect to the same teachers employed in Best Brains' brick-and-mortar locations. This program, which started development in 2020, is designed to make the Best Brains experience more mobile and flexible to students who may not have a location nearby. "Even though we have locations in just over 20 states and counting, as well as in Ontario, Canada, we've seen how expansive our reach has become," says Franchise Development Specialist Elanor Smith. "We get inquiries from parents in every state and province who have heard of Best Brains and how effective our learning model is. With BBConnect, we can begin to reach these students for the first time." By signing up for BBConnect, parents connect with a center administrator - usually an owner of a currently existing franchise location in places like California, Texas, or Ontario. Students are assessed online before being matched with real teachers and provided with a personalized lesson plan. Students log into the BBConnect app each week via their Android or iPad tablet and receive instruction in virtual classrooms. Between classes, new homework pages are unlocked each day so that students can perfect concepts taught in class. To use BBConnect, students only need a tablet and a stylus. "Handwriting and drawing have always been an essential part of our curriculum," Curriculum Lead Rachel Evans explains. "We work hard to create a curriculum that is engaging and non-repetitive, and the physical aspect of our curriculum is part of that." When describing how Best Brains students feel about completing daily homework, Evans says, "Students love our daily packets and are actually motivated to finish them. I know they'll be excited to log into the app every day and find new assignments waiting for them." Vice President of Best Brains Hana Adas is very invested in the potential of BBConnect. "Education is for everyone," she says. "There should be no barriers between students and quality education. We designed BBConnect so that we can connect real teachers to students through our program. We use the same curriculum and the same standards for our in-person students on the BBConnect app. We provide individualized feedback each week, something parents are constantly seeking from their education partners. We created Best Brains to be the best learning center there is, and BBConnect gives every student, no matter where they live, the opportunity to Be Their Best. About Best Brains Learning Centers Best Brains is an enrichment program for children ages 3 -14. Best Brains is head quartered in Arlington Heights, IL and has over 100 locations across the USA and Canada. The subjects offered at Best Brains are Math, English, Abacus, General Knowledge and SAT / ACT.

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ChildCare Education Institute Launches PROF110: Family-Teacher Conferences

Globenewswire | May 17, 2023

ChildCare Education Institute® (CCEI), one of the largest online training providers dedicated exclusively to the early care and education workforce, is pleased to introduce its newest course, PROF110: Family-Teacher Conferences. Family-teacher conferences are essential for maintaining an effective educational program. Research has shown time and time again that family involvement is one of the critical factors in a child’s school success. For many families, the family-teacher conference is a valuable time to connect with the teacher and classroom, other than brief interactions during drop-off and pick-up. Family-teacher conferences provide an opportunity for families to share their expectations and better understand the teacher′s practices and goals. For the teacher understanding the family′s expectations and the child′s home culture makes it easier for the teacher to adjust the curriculum to make it more culturally relevant for the child. In the end, families and teachers must be flexible and keep the child′s best interests in mind. Often, teachers can improve the effectiveness of their program for everyone by incorporating aspects of the home culture of different children into the curriculum. “Families and teachers can learn a lot by sharing and comparing their viewpoints,” says Leslie Coleman, Education Director for CCEI. “Ultimately, this exchange benefits the child, as teachers and families gain valuable information and can adjust child-rearing and teaching styles to help meet the child′s specific needs.” Well-managed family-teacher conferences strengthen essential partnerships between teachers and families that ultimately benefit our youngest learners. In this course, participants will learn the primary goals of family-teacher conferences along with strategies associated with planning for, conducting, and following up after conferences. In addition, the course will cover recommended practices for sharing assessment results with families, including when and how to make referrals to early intervention agencies. PROF110: Family-Teacher Conferences is a two-hour, beginner-level course and grants 0.2 IACET CEU upon successful completion. Current CCEI users with active, unlimited annual subscriptions can register for professional development courses at no additional cost when logged in to their CCEI account. Users without subscriptions can purchase child care training courses as block hours through CCEI online enrollment. About ChildCare Education Institute, a StraighterLine Company ChildCare Education Institute® provides high-quality, distance education certificates and child care training programs in an array of child care settings, including preschool centers, family child care, prekindergarten classrooms, nanny care, online daycare training and more. Over 200+ English and Spanish child care training courses are available online to meet licensing, recognition program, and Head Start Requirements. CCEI also has online certification programs that provide the coursework requirement for national credentials including the CDA, Director and Early Childhood Credentials. CCEI, a Council for Professional Recognition approved training partner, is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and as an IACET Accredited Provider, offers IACET CEUs for its learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.

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PowerSchool Introduces International Localization Framework to Support Growing Global Customer Base

Businesswire | March 28, 2023

PowerSchool the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, today announced it is in later stage development of localization features for customers to use in their regions developed under PowerSchool’s proprietary international framework. The upcoming release enables out of box support for right-to-left language support and Arabic translation capabilities in three of its Unified Operations solutions, including Unified Operations PowerSchool SIS, Unified Operations PowerSchool Enrollment Express, and Unified Operations PowerSchool Ecollect Forms, as well as its learning management system (LMS), PowerSchool Unified Classroom® Schoology Learning. “This international framework is critical for delivering our world-class solutions to our extensive and growing international customer base,” said Tony Kender, Chief Revenue Officer at PowerSchool. “PowerSchool will continue to prioritize providing our global customers with the tools they need to support their students and improve learning outcomes.” This framework supports localization of a user’s experience (such as right-to-left language support) to empower international educational institutions to deliver tailored instruction to the more than 50 million students in more than 90 countries PowerSchool serves. Additional toolkits will be made available to support localization for other regions and languages for the growing number of students, educators, and families using PowerSchool solutions to achieve their desired learning outcomes worldwide. In the near term, the right-to-left and Arabic language translation toolkit will empower more educators around the world with timesaving, centralized access to the tools they need to deliver tailored instruction, elevate data utilization, and foster family engagement. “As PowerSchool expands globally, including across the UAE, it is important for us to offer right-to-left language support and Arabic translation capabilities,” said Robert Speed, Vice President International Sales at PowerSchool. “With more than 313 million people speaking Arabic around the world, these language supports ensure more educators, students, and families can benefit from the digital transformation of education.” The new language support provides users with multiple benefits including: • Helping educators, students, and families who read right-to-left interact and learn in a more familiar and accessible way. • Providing the opportunity for students to develop collaboration skills in their primary language. • Eliminating manual translation tasks for both educators and students, which can interfere with the learning process. • Ensuring educational institutions support equity and access to a larger proportion of their students and families. PowerSchool customers can also utilize the self-service Language Toolkit feature within PowerSchool SIS, Enrollment Express, and Ecollect Forms to load additional Arabic translations as well as other languages that can be leveraged by any partners across the globe to localize to their regional needs. For Schoology Learning users, PowerSchool directly provides right-to-left language support and Arabic translation capabilities. The right-to-left language support and Arabic translation capabilities will be fully available to PowerSchool customers in late 2023. About PowerSchool PowerSchool is the leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America. Its mission is to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their full potential, in their way. PowerSchool connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with the shared goal of improving student outcomes. From the office to the classroom to the home, it helps schools and districts efficiently manage state reporting and related compliance, special education, finance, human resources, talent, registration, attendance, funding, learning, instruction, grading, assessments and analytics in one unified platform. PowerSchool supports over 50 million students globally and more than 15,000 customers, including over 90 of the top 100 districts by student enrollment in the United States, and sells solutions in over 90 countries.

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