EdCast’s Spark Forges Partnership with Zenefits to Power Upskilling and Career Development for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses and Employees

EdCast | November 08, 2021

-Spark by EdCast and Zenefits today announced a platform integration and business collaboration that will provide small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to offer upskilling as a benefit to their employees. This will help staff train and retrain for changing jobs today and in the future, helping small businesses engage and retain their employees.According to Gartner, 64% of companies surveyed view the talent shortage as the most significant barrier to adoption of emerging technologies. For cash- and resource-strapped small businesses, this skills gap compounds the current challenges that are making it harder than ever to hire and retain staff.

This new learning experience and HR platform integration between Zenefits and EdCast’s Spark will enable small and mid-sized businesses to seamlessly create, access and manage their teams’ learning alongside all of their hiring, performance and benefits information. An entrepreneur can now identify and align requisite skilling areas needed for their staff to power business growth. They can also create training plans, track completion and success against performance plans at individual, group and company levels. Spark offers access to thousands of pieces of content from premium content providers across a wide spectrum of topics through expert-curated pathways, courses, videos, podcasts and more.

"Zenefits is excited to bring together our leading people operations platform with EdCast’s Spark learning experience platform to provide small businesses a unified place to attract, retain, engage—and now develop—talent,” said Andrea Shannon, Vice President of Business Development at Zenefits.

“Spark by EdCast is focused on helping SMBs achieve their rapidly-changing learning and training goals. In partnering with Zenefits, we are excited to provide an integrated solution for SMBs to help meet their talent development and HR needs, while maximizing employees’ skills and job satisfaction.”

Karl Mehta, CEO and Founder of EdCast

Spark by EdCast is the leading learning experience platform (LXP) for career-enhancing training and upskilling in the moment of need for SMBs and individual learners. The mobile-friendly Spark platform includes AI-driven personalized learning with a simple user experience featuring targeted access to training and upskilling both remotely and securely. 

About EdCast
EdCast offers a unified SaaS platform powering end-to-end employee experience journeys, spanning learning, skilling and career mobility. Its award-winning platform is used internationally by organizations ranging from large Global 2000 companies to small businesses and government organizations. With EdCast’s platforms, our customers are able to attract, develop and retain a high-performance and future-ready workforce. EdCast’s offerings include its Talent Experience Platform, Spark for SMBs, EdCast Marketplace and MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform. EdCast is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award recipient. 

About Zenefits
Zenefits helps thousands of small and mid-size companies drive performance by streamlining people operations: the workforce, compliance and performance issues that are the difference between success and failure. Zenefits' People Operations Platform delivers the most comprehensive, easy to use, mobile HR experience on the market. Its HR, Benefits, Payroll, Wellness, Engagement, Performance and People Analytics apps are intuitive and interoperable. Combined with advisory services and tightly integrated partner apps, Zenefits enables better business agility and performance for emerging businesses.


The Anthology Education and Research Center has engaged with four leading higher education data practitioners who work daily to support their institutions and their students. They represent different roles and work in a varied set of institutional types. Their extensive experience provides them with unique perspectives on how data can be used across the many dimensions of a modern university.


The Anthology Education and Research Center has engaged with four leading higher education data practitioners who work daily to support their institutions and their students. They represent different roles and work in a varied set of institutional types. Their extensive experience provides them with unique perspectives on how data can be used across the many dimensions of a modern university.

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Apogee Announce Acquiring Cumulus Technology Services Inc

Apogee, Inc. | January 02, 2023

Apogee, an industry leader in managed technology services for higher education, has recently announced the acquisition of Cumulus Technology Services Inc. Headquartered in Ventura, California, Cumulus Technology Services is a specialist in secure cloud services for higher education and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner. This acquisition reaffirms Apogee's commitment to be the preferred managed technology partner for universities and colleges that strive to innovate and transform. The acquisition extends the managed networking and IT services capabilities of Apogee into the cloud, enabling the new potential for higher education IT innovation to enhance student experiences and promote institutional competitiveness. While the use of technology in attracting and retaining students and providing great blended learning and student life experiences is growing, IT teams in higher education confront increasing difficulty in acquiring and retaining IT expertise. Services and products that delegate IT operations, manage expenses, improve operational effectiveness, and foster innovation are in great demand. Improving the delivery of managed cloud services in higher education helps universities and educational institutions liberate time for innovation, as promised by Apogee. The following acquired services will be incorporated into Apogee's managed technology services portfolio: Secure Cloud Services increase Apogee's expertise in cloud, security, and data center management. Cumulus Technology Services' significant understanding of enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud migration and containerization, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will enable Apogee to provide colleges and universities even improved performance, scalability, robustness, and security of their apps, infrastructure, and data. Cumulus Data Adapter (CDA) connects and synchronizes institutional ERP systems such as Ellucian Banner® with learning management systems (LMS) such as Canvas by Instructure using a secure, simple-to-deploy technology that significantly enhances IT administration efficiency and student life. As a managed service, CDA is an additional critical tool that addresses the major pain point of data synchronization between LMSs and ERPs, hence easing student data integration difficulties for IT and enhancing the student experience for class registration and attendance. Security Services bolster Apogee's security experience and expertise, allowing for the delivery of brawl-tested college security assessments, ransomware incident response readiness, and staffing and disaster recovery plans. About Apogee Apogee, a leading provider of managed IT services founded in 1999 in Austin, enables colleges and universities to innovate in order to improve the campus experience and foster student life. Apogee helps over one million students and administrators from over 350 colleges and universities across the United States. The company's extensive array of managed services includes Managed Campus networks and IT services, campus engagement, residential networks (ResNet), and video.

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Youscience® Launches Its New Education-to-career Platform

YouScience | February 21, 2023

YouScience®, an educational management services provider, has recently launched its new education-to-career platform called YouScience® Brightpath, connecting technology, academic relevance, and engagement. It will help educators and students to plan for personalized individual education and career success. This new solution will solve the skills gap crisis for employers and students, assisting learners in a successful academic and career life journey. It utilizes extensive research and a proprietary artificial intelligence engine for student engagement, innovation, personalized learning, and career enhancement. It improves diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes and graduation rates. It inspires student engagement for in-depth education, providing customized guidance for each student. It designs career and technical education CTE programs for many students at a time. It quantifies learning outcomes with industry-recognized certificates, showcasing learning relevance with education and industry. Finally, it enhances student enrollment and active participation in post-secondary education. It helps students to discover their natural talents and understand themselves better through those talents. It introduces them to various educational opportunities in trade, vocational, and technical schools, colleges, and universities with industry certifications that align with their aptitudes and majors. This feature will increase college enrollments and pass-outs. It allows students, counselors, and school personnel to come together to select the right course. It provides certifications in more than 200 studies. It provides access to local, regional, and national employers willing to offer internships, apprenticeships, and jobs as per their choice. Founder and CEO of YouScience, Edson Barton said, "We constantly hear from students and educators alike that there is a missing link in education. That missing link is the connection between the classroom and the real world." He added, "Our mission is to empower everyone to find intentional, individual success. YouScience® Brightpath is a first-of-its-kind solution that uses decades of proven data and advanced AI to help students discover, prove, and pursue their passion, their path, and their purpose." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About YouScience Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, YouScience, an education management company, has offering solutions for talent assessment, career development and planning, ability assessment, psychometrics, career counseling and management, and job analysis. It strives for equal educational opportunity for all learners. It helps them demonstrate and discover their interests, skills, aptitudes, and knowledge. It aligns those personality elements with purpose-driven education and career opportunities through authentic research, artificial intelligence, and industry inputs. Additionally, it connects learners, parents, educators, and counselors to support teaching and career success.

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Springboard Partners with Washington University in St. Louis to Offer Data Courses

Springboard | February 07, 2023

On February 6, 2023, Springboard, an online learning platform that prepares students for in-demand careers in the tech industry through comprehensive, mentor-led courses, announced a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis, a top private research university. Together, they will provide Data Engineering and Data Science courses for students and potential learners. Springboard's work with higher learning through its University Partnerships programs has led to substantial growth, demonstrating the company's excellence in offering workforce-based and outcomes-driven programs to universities seeking an asynchronous e-learning partner. Springboard's partnership with Washington University is its second university partnership this year. Subject matter experts design Springboard's curriculum and students receive one-on-one mentoring from industry professionals and career coaches on networking and job hunting. Washington University students enrolled in the courses will work on real-world projects to showcase their skills to employers. The Data Science course enables students to learn machine learning and statistical inference to handle data and gain actionable conclusions from the research. It also trains students in Python, the universal data science language. The Data Engineering course enables students to construct data pipelines that convert raw, unstructured data into formats usable for data scientists. Students will build data streams and APIs and learn data warehousing and modeling using intermediate SQL. Amazon, Boeing, IBM, Perficient, and other companies in the Fortune 100 have offered jobs to Springboard students in similar programs. The courses are open to the public, and no prior industry or academic experience is needed for enrolment. Upon completing the program, students will obtain a certificate of completion awarded by Washington University's Technology & Leadership Center. About Springboard Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Springboard offers online education that enables students to thrive in a world where learning is a lifelong pursuit. The company caters to each individual's unique learning needs and provides tailored experiences to match students' pace with support from advisors and mentors. It also facilitates working on substantial projects under the supervision of industry professionals to prepare for the real world. More than 20,000 students in over 100 countries have used Springboard's comprehensive, mentor-led online learning to advance their careers.

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