Cornerstone Boldly Advances New Ground in Learning Content designed for today’s modern, skills-forward workforce

Cornerstone | November 17, 2021

Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a leader in adaptive HR solutions, today announced new content offerings expressly designed for today’s modern, skills-forward workforce. These updates include a groundbreaking new learning series, “A Seat at the Table,” the hiring of Emmy-award winning producer, Dave Grant, and new partnerships with Skill Pill and Sponge Compliance to support business performance skill-building. Today’s announcements come on the heels of the launch of Cornerstone Xplor, the market’s first solution to bring every element of people growth into a single experiential destination. When combined with the company's vast content offerings, Cornerstone Xplor helps organizations meet their people where they are with a highly personalized and fully connected growth experience, at scale.

Through its own content production studio, Cornerstone Studios, the company is delivering innovative content designed in non-traditional formats. Considered one of its most ambitious series to-date, “A Seat at the Table,” is a new original learning series that showcases honest and authentic dialogues to develop the understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) as a skill in the workplace. By featuring multiple perspectives from non-actors in unscripted, open conversations around sensitive, yet critical, topics within the workplace, the series helps to facilitate more inclusive and authentic work environments. To supplement the series, Cornerstone Studios developed thoughtful guides to encourage leaders to take action and actively promote team dialogue. Cornerstone will premiere the first episode, "Talking about Depression," today at Cornerstone Convergence 2021, and the full series will drop in Cornerstone Content Anytime, the company's content subscription offering, in December.

To elevate Cornerstone Studios’ production of high-quality, binge-worthy content, Cornerstone has hired a new head of production, unscripted television executive Dave Grant. A three-time Emmy-award winning producer, Grant will play a key role in meeting learners where they are with innovative and engaging consumer-grade content. Since joining Cornerstone, Grant has been instrumental in the production of the “A Seat at the Table” series and will be responsible for helping the organization evolve workplace learning content.

“Reengaging modern, tech savvy employees will require new content that is fresh, educational, inclusive and entertaining,” said Dave Grant, Head of Production, Cornerstone. “By expanding Cornerstone’s learning experience to meet the expectations of today’s modern workforce, we are acknowledging the high expectations for quality content required by consumers and pivoting our strategy to meet that demand.”

In addition to investing in original content creation, Cornerstone is also focused on augmenting its curated content offerings through partnerships. Now available within Cornerstone Content Anytime subscriptions, new business performance and integrity content from Skill Pill and Sponge Compliance will provide organizations with access to a vast, multilanguage content library. By the end of the year, fully localized courses in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Arabic and Turkish and subtitled courses in Chinese, Korean and Japanese will all be available. Cornerstone is also offering flexible catalogs from Skill Pill, allowing organizations to choose specific courses and provide them with the flexibility to customize their catalog to their exact needs.

“We are set on breaking down barriers and pushing the envelope in how we deliver authentic, relevant and brief learning content to employees around the world. Continued innovation in this area, combined with our organization’s unique ability to connect learning back to skills, reinforces our fierce dedication to providing customers with resources for creating a more engaged, inclusive, future-ready workforce.”

Summer Salomonsen, Vice President, Content Product, Cornerstone

Cornerstone’s continued focus on its content business stems from an increased demand in online learning correlated with changing work environments and a focus on developing new and different skillsets. Due to ongoing shifts caused in part by the pandemic, Cornerstone has seen a 4x increase in registrations of self-directed learning content in February 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels in February 2020. In 2021, 36 million minutes of learning content have been consumed through Cornerstone Content Anytime. Of those 36 million minutes, 50% of that time was spent on self-directed learning, implying a newfound interest in personal skill building from both organizations and people.

About Cornerstone
Cornerstone powers the future-ready workforce with adaptive HR solutions designed to unite technology, data and content and inspire a work environment of growth, agility and success for all. With an AI-powered, skills-forward, experiential system designed for the contemporary workforce, we help organizations modernize their learning and development experience, deliver the most relevant content from anywhere, accelerate talent and career mobility and establish skills as the universal language of growth and success across their business. Cornerstone serves over 6,000 customers and 75M users and is available in 180 countries and 50 languages.


The Seven Dreams Foundation hopes to raise $50,000 and purchase virtual reality kits for every school in the district. Media specialists put together the proposal. They say virtual reality is a great way for students to learn.  Currently the district has one virtual reality kit shared between schools.


The Seven Dreams Foundation hopes to raise $50,000 and purchase virtual reality kits for every school in the district. Media specialists put together the proposal. They say virtual reality is a great way for students to learn.  Currently the district has one virtual reality kit shared between schools.

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DetectedX Introduces ImageDx to Transform Image-Based Education at RSNA

DetectedX | November 29, 2022

Building on the successful U.S. launch at the SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium, DetectedX, the leaders in intelligent interactive educational technology, will showcase updates to its Radiology Online Learning Platform at the 108th Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting, November 27-December 1, 2022 . At RSNA, DetectedX will launch ImageDx, a fully customizable, interactive learning platform providing users the ability to design and deliver image-based education using DetectedX's award-winning templates and approaches. Educators can leverage existing DetectedX content or load their own images, quizzes and other learning content for easily accessible and secure online learning. The next generation technology transforms the teaching and learning experience for clinicians, teachers and students alike. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit DetectedX RSNA 2022. DetectedX announced recently that Professor László Tabár, a Nobel Prize Nominee and visionary physician, academic and educator, has joined the company as Medical Director of Breast Imaging. DetectedX will showcase the new breast imaging educational content from Professor Tabár at RSNA. To view the new education content, visit With momentum building in the marketplace, DetectedX is adding a number of new users from large radiology groups, national screening centres, academic centers to individual radiologists, across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition, the company is developing new partnerships to foster the development and delivery of the highest quality education. For example, Professors Wendie Berg and Margarita Zuley are looking forward to working with DetectedX in a new collaboration with UPMC. This exciting new collaboration will ensure that first class education is delivered to all those with an interest in breast cancer imaging. Innovative interactive technologies will blend with the world's best clinical educators to ensure that on demand education is available to anyone, anywhere 24/7. The company will also showcase new subscriber options for users across a broad range of breast imaging organizations, including Screening environments, Clinics/Radiology Providers, Universities, Private Practice Radiologist Groups and Individual Radiologists. Users can customize access to the intelligent interactive educational platform, which features micro-learning tools, including quizzes and expanded educational content and videos, as well as CME and accreditation dashboards. New learning tools will feature new breast and lung educational content, as well as Medical Physics, Radiation and Artificial Intelligence topics. Designed to improve radiologists' ability to correctly detect breast lesions in 2D and 3D Mammography, the Radiology Online Learning Platform has been proven to help clinicians improve the ability to detect and diagnose breast cancer cases, showing a 34% improvement in the accuracy of diagnosing difficult cases. DetectedX's Radiology Online Learning Platform is currently used in more than 150 countries, including national screening services, clinics and professional societies in North America, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Slovenia, Italy and Vietnam. In addition, DetectedX has marketing and distribution partnerships with Volpara Health, Fujifilm and GE Healthcare. "Since launching into the U.S. at SBI, we have experienced tremendous momentum with new customers, new subscriber options, and exciting new educational content. We are excited to return to the U.S. and showcase the expanded DetectedX team focused on enhance our breast imaging educational content and help us improve radiology education around the world," Professor Patrick Brennan, CEO DetectedX and Chair, Diagnostic Imaging, the University of Sydney. ABOUT DETECTEDX DetectedX's Radiology Online Learning Centre, focusing on diagnostic accuracy and driven by artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing disease detection in 150 countries. The on-demand, web-based training platform has been proven to improve the accuracy of diagnosing difficult cases by 34%.

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E-Rate Eligible Solutions from Extreme Help Bridge Digital Divide and Create Modern Learning Environments

Extreme | October 19, 2022

Extreme Networks, Inc. a leader in cloud networking, today announced that it has extended its roster of E-Rate eligible solutions to include Wi-Fi 6E access points (APs) and ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN, among others. E-Rate is a U.S. program that provides discounts on networking solutions to eligible schools and libraries.Today’s K-12 schools and libraries must support more digital resources and onsite IoT devices than ever before, while maintaining IT headcount and budgets for network upgrades. Many schools are transforming into smart campuses and offering students more immersive curriculums, including incorporating AR/VR and video-based lessons broadcast in high-definition. Extreme’s E-Rate eligible solutions enable these schools and libraries to modernize their infrastructure and improve the availability and performance of key applications. As a result, they’re able to better support technology and distributed users, simplify network management and speed IT-related deployments. Key Benefits Simplified Support and Application Optimization for Distributed Learning:As more schools offer permanent hybrid learning options, they must fully support experiences for students, teachers and staff no matter where they are located throughout the district. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is an E-Rate eligible solution that delivers exceptional application performance and enables secure user access, even for high-bandwidth applications like live classroom broadcasts. When combined with ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot, which offers AIOps support and the networking industry’s first digital twin capabilities, IT teams can further simplify network management and significantly reduce the time necessary to configure and deploy new hardware. High-Capacity Connectivity for Immersive Experiences:With Wi-Fi 6E, which delivers the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available today, schools and libraries can ensure bandwidth issues are never a problem as more IoT devices are brought on campus. Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6E solutions, including the AP4000, AP5010 and AP5050, are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor high-density environments and enable schools and libraries to deliver high-capacity connectivity for immersive experiences everywhere, including modern education applications, 8K video and AR/VR. On-Demand Expert Support:Extreme offers expert support in navigating the E-Rate process via its E-Rate Resource Center, which is being continuously updated for the 2023 program and includes an eligibility guide, webinars, ebooks and more. For IT teams looking for expert support beyond the E-Rate process, Extreme also offers Professional Services to help ensure successful deployments and better outcomes. “E-Rate helps schools and public libraries subsidize and modernize their infrastructure to effectively provide best-in-class connectivity and deliver technology-based curriculums. We’re partnering with our customers to help guide them through the E-Rate application process, which in turn helps us bridge the digital divide that exists in so many places throughout the country. Extreme helps to create equal access and opportunity by providing the technology backbone that becomes a critical foundation for equitable, next-generation learning.” David Savage, Vice President of State and Local Education and Government Sales, Extreme Networks About Extreme Networks Extreme Networks, Inc. (EXTR) is a leader in cloud networking focused on delivering services that connect devices, applications, and people in new ways. We push the boundaries of technology leveraging the powers of machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation. Over 50,000 customers globally trust our end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions and rely on our top-rated services and support to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and deliver progress like never before.

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Skilldora partners with D-ID, launches first e-Learning platform & app to use A.I. Instructors in the U.S.

D-ID | September 09, 2022

Skilldora, an Ed-Tech startup based in Fort Mill, S.C., known for its modernized app-based eLearning community, today announced a partnership with D-ID, using its Creative Reality™ technology to deliver courses exclusively by A.I. Instructors, also referred to as digitally created humans. With the global eLearning market on track to reach 1.72 trillion by 2026 according to Yahoo Finance, evolving Ed-Tech enhancements give the academic sector a boost in growth, and online-learning is now the largest and fastest growing method for modern learners. Skilldora’s mission is to use the power of A.I. to deliver a new world of eLearning and is pleased to be the first online-learning platform in the U.S. to be a front-runner in pioneering the use of all A.I. Instructors on its platform, as a nod to the future of eLearning. The recent growth in the eLearning market also comes with its usual growing pains of high course drop-out rates, and astronomical refund costs creating significant challenges for e-Learners, course creators and platform owners. Research shows much of this is due to antiquated outdated online-course platforms and an influx of new course creators producing courses at varying levels of skill, leading to inconsistent and unpredictable user experiences. Skilldora's new e-Learning platform & app, seeks to solve this problem using its A.I. Instructed Courses™ to deliver consistently structured, high quality courses, perfectly presented in under an hour. Set up as a free-to-download membership site, with an in-app, pay-per-course, a la carte model, Skilldora is designed to appeal to the modern learner, offering advanced engagement functionality, collaborative learning features such as its ‘learn with friends capabilities,’ allowing for real time sharing and invites, social learning groups, community news feeds, etc. “We believe the world of eLearning is rapidly changing and learners want more interactive learning experiences, consistency in content quality and compact courses they can take over a lunch break. And Skilldora is answering the call by offering A.I. Instructed Courses™ across a bevy of professional development categories, interactive Personal Discovery Assessments with instant A.I. Coach feedback, and a ‘done-for-you’ B2B solution, which produces eLearning products on demand. DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Skilldora's Co-Founders. Skilldora's vision is to be the A.I. eLearning solution leader for modern learners, and future-forward companies, and now through its partnership with D-ID, is one step closer. Behind the vision of Skilldora, are Husband and Wife Co-founders, DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain. DeMario McIlwain, the brainchild behind Skilldora’s innovative platform and sleek functionality, brings deep technical expertise in UI/UX design with proven experience running tech ventures, while Dawn Nicole, the heartbeat of Skilldora’s course products, brings design-thinking as a certified Agile coach and globally accredited training program creator. With this perfect marriage of skills and background, the powerful duo merges their expertise to make something magical in Skilldora. About Skilldora Skilldora is a modernized e-Learning company specializing in A.I. Instructed Courses™ by using digitally created humans to deliver course content. Skilldora’s products and services span from its A.I. Instructed Courses™, to Personal Discovery Assessments with interactive A.I. Coach feedback, and a ‘done-for-you’ Corporate Training solution which produces eLearning products on demand, and to spec. Through collaborative strategic partnerships, and its competitive advantage of being first to the U.S. market, Skilldora is on track to virtually disrupt the eLearning industry, improve the user experience, and offer corporations more diversification options in eLearning, with advanced features that drastically increase the speed to market. To find out more, visit About D-ID D-ID is a Creative Reality™ company specializing in patented video reenactment technology using AI and deep learning. D-ID's products range from animating still photos, to facilitating high-quality video productions, and creating viral user experiences. With funding from tier 1 VCs, D-ID aims to radically disrupt the time, hassle and costs involved in video production, allowing for the creation of highly personalized media using AI, specifically in e-learning, corporate training, marcoms, AI assistants, history and the Metaverse. With international customers, D-ID's core competencies in the human face and deep learning technology enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content that was until now unimaginable. To find out more, visit

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