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Carnegie Learning Continues Growth with Expanded K-12 Education Solutions and Services

Carnegie Learning, a leader in artificial intelligence for education and formative assessment, announced today enhancements to its math product and expansions into new areas, namely a Spanish for Spanish speakers solution and tutoring services. Based on ongoing feedback from customers, these updates uniquely address the specific needs of teachers and students alike.

The consumable textbook component of Carnegie Learning’s core blended math solution for middle and high school, now called MATHbook, includes new and enhanced features that support the teaching and learning experience. With a more appealing visual design, new navigational elements, and enhanced facilitation support at point-of-use, Carnegie Learning’s award-winning content is now more accessible to teachers and students at all levels.

This redesign clarified the powerful connection between MATHbook and MATHia, the adaptive, intelligent math software, so that teachers and students can make better connections in their math learning and get the most out of their experience with the blended solution. Additionally, the assessment suite has been strengthened with readiness content that is strategically incorporated to give students access to prerequisite knowledge precisely when they need it.

 ���This redesign reflects our dedication to continually improving our products and services to best meet the needs of educators and students. We continue to be driven by our firm beliefs that all students are capable learners, they must engage in the learning process, their knowledge emerges over time, and that education is a human endeavor.”

Chief Mathematics Officer,Sandy Bartle Finocchi

En voz alta: Español para hispanohablantes is a 3-level Spanish for Spanish speakers program made specifically for native and heritage speakers of Spanish, who have unique learning strengths and needs that often go unaddressed by available resources. This brand new blended solution of print and digital textbooks and workbooks is the only program that inspires Spanish speakers to discover and embrace their bicultural and bilingual identities while addressing their varied language proficiency through true, integrated differentiation.

Chief Languages Officer Paula Hidalgo states, “We designed this program to help students find their voice again: not the voice of who they are when they are at home or who they are when they are at school, but rather the voice of their new identity that encompasses both cultures.”

Tutoring Services
Carnegie Learning has launched full-scale math tutoring services to make sure every student can achieve their full learning potential after more than a year and a half of disrupted learning.

These services pair students with highly qualified tutors who bring years of teaching experience, pedagogical training, and instructional best practices to live, virtual sessions. Tutors meet the unique needs of every student, and, with the support of MATHia, the award-winning adaptive software, identify and close skill gaps, accelerate learning, and build the specific skills each student needs to succeed in mathematics.

Courtney Lewis, Senior Director of Tutoring Services, states, “We’re having extraordinary success with our tutors helping students get caught up in their learning, which supports the many studies that have shown the effectiveness of tutoring to address unfinished learning. Adding this one-on-one support will help even more students who need it most.“

Barry Malkin, CEO, says, “As we continue to improve and expand our content, technology, and services, we’re committed to delivering the best solutions in math, language learning, and literacy that we can. We’re thrilled to be able to empower teachers and students with the support and research-backed resources that they deserve.”

Carnegie Learning is shaping the future of education. Born from more than 30 years of learning science research at Carnegie Mellon University, the company has become a recognized leader in the ed tech space, using artificial intelligence, formative assessment, and adaptive learning to deliver groundbreaking solutions to education’s toughest challenges. With the highest quality offerings for K-12 math, ELA, literacy, world languages, professional learning and more, Carnegie Learning is changing the way we think about education and creating powerful results for teachers and students alike.



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