Bechtel boosts education support to celebrate 70 years in the UK

Bechtel | July 18, 2022 | Read time : 02:33 min

Bechtel boosts education support
Bechtel has donated an additional £50,000 to the Institution of Engineering and Technology for its Launch Scholarship programme in celebration of the company's 70 years in the UK. The Launch Scholarship supports engineering students, degree apprentices, and apprentices who have faced financial challenges or personal obstacles. Bechtel's donation will support at least eleven students every year for the duration of their education. The donation adds to the £680,000 (US$970,000) that Bechtel has gifted to the IET for its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics educational outreach over the past decade."Bechtel has been a valued partner of the IET for almost a decade, including our founding sponsor for the FIRST® LEGO® League, said Sir Julian Young, IET president. This year's additional donation will enable us to support even more young people on their academic or apprenticeship path into engineering. We thank Bechtel for its continued support of the next generation as they each pursue their dreams.

"Engineering is a fulfilling career that helps tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, including diversifying our energy supply and achieving net zero. We need people from varied backgrounds to help us find the best solutions,We hope that this support will remove some of the obstacles that talented people can face in earning the qualifications needed to join our industry."

-John Williams, Bechtel's UK and Ireland managing director. 

Bechtel has supported the IET since 2013, including as a founding supporter of the FIRST® LEGO® League competition that enables young people between the ages of 4-16 years old to develop STEM skills through hands-on learning. Some 100,000 children have participated in the UK program with over 15,500 children participating in 2020-21 competition. Bechtel also supports FIRST® programs in Australia, Chile, and the United States. Read more about FLL in the UK here.

Bechtel's 70th year in the UK coincides with Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, and earlier this year it celebrated the opening of a new railway named in her honor, the Elizabeth Line, through central London. The company's global infrastructure business is headquartered in the UK, from which it has directly supported projects across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, accelerating progress, creating access and opportunity, building a path to net zero, and protecting people and our planet so that future generations thrive.

About Bechtel
Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government. Differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver the most successful outcomes, we align our capabilities to our customers' objectives to create a lasting positive impact. Since 1898, we have helped customers complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents that have created jobs, grown economies, improved the resiliency of the world's infrastructure, increased access to energy, resources, and vital services, and made the world a safer, cleaner place.Bechtel serves the Energy; Infrastructure; Nuclear, Security & Environmental; and Mining & Metals markets. Our services span from initial planning and investment, through start-up and operations.

About the IET
We inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world. We are a diverse home for engineering and technology intelligence throughout the world. This breadth and depth means we are uniquely placed to help the sector progress society. We want to build the profile of engineering and technology to change outdated perceptions and tackle the skills gap. This includes encouraging more women to become engineers and growing the number of engineering apprentices. Interview opportunities are available with our spokespeople from a range of engineering and technology disciplines including cyber-security, energy, engineering skills, innovation, manufacturing, technology, transport and diversity in engineering.


In a recent survey, 68% of schools ranked student success as a topthree goal for innovation, with just under half considering it their top goal.2 Innovation, defined as the implementation of new initiatives to drive growth, increase revenue, reduce cost, differentiate experience, or adjust the value proposition, is now dominating the thinking of educators as postsecondary institutions contend with changing student demographics, growing public concerns about the value of higher education, and misalignment between graduate skill sets and employer requirements.


In a recent survey, 68% of schools ranked student success as a topthree goal for innovation, with just under half considering it their top goal.2 Innovation, defined as the implementation of new initiatives to drive growth, increase revenue, reduce cost, differentiate experience, or adjust the value proposition, is now dominating the thinking of educators as postsecondary institutions contend with changing student demographics, growing public concerns about the value of higher education, and misalignment between graduate skill sets and employer requirements.

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Anthology | September 02, 2022

Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, today announced that BYU-Pathway Worldwide will implement two of Anthology's flagship solutions – Anthology Student and Anthology Reach – to deliver dynamic, data-informed experiences to its nearly 60,000 learners as the online institution enjoys continued and rapid growth. "As an online institution, our systems are our campus, and we are excited to use the maturity and flexibility of Anthology products to serve our students throughout the world in multiple locations and languages," said Troy Davis, Chief Information Officer at BYU-Pathway Worldwide. "Our certificate-first approach is changing lives, helping students to gain the skills needed to obtain new or better employment early in their degree. The partnership with Anthology will enable our service missionaries, administrators and faculty to access more efficient processes and clearer insights that will allow them to intervene at the right times in the right ways with students across the globe." Growing from 50 learners in three locations in 2009 to 57,000 in 188 countries currently, BYU-Pathway chose Anthology's student information system (SIS), Anthology Student, to streamline workflows for the entire education lifecycle and save time for faculty, staff, mentors and learners, centralizing everything from admissions applications to academic advisement and program catalogs in one solution. Anthology Reach, a modern cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that includes Anthology Apply and Succeed solutions, will enable BYU-Pathway to better manage and connect admissions, student success and retention. It will allow the institution to respond dynamically to each learner's unique experiences and needs at every stage of their journey in one central hub. "By combining insights across critical systems to inform more relevant engagement between staff, faculty and learners, our solutions break down data silos and allow institutions to provide better services and support at the right time with the right actions and messages,BYU-Pathway Worldwide has entrusted Anthology as a partner on its mission to support learners and change lives around the globe. We look forward to helping BYU-Pathway establish and scale a fully connected online community that serves an expanding student population worldwide in multiple locations and languages." Jim Milton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Anthology About Anthology Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, supporting more than 150 million users in 80 countries. With a mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community through Anthology Intelligent Experiences™, we help learners, leaders and educators achieve their goals by offering over 60 SaaS products and services designed to advance learning.

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Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Presents Two New Online CPE Courses

Surgent | October 14, 2022

Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, today announced two new online continuing professional education (CPE) courses created to educate participants about the tax implications of matters recently enacted by President Joe Biden. One course examines how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) impacts auto- and energy-related tax credits, and the other covers the effects of the new Student Debt Relief Plan on individuals and employers"The Inflation Reduction Act's Changes to Auto and Energy-Related Tax Credits (AEC2)" will air on Oct. 19 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET, while "Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness: Analysis and Impact on Individuals and Employers (SLR2)" will air on Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to noon ET. Each course will also be available on subsequent dates. Self-study will also be available. "Whether for individuals or businesses, tax planning requires an ever-evolving body of knowledge. Our goal at Surgent is to make that education as seamless and up-to-date as possible for tax professionals,These CPE courses address the tax implications of recent pronouncements that affect millions of Americans and U.S. businesses, and we know each will be extremely useful to our clientele." Nick Spoltore, Surgent's vice president of strategic content development. Surgent released a course addressing the initial impacts of the IRA immediately after it was passed in August 2022. This second course is distinct in that it addresses new details about tax credits that have largely emerged in the months following the IRA's passage.The IRA contains several changes to auto and energy-related tax credits, including some that are new and others that have been renamed. Many, if not most, of these credits reduce the cost of individual and business-related expenses. Surgent's AEC2 course covers the mechanics of the new and revised energy-related credits, such as for energy-efficient commercial vehicles, household-related utilities and improvements, and electric cars.The second course, based on the Student Debt Relief Plan, will help industry professionals to serve as critical resources for a large segment of the U.S. population. It is estimated that 70 percent of the educated workforce will have student loans in the coming years.The SLR2 course will thoroughly examine the Student Debt Relief Plan. Course discussion will also include the importance of year-end tax advice, especially for 2022, due to the Jan. 1, 2023, repayment restart and the income certification requirement; action plans for each student debt relief process; automation of IRS data into the various Department of Education systems; and much more.There is a growing need for tax professionals to better understand the intricacies of student loan debt relief as the IRS and Department of Education are automating this information process starting in mid-2023," said Spoltore. "This course will help practitioners digest the vital tax implications of student loan repayment and college funding, for both employers and employees. Each two-hour course is worth two CPE credits. Learn more about AEC2 and SLR2 and register today. About Surgent Surgent Accounting & Financial Education, a division of KnowFully Learning Group, is a provider of the high-impact education experiences that accounting, tax and financial professionals need throughout their careers. For most of the company's 35-year history, Surgent has been a trusted provider of the continuing professional education (CPE), continuing education (CE) and skill-based training that professionals need to maintain their credentials and stay current on industry changes. More recently, Surgent became one of the fastest-growing certification exam review providers, offering adaptive learning-based courses that help learners pass accounting and finance credentialing exams faster. About KnowFully KnowFully Learning Group provides continuing professional education, exam preparation courses and education resources to the accounting, finance and healthcare sectors. KnowFully's suite of learning solutions helps learners become credentialed, satisfy required credit hours to maintain credentials, and stay informed on the latest trends and critical changes in their industries over the course of their careers. The company provides exam preparation and continuing education for accounting, finance, and tax professionals under the Surgent Accounting & Financial Education brand. KnowFully's healthcare education brands include CME Outfitters, CE Concepts, PharmCon, The Rx Consultant, ChiroCredit, IA Med, EMT & Fire Training Inc., and American Fitness Professionals & Associates.

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GenXys Partners with Manchester University for Pharmacogenomics Education

Manchester University | November 03, 2022

GenXys, the global leader in precision prescribing software with embedded pharmacogenetic (PGx) data, is teaming up with Manchester University (MU) for pharmacogenomics education. Together, GenXys and MU will help drive global awareness and education of PGx-informed prescribing decisions in support of expanding PGx adoption and pending legislation in the U.S., including the Right Drug Dose Now Act. MU, located in northern Indiana, is a leading national academic institution with a strong educational and research stream in pharmacogenetics. With on-campus, online, and dual (PharmD/MS in PGx) degree programs, as well as a Graduate Certificate in PGx, MU typically has an annual PGx enrollment of 60 to 70 students. The partnership will enable GenXys' expertise and proprietary algorithms in genomics and clinical knowledge to support the expansion of genetically informed medication review capabilities in MU's educational and research space. MU will now be able to integrate GenXys' award-winning Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), incorporating PGx with other patient data points through embedded translation and interpretation in specific degree programs. This will lead to students further learning appropriate evidence-based precision prescribing options for patients, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and empowering the next generation of clinicians to seamlessly utilize PGx in patient care. As a national leader in pharmacogenetic and clinical education, Manchester University looks to partner with leading-edge technology companies that further the advancement of PGx for better health outcomes, says David Kisor, PharmD, FCP, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics, Director of Pharmacogenomics at MU. "It is recognized that more than 95 percent of the population has at least one PGx variant, and large percentages of patients receiving medications across therapeutic areas do not respond adequately with an initial medication leading to trial-and-error prescribing. Additionally, the consequences and treatments of adverse drug events may cost more than $30 billion annually in the U.S.," Dr. Kisor adds. "By formally measuring the effect of automatic PGx inclusion in CDSS tools in education as well as incorporating GenXys' precision prescribing platform into our advanced courses, we aim to produce the most knowledgeable and equipped individuals who will apply PGx optimally across healthcare settings. Integration of the precision prescribing platform offered by GenXys into the educational content of MU will accelerate the knowledge uptake of PGx in prescribing decisions for the next generation of clinicians and other healthcare professionals. "By working with a stellar academic university like MU, we are able to demonstrate the advantage of including PGx in clinical care for clinicians across different career levels ,There are so many advantages to equipping students and trainees with leading-edge tools and knowledge—the future is looking bright for precision medicine!" Bernard Esquivel, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer of GenXys. Auto-analysis of genetic information with other medication interaction points is helping to transform the centuries-old trial-and-error approach to prescribing to one of accuracy. PGx is all about personalized, safe, and appropriate medication options being available at any point of care. When integrated into smart algorithms with other data points, PGx is a critical part of proactive healthcare delivering precision medicine to everyone and leveling up healthcare inequality. MU is at the educational edge of changing day-to-day healthcare, and the partnership with GenXys is a model of commercial and academic integration that supports pending national legislation to provide better population healthcare, improve patient safety, and reduce healthcare costs. About GenXys Health Care Systems GenXys, with a presence across North America, provides the world's most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare's biggest challenges: inappropriate ("trial-and-error") prescribing. GenXys' clinical decision support software suite is in use by major insurance providers, health systems, pharmacies and their pharmacogenetic labs across North America. Ongoing global clinical studies are paving the way into geographical markets to enable GenXys to realize its vision of making every prescription better with its software to increase patient safety, improve population health, and reduce healthcare costs. About Manchester University Manchester University, in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, Ind., provides vibrant and transformative student experiences. Manchester University respects the infinite worth of every individual and graduates persons of ability and conviction who draw upon their education and faith to lead principled, productive, and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.

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