How Community Coalitions Are Bridging the Digital Divide

| August 25, 2020

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Across the country, local networks known as Education Innovation Clusters (EdClusters) are bringing together partners and resources to meet urgent needs and envision a new future for teaching and learning. Many of these efforts are rooted in long-standing partnerships across sectors and institutions. As COVID-19 disrupted the lives of students, educators, and families earlier this year, EdClusters sprang into action, leveraging their capacity and reach in ways their networks were uniquely ready to do. Their collective efforts are meeting a range of needs—from internet access to devices to social-emotional supports. As schools prepare for uncertain and complex reopenings, we turn to Kansas City and Rhode Island for powerful examples of community in action.


Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is a dynamic learning community that prepares each and every student for success now and in the future.


Competency-Based Approaches Focus On Skills, Relevancy and Personalization

Article | February 20, 2020

Since formal education has existed, we have often wrestled with what the goals or outcomes are supposed to be and how we know if our learners have successfully reached them. For generations, the dominant goal seemed to be to acquire knowledge, information or facts. It didn’t matter what subject or level, the aim was for the learner to acquire content knowledge. But in an era where information is readily available through the digital revolution, many are asking what should the outcome be of learning?

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Best VR Apps and Games to Help your Kids Learn in 2020

Article | April 14, 2020

The best educational VR games and apps turn the world into a classroom. These incredible experiences encourage children to explore new cultures, conduct experiments, create dynamic artwork, challenge their minds, and visit places they may never see in person. Our top choice, Google's Tilt Brush, encourages creativity without ever feeling like work: the ideal for child-centric content. This guide lays out the best VR-based activities, field trips, brain-bending games, and thought-provoking films most likely to inspire and educate your kids.

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Virtual Reality brings a whole new immersive learning experience to the classroom

Article | March 20, 2020

Virtual reality (VR) is making its way into the classrooms of local public schools allowing students to immerse themselves in lessons that traditionally would have been taught out of a textbook. For instance, seventh graders at Daniel Morgan Middle School recently learned through VR about the various weapons and techniques used in combat during World War I. All it took was a pair of goggles, a smart phone and a hand controller to get students engaged in the lesson through a computer-generated three-dimensional (3D) world. Daniel Morgan recently created a technology lab to make VR learning possible for its students.

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What has a global crisis taught us about the future of higher education?

Article | June 29, 2020

The public response during COVID-19 has demonstrated both the perpetual value of education and a renewed appreciation of Australia’s research capability and expertise. At a time when everything has been stripped back to basics and our understanding of ‘essential services’ has been redefined, university education and research have endured.

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