Beyond Converting E-learning to M-learning: Explore M-learning Potential

| March 26, 2018

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A lot is talked about mobile learning, its immense capability in knowledge transfer and how it is the next important thing in the learning landscape. However, it is essential that the potential of mobile learning is understood in the context of your organization, your employees and the types of jobs they do, and also their profiles. If you are planning to implement mobile learning, there are two different contexts you need to consider.



What can early career researchers gain from External Examiner training?

Article | August 17, 2020

In early May 2020, Advance HE sent out a call for academics to participate in 'external examiner training' which is certificated as continued professional development. For me, it was astounding that within forty-five minutes of sending the initial call for participants the workshop sessions had all been filled, and a second email was issued advising that interested participants were now being wait-listed. This surge of interest was intriguing as it seemed to either suggest that academics in HE were quite eager for CPD opportunities, or that any training regarding the process and diligences of 'external examining' had much to be desired. I considered myself fortunate to make the cut and found the five-units of training spread over four-weeks of participation to be informative, though not quite what I had initially expected.

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3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves for Higher Ed

Article | April 11, 2020

Determining a timeline for when higher education will go back to “normal” is an aimless guessing game. Will it be weeks? Months? Years? For colleges and universities, the sudden shift away from traditional classroom spaces has upended typical teaching tactics. Even schools with minimal online infrastructure must now deliver distance learning at scale. For educators who are tech-savvy (and those who are not) to make this transition and develop curricula that support student success, the right resources are critical.

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How Educators Kept Students on Track During Remote Learning

Article | August 21, 2020

This spring, COVID-19 led administrators across the country to close school buildings and support students learning from home. We asked three educators about how they handled this disruption and found creative solutions to keep students motivated and engaged using the online literacy program, Reading Plus. We looked at what we had at our disposal that would help with reading, the overall environment, and engagement. In the past, we used Reading Plus as an intervention. We considered how we could utilize it with more students during distance learning.

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Why is Education Industry opting for AI Chatbots? How Are They Benefiting It?

Article | March 5, 2020

Today many big names are using AI chatbots to improve their customer service and to engage more and more audience to stay relevant and visible. Apart from business, other sectors are also deploying chatbots including educational institutes and educators. Chatbot makers utilize artificial intelligence and the latest conversational design to create bots that can communicate with students on all subjects of elementary, secondary, high school and up to university levels. However, AI will not (but may in next 20 something years) replace a student’s favorite teacher but can serve as a helper to the teacher or alternatively, the means of modern education.

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