7 Proven Tips to Develop a Remarkable E-learning Course [Infographic]

| May 24, 2018

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To achieve your organizational goals, training is an important factor. And with employees today having demanding schedules and decreasing attention spans, you need to develop remarkable and highly effective eLearning courses.How can you develop such engaging online courses? Well, look no further. This infographic shares a few handy tips aimed at helping you develop the perfect eLearning course.



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2020 Back to School Giveaway: Enter to Win a $500 Target Gift Card

Article | August 24, 2020

Back-to-school may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cherish this time of new beginnings that come along with the new school year. No matter what your teaching environment looks like this year, you’ve already spent a lot of time getting your classroom together, and (probably) spent a lot of money in the process. At Edmentum, we know you work hard to provide the best for your students each and every school year, so we want to reward that effort by giving away one $500 Target gift card to a lucky educator!

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Exact Path Successes During School Closures and Virtual Learning

Article | August 19, 2020

At Edmentum, we are so proud to be surrounded by a network of educators that are open to sharing their expertise and best practices in response to enormous challenges. This past spring and summer were no exception. As a result, we’ve collected stories of success, transition, and creative ingenuity to keep students learning and achieving academic growth. Dig into some of the top tips and stories shared with us, then tell us your experience with us by tagging @edmentum on your favorite social platform.

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Effective Distance Learning Pedagogy In Developing Countries

Article | June 9, 2020

In some instances in developing countries, assumptions prevail that all online learning is a self-study process in which content (for example, readings) serves as didactic material and that learners can learn key concepts on their own simply by watching a video or reading the text. Learners, on their own, sift through a considerable amount of content material without needing critical academic guidance. Thus, instructors assign lots of content material to learners without proper mediation or coaching. According to Bernard Bull (2013), skillful online instructors must:

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What Is the Relevance of Technology in Education?

Article | March 10, 2020

The latest developments in education are nothing short of amazing. And they are all as a result of technology. Such advancements are empowering tutors to create a more impactful learning experience for the young in the education system. The relevance of technology in education is the capability of reaching more learners efficiently and effectively. Technology is all around, and as time progresses, it expands. Even though many prefer to utilize conventional teaching methods, there are massive possibilities with the adoption of technology.

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