| June 14, 2018

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Learning games provide greater benefits than passing the time in class or entertaining students to keep them occupied.Experienced teachers know that using games in the classroom can invigorate interest in learning, so why wouldn’t eLearning incorporate using gaming in digital courseware and learning tools?Learners who participate in instructional games have improved their performance scores by as much as 30% and increased their confidence by 20%, likely because of the motivation and engagement games produce. In short, gaming in the classroom improves overall retention by 17%. Not only are learners more engaged and better motivated to learn, but they also are more likely to remember what they’ve learned.


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Ani's Math Story

Article | May 27, 2020

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with math, leaning heavily towards the latter. It was always something I was good at, but didn’t enjoy. Quite frankly, it still stuns me on a regular basis that I’ve ended up working for a math company. Let me try to parse this out by saying that math has been intrinsically tied to every definitive choice I’ve made, consciously or unconsciously. Flash backwards—I’m 4. My mom is teaching me long division, insisting that this is absolutely crucial for how I map the rest of my life. I assume this is how the rest of my peers spend their time, completely oblivious to the fact that other neighborhood children are outside, running around on playgrounds, doing cartwheels up and down their sunlit front yards. Instead, I’m grinding away. I think I remember this as fun. I think I ask my mom to give me another multiplication problem.

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Considerations When Shopping for ITSM Tools

Article | June 26, 2020

So, you’re shopping for ITSM software. If that is the case, then typically one of two scenarios is usually in place – either you are currently using a very rudimentary ticketing platform that does not truly encompass the full scope of IT Service Management (ITSM), or the opposite – the platform is very cumbersome, overly complex and requires 3-8 resources to administer.

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How can you use statistics to make sense of the game of cricket?

Article | August 25, 2020

Firstly, statistics take data collected from real-world events, and provide a framework to analyse and present this data in a way that other people can draw conclusions from. For example, data collected about temperatures of countries can help me decide where I want to go on holiday. Data collected about the number of tourists visiting the Trevi fountain in Rome helps me decide when it’s best to visit without having to battle my way through hoards of people. It also tells me the Trevi fountain is a really, really popular tourist destination in Rome. I may start asking myself why this is and then start looking into the history of the Trevi fountain. Statistics can do this.

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Article | March 21, 2020

edtech product ever. Why aren’t you getting any traction with it?The process of developing an edtech product and bringing it to the market is the same as reaching any long-term goal. You have a concept, and then you spend the entire development period planning, preparing, and promising that everything will be in place. You’re certain that consumers will love it as much as you do. When the first iteration of your product arrives, it’s perfect, right? Hopefully, the answering is a resounding yes Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. What happened along the way? You met your timelines and nailed the milestones. You have what you thought is the most exceptional.

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