TeachFX Expands the Learning Dynamics Ecosystem

TeachFX | April 27, 2022

Teen Innovation Challenge
Leading learning technology provider TeachFX announced the expansion of its learning dynamics ecosystem. This will help educators and teachers access actionable insights into their learning outcomes and instructional patterns.

“Decades of research shows that students need to talk to learn. And that the students who benefit the most from opportunities to participate orally – those among historically marginalized populations – consistently get the least opportunity to do so. We’re proud to expand our mission to the online learning experience with these powerful new partnerships. Online learning providers like Cignition, Third Space Learning and Sora Schools can now see clearly what gets students talking about the ideas in their classes, empowering them to improve learning outcomes for all of our students.”

- Jamie Poskin, co-founder and CEO of TeachFX

Premier math tutoring platform Cignition, math tutoring provider Third Space Learning, and virtual school Sora Schools, are currently partnering with TeachFX to empower their learning experience.


Teachers can put collaboration to work and bring together learners from distant points or match learners with tutors remotely. Project-based learning is useful for teaching almost anything.

Other News

Youdao Launches New AI-led Smart Learning Pad X10

Youdao | October 31, 2022

Youdao, Inc., a leading technology-focused intelligent learning company in China, today announced that it has officially launched Youdao Smart Learning Pad X10, its new intelligent learning tool. The product was strategically added to Youdao's growing portfolio of AI-driven educational tools, and was featured at its new product launch event held in Beijing on Thursday. Powered by industry-leading AI technology, the Youdao Smart Learning Pad X10 showcases a unique AI-supported "Learning Dashboard." The distinctive feature tracks and presents users' performances in real time and provides users with various customized suggestions that focus on improving areas of comprehension weaknesses. With a single click, users can upload photos of homework assignments and test papers, or simply work on practice papers on the device, and the system can analyze the work, diagnose errors, and distinguish the users' level of mastery to generate suggestions based on a vast database of nearly 200 million questions from both exams and reference books. Following analysis, users can also choose to attend existing recorded lectures given by instructor teams from first-class universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University and practice exercises. The X10 also features an upgraded series of popular learning applications, providing abundant language learning resources where different age groups' learning needs reside. It is now available for pre-sale on all major e-commerce platforms in China. The latest iteration of Youdao Dictionary Pen was also introduced at the event. Youdao Dictionary Pen P5 comes fully equipped with a larger camera on the tip of the pen for easier text scanning. Other features include a broader vocabulary boasting nearly 20 million words, and a self-developed operating ecosystem that accommodates a variety of external learning applications. "Our intelligent devices are intended to bring users products that exceed their expectations. As we continuously expand our portfolio, Youdao will remain committed to bringing top-quality products with more diverse functions and innovative designs, supported by cutting-edge AI technologies." Dr. Feng Zhou, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Youdao About Youdao, Inc. Youdao, Inc. (NYSE: DAO) is a leading technology-focused intelligent learning company in China dedicated to developing and using technologies to provide learning content, applications and solutions to users of all ages. Building on the popularity of its online knowledge tools such as Youdao Dictionary and Youdao Translation, Youdao now offers smart devices, STEAM courses, adult and vocational courses, and education digitalization solutions. In addition, Youdao has developed a variety of interactive learning apps. Youdao was founded in 2006 as part of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES; HKEX: 9999), a leading internet technology company in China.

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The Ohio State University chooses PebblePad to Support Undergraduate General Education Program

The Ohio State University news | November 14, 2022

The Ohio State University has chosen PebblePad, the Learning Journey Platform, to help more than 65,000 students develop, evidence and verify crucial skills across their learning experiences. PebblePad has been selected to support the university’s General Education program, which has been transformed to support the academic learning, achievements and professional goals of today's students. Throughout their academic career, The Ohio State’s students will use PebblePad to make sense of their learning experiences and to develop skills, allowing them to confidently articulate their personal strengths, competencies and aspirations The PebblePad platform is degree-wide and course-agnostic - supporting integrative learning and allowing students to bring together, reflect on and make connection throughout their learning journey across multiple themes and disciplines, including as academic and experiential learning. PebblePad was selected after a competitive procurement and evaluation process. Educators at The Ohio State can make use of a wide range of tools within PebblePad to help manage the challenges of supporting integrative learning at scale, whether delivered on or off-campus, and embracing hybrid learning and experiential learning activity. PebblePad’s powerful assessment engine can help educators provide formative and summative assessment of individual learner assets, portfolios, and their component parts. These tools are designed to support both simple and complex assessment workflows and to operate with multiple stakeholders including external advisers, work-based supervisors and mentors at scale. This news follows a period of significant growth for the company in Canada and the US, where a number of prestigious institutions have partnered with PebblePad because of its ability to deliver against their strategic learning and employability ambitions. “General Education is crucial to developing well-rounded and future-ready graduates, and building the skills which are so important for the world of work. PebblePad is uniquely positioned to help Higher Education offer the hybrid and student-centered learning experiences which is now demanded and expected by students. We are delighted to welcome The Ohio State University to the growing PebblePad customer community in North America.” Kenny Nicholl, Chief Growth Officer of PebblePad

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Service-learning model for families receives Congressional Resolution

National Center for Families Learning | November 28, 2022

Creating a community garden; making the route to school safer for pedestrians; organizing donation drives to benefit elderly community members—the common thread that is woven throughout these projects is that they were all carried out by families using a service-learning model developed by the National Center for Families Learning. NCFL is a national nonprofit that supports family success and well-being through education by partnering with communities on initiatives where families develop their literacy and leadership skills. Family Service Learning is a co-designed, research-based learning process in which families identify problems within their own communities and carry out service projects to address them. Challenges within communities are best solved by those who are closest to and experiencing those issues, and the most impactful solutions are co-designed with and by families. On November 14th, Representative John Yarmuth (D-KY) introduced a Congressional resolution that designates November 14-18, 2022, as National Family Service Learning Week. For the 7th consecutive year, members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have recognized Family Service Learning as a dynamic tool for families to not only work towards meeting their educational and career goals, but also improve the communities in which they live. I am proud to once again introduce this resolution formally recognizing Family Service Learning Week and the meaningful impact this model has had on education and community-building throughout our country," says Rep. Yarmuth. "As my final term in Congress comes to a close, it has been an honor to represent the Louisville-based National Center for Families Learning and help champion the remarkable work they do. Research shows that we can strengthen families and build a better future for all by tackling these issues simultaneously, with a comprehensive approach that helps learners of all ages. Family Service Learning was developed in 2013 and continues to serve as a vehicle for families to explore their strengths, develop or sharpen skills in leadership, advocacy, and employability, envision solutions to community issues, conduct root-cause analysis, and establish and sustain new community partnerships. Results from an independent evaluation of Family Service Learning have found that Family Service Learning can: Increase formal learning, including content knowledge research and academic skills; Increase technology skills; Increase opportunities to develop work-based skills; Elevate family voice and build social capital through networks of participating adults; Expand self-efficacy and self-confidence. "For seven straight years Family Service Learning has received Congressional recognition, attesting to the value and importance of creating learning opportunities that extend beyond school walls and are grounded in local challenges and inequities facing communities across the country, Positive shifts occur across communities when there's a focus on the lived experiences of individuals who have the potential to shape and influence better conditions, policies, and practices for this generation and the next. When parenting adults grow their leadership capacity and become drivers of change in their neighborhoods, communities are elevated by their influence and ultimately thrive." NCFL's President and CEO, Dr. Felicia Cumings Smith. Education solutions, such as Family Service Learning, are embedded into NCFL's research-backed model programming and pathways in family literacy, family engagement, and family leadership. The organization believes that creating a family learning system of these pathways is key to building and supporting a thriving, equitable community. NCFL recently unveiled its 60x30 vision that by 2030, coordinated and aligned Family Learning Systems will be established in 60 communities throughout the country.

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Personalized New-Hire Training from Realizeit

Realizeit | October 17, 2022

Realizeit, the provider of AI-powered adaptive learning technology that transforms training through personalization, announced the launch of Personalized New-Hire Training, the first in a series of rapidly deployable solutions built on its adaptive platform. The new offering enables the ability to deliver a seamless, engaging and significantly more productive onboarding experience with less effort using pre-built capabilities that solve for today’s toughest training challenges through personalization and adaptivity. Onboarding difficulties are at the top of most organization’s training challenges, particularly in today’s digital-enabled, hybrid work contexts. From disjointed experiences that disengage new hires, to wasting time training employees on what they already know, to wondering if a new learner is actually ready for the job, new hire training poses universal challenges. Realizeit’s Personalized New-Hire Training addresses those challenges and difficulties at scale. New hires can now be engaged in individualized learning journeys, have proactive guidance to navigate their onboarding journey, and feel confident that they are ready to start their role and career in the company. As every company has the need to train multiple types of new hires for distinct roles, this new solution creates an easier, faster, repeatable process to personalize onboarding across the organization. And with Realizeit, personalized new-hire training easily extends to all other moments of learning, from knowledge maintenance to career growth and upskilling. “Our company is focused on innovatively solving today’s top training challenges for our customers,Getting onboarding right is critical, yet it remains elusive. Organizations must demonstrate a culture of investment in their people from the get-go, and it starts with onboarding and new-hire training. At Realizeit, we are focused on helping training and development organizations provide a tailored, efficient, and engaging experience for every new hire that easily extends to an in-the-flow of work experience. Realizeit’s learning system makes this possible by harnessing the power of data, analytics, and adaptive intelligence into an easy-to-deploy solution for onboarding.” Manoj Kulkarni, Realizeit CEO About Realizeit Realizeit helps the world’s largest organizations across industries achieve personalized training and learning at scale that impacts individual and organizational performance. Known for its award-winning and innovative learning technology, Realizeit provides a first-of-its-kind learning system built on adaptive intelligence that makes learning agile, adapted, effective, efficient, and relevant in today’s workplace contexts.

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