Raptor Technologies and Alertus Technologies Partner to Provide Comprehensive Solution for Keeping K-12 Schools Safe

Raptor Technologies and Alertus Technologies | August 10, 2022 | Read time : 02:27 min

Raptor Technologies and Alertus Technologies Partner
Raptor Technologies, the leading provider of school safety software, and Alertus Technologies, a leader in emergency mass notification solutions, today announced they will integrate their best-in-class safety and security offerings to enhance security for K-12 schools and districts.

The partnership combines Alertus' notification solutions with Raptor's robust emergency management and reunification tools, setting new, high standards for critical communication and response during emergencies. Alertus' integrated, modular mass notification offerings – including Alertus Desktop™, IP Text-to-Speech Interface for PA systems, and a range of hardwired and pocket-sized activation devices – are designed to help K-12 schools automate widespread, instant alerting in an emergency. Now, any K-12 school utilizing Raptor Technologies can automatically send emergency notifications to all alerting modalities unified by the Alertus Mass Notification System via Raptor® Connect™.

Alertus will also offer Raptor Alert customers free Alertus Desktop™ and Alertus Desktop™ for Chrome, powerful desktop and browser-based alerting software that instantly overrides computer displays with customizable notifications. The promotion is made possible through Alertus' Safe in Seconds Initiative, a philanthropic effort to equip schools and nonprofits with mass notification technology they might not otherwise be able to afford.  

"School districts across the country are recognizing the value of being able to quickly initiate an alert and notify staff and teachers in the event of a school emergency, By integrating with Alertus, we're expanding the ways users can rapidly access Raptor Alert to trigger an alert and increasing the ways a campus can be notified of an emergency."

- Chris Noell, chief product officer, Raptor Technologies

Raptor Alert is currently used by more than 7,500 schools nationwide to help school districts respond to emergencies. Many states, including Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York, have earmarked funding or created mandates to make mobile panic alerts available to schools. Additionally, in 2021, Raptor Alert was chosen by 25% of Florida schools to achieve compliance with Alyssa's Law, which mandates panic buttons that directly connect to law enforcement.

Every second counts in an emergency and our top priority is ensuring that schools have every possible way to get urgent, life-saving information to their students, teachers and staff – both during and after a critical event, Our integration with Raptor enables schools to alert, respond, and recover more effectively by reducing response times, reinforcing stakeholder responsibilities and mitigating risk to their communities, said Patrick Dennin, director of education, Alertus.

Alertus works with hundreds of K-12 schools and districts across North America, equipping them with unified, multilayered mass notification solutions – software, hardware and integrations with legacy alerting systems – to communicate effectively and protect their communities from potential threats, including active shooters, severe weather, health outbreaks, and more. Through its partnership with Raptor, Alertus' customized, layered approach to mass notification helps ensure that no one is missed in the event of an emergency.

About Raptor Technologies
Founded in 2002, Raptor has partnered with over 50,000 schools globally, including over 5,000 K-12 US school districts, to provide integrated visitor, volunteer, emergency management, and safeguarding software and services that cover the complete spectrum of school and student safety.

About Alertus Technologies
Alertus Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in emergency mass notification systems for large-area, high occupancy facilities. Since 2002, Alertus has engineered innovative solutions for emergency mass notification that unify and simplify the notification process for immediate, comprehensive coverage. Alertus provides solutions for in-building notification, outdoor notification, and personal notification. Thousands of institutions and enterprise organizations worldwide trust and rely on Alertus to protect millions of people.


Videos are processed much faster than text, and they make a lasting impression compared to plain text or static images. This results in higher information retention and better application of the acquired knowledge. Videos can take on many forms from short bite-sized ones to serve microlearning needs to interactive videos, scenarios, simulations, screencasts, and animated and real videos.Videos can be used to make complex topics simple and provide just-in-time support for your learners. Videos can be used for different training types – explore this infographic to know where and how.

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Kahoot! launches the Kahoot! add-on for Google Classroom

Kahoot | August 02, 2022

Kahoot!, the global learning and engagement platform company, today announced that it has launched the Kahoot! add-on for Google Classroom, making it possible for educators and learners around the world to discover, create, assign and host interactive learning sessions without ever leaving Google Classroom. As a Google Classroom add-ons early access partner, Kahoot! is one of the first digital learning platforms to be available as a Google Classroom add-on. As shared on the Google for Education blog, "Add-ons provide a better end-to-end experience to not only save time for educators, but also simplify the digital classroom experience for students, too." "Both Kahoot! and Google Classroom are used by millions of educators and students worldwide to support and enrich learning, With Kahoot! now offering a Google Classroom add-on, teachers and learners can access, explore and share engaging Kahoot! content directly from Google Classroom, boosting engagement at school and supporting students' independent learning at home." - Melissa Mills, Product Director at Kahoot!. Instant access to supercharged learning and engagement district-wide Administrators can set up the Kahoot! add-on for schools across their district from the Google Workspace Marketplace in just a few clicks. Once enabled, educators and students can access Kahoot! on any device within Google Classroom, without needing to navigate to an external website or use an additional login. Classroom add-ons are available for all Google Workspace for Education users with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus editions. Through the add-on, teachers can search for or create their own kahoots, as well as discover the millions of ready-to-use learning sessions on Kahoot!, which educators can then assign for students to complete directly within Google Classroom. The Kahoot! EDU offering for schools and school districts also enables educators to access a school library of kahoots, where they can find and share learning content with other teachers throughout the school or district. This integration marks Kahoot!'s latest collaboration with Google, beginning in 2019 when Kahoot! was selected to become a Google for Education Partner, followed by working together to launch Google Search Practice Problems and an integration with the upcoming live sharing feature on Google Meet. About Kahoot! Kahoot! is on a mission to make learning awesome! We want to empower everyone, including children, students, and employees to unlock their full learning potential. Our learning platform makes it easy for any individual or corporation to create, share, and host learning sessions that drive compelling engagement. Launched in 2013, Kahoot!'s vision is to build the leading learning platform in the world. Since launch, Kahoot! has hosted hundreds of millions of learning sessions with 8 billion participants (non-unique) in more than 200 countries and regions. The Kahoot! Group includes Clever, the leading US K-12 EdTech learning platform, together with the learning apps DragonBox, Poio, Drops, Actimo, Motimate, and The Kahoot! Group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in the US, the UK, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Spain and Poland. Kahoot! is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker KAHOT.

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Imagine Learning Classroom Launches with Engaging and Effective Core Math and English Language Arts Curricula

Imagine Learning | August 24, 2022

Imagine Learning, the largest provider of digital curriculum solutions in the U.S. serving 15 million students in more than half the school districts nationwide, today announced the launch of Imagine Learning Classroom, the new digital application powering its core English Language Arts and Mathematics solutions. Imagine Learning Classroom (formerly LearnZillion) enhances the high-quality curricula of Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics, Imagine Learning EL Education, Imagine Learning Odell Education, and Imagine Learning Guidebooks. These comprehensive programs offer the most accessible, teachable, and engaging core curricula for K-12 students available anywhere today. "Our goal is to deliver compelling, high-quality curricula in a teachable way to support educators and spark learning breakthroughs, Core Curriculum for Imagine Learning. "With Imagine Learning Classroom, we've developed a cohesive, immersive classroom environment to empower teachers and ensure student success." Terry Gilligan, Senior Vice President & General Manager As pioneers in digital instruction, Imagine Learning continually refines its core products and services to meet the needs of all students and educators. These solutions give educators continuous, clear insights into their students' learning, and supports them to maximize their potential. In addition, ongoing pedagogical research measures effectiveness in classrooms around the country to advance learning for all students. Imagine Learning Classroom puts the teacher and student at the center of learning for more positive outcomes. The dynamic software creates inspiring instructional experiences, providing students with opportunities to own their own learning, express choice in content, and showcase their voice in assignments, building essential skills to set students up for success. Imagine Learning Classroom: Offers a turnkey solution that saves teachers time in planning and instruction Incorporates features and functionality that support and honor each curricula's instructional design Empowers teachers with tools to personalize and customize instruction to their unique needs Engages students with rich media, including videos, digital interactivities, virtual manipulatives, and more Enables the implementation of quality curricula in all learning environments Refreshed student and teacher experiences, including a unique experience for primary students Imagine Learning Classroom offers the following premier ELA and Mathematics programs for grades K-12: Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics is a complete K-12 IM-Certified mathematics curriculum that delivers a digital-first classroom experience, enabling teachers to create a student-centered, cohesive learning environment, based on research and driven by data that fully leverages the impact of high-quality curricula. Imagine Learning EL Education is a content-based K-8 literacy curriculum utilizing compelling real-world texts that engage and excite learners in grades K-8. Informed by the Science of Reading, the program allows students to focus on mastery of knowledge and skills and demonstrate high-quality work while building habits of character. Imagine Learning Odell Education is an innovative knowledge-based literacy program for grades 9-12 dedicated to fostering creativity and critical thinking. The program emphasizes learning through inquiry and empowers teachers to configure the course content by providing a variety of text collections and topics. Imagine Learning Guidebooks is a comprehensive English Language Arts solution that immerses grade 3-12 students in reading and writing lessons across genres. Students create a web of meaning critical to the development of reading and writing skills, and build understanding through text sets, compelling questions, and integrated reading and writing activities. About Imagine Learning Imagine Learning is a PreK–12 digital learning solutions company that ignites learning breakthroughs by designing forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology to drive student growth. Imagine Learning serves more than 15 million students and partners with more than half the school districts nationwide. Imagine Learning's flagship products include Imagine Edgenuity®, online courseware and virtual school services solutions; supplemental and intervention solutions for literacy, language, mathematics, robotics, and coding; and high-quality, digital-first core curriculum, including Illustrative Mathematics®, EL Education®, and Odell Education®—all on the Imagine Learning Classroom—and Twig Science®. Read more about Imagine Learning's digital solutions at

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New Training Program Uses Virtual Reality Simulations to Address the Electrical Construction Skills Shortage

Transfr | September 23, 2022

Transfr, a skills training platform best known for pioneering the use of virtual reality to simulate on-the-job training, today announced the launch of a new package of simulations that harness the power of virtual and augmented reality to help organizations of all kinds create pathways to careers in electrical construction. The virtual reality simulations are designed to equip learners with the foundational knowledge and skills to prepare them for apprenticeships and jobs in the fast-growing electrical construction industry.The latest collection of simulations was built in collaboration with TRIO Electric, a Houston, Texas-based electrical design, construction and service firm that has been using the simulations as part of their own workforce training programs. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred us to think creatively about how we can train the next generation of electrical construction workers in a scalable and cost-effective way," said Beau Pollock, president and CEO of TRIO Electric. "Finding electrical instructors is difficult and time-consuming, and training requires us to use the same materials that technicians use on the job. The virtual simulations not only offer learners real-world experience and hands-on practice before they go into the field, they also help us to conserve resources in the process. According to the National Electrical Contractors Association, electrical construction represents a $202 billion industry that provides Americans with power, light, and communication technologies, employing more than 650,000 workers. Demand for electricians is expected to grow by 9% through 2030, with an average of 84,700 openings for electricians each year, on average, over the decade. The median annual wage for an electrician is more than $60,000–a well-paying career path that does not require a four-year degree. The simulations are being used by high school and community college students as well as adults looking for careers and apprenticeships in electrical construction. Students cover key topics such as workplace safety, material and tool recognition and usage, wall rough-in, overhead box installation, wire pulling, conduit bending, and other foundational skills required to become a trained, productive and safe electrical worker. Delivered in concert with employers, colleges, and workforce development organizations, these simulations enable learners to feel as though they are embedded in the physical environment and experience of an actual worksite. Transfr's innovative approach guides trainees through hands-on skills sessions with the assistance of a digital coach that adapts to their performance, all in a fully-immersive, 360-degree environment that is distraction-free and safe from many of the risks of traditional electrical construction learning. "To keep pace with the complex demands of the electrical industry, employers are in search of new and creative ways to develop the skilled workforce that this dynamic industry demands—and meet our country's light, power and connectivity needs,This is about harnessing the potential of virtual and augmented reality to help more aspiring tradespokepeople not only learn about careers in electrical work—but gain the invaluable on-the-job experience they need to launch their careers." Bharani RajakumarCEO of Transfr The electrical construction simulations are the latest addition to a series of fully immersive training modules from Transfr, in fields that include some of the country's fastest growing jobs and industries: automotive, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, health care, and construction. To date, more than 10,000 incumbent workers, job-seekers, and students have already accessed the company's virtual reality simulations, which simulate the on-the-job training and experience needed for individuals to prepare for new career opportunities. About Transfr: Transfr's mission is to train the future of every industry by opening up new opportunities for people across the globe. We create unique pathways to well-paying jobs available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and economic prosperity, facilitated by immersive, hands-on training.

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YuJa Inc. Strengthens Enterprise Ed-Tech Product Portfolio, Adding Features and Capabilities

YuJa Inc | September 20, 2022

Ed-tech solution leader YuJa, Inc. released a number of new and updated features across its portfolio of products this quarter. Products include: the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, YuJa Video Conferencing Platform, YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility, YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving, YuJa Engage Student Response System, and YuJa Verity Test Proctoring “At YuJa, we know that enterprise education technology continues to evolve. Our mission is to evolve with it so we can help institutions of all sizes easily manage technology tools that power their learning experiences,Everyone from our engineers, to sales and support teams works to ensure our software solutions are meeting and exceeding the expectations of the institutions we serve.” Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc. Highlighted feature introductions and updates are listed below. YuJa Enterprise Video Platform YuJa’s flagship product, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, now offers a new CampusTube video experience, a new Cielo24 human captioning enterprise connector, dynamic feedback for video quizzes, new API, and many WCAG 2.1-aligned accessibility improvements to enrich your Video Platform experience. Other updates include in-depth Live Stream statistics across the Hardware Hub, Software Capture and RTMP initiated live streams, new customizations for the Canvas LTI 1.3 integration, a new Sub-Admin Captioner role, consent forms workflows, and a new Facial Analysis tool. In addition to the Video Platform, other products also saw a number of updates to enhance user experience and product capabilities. YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility now has dynamic accessibility suggestions for WYSIWYG text regions, language translation support for Text-to-Speech, increased options for Website Accessibility, enhancement to Panorama’s ability to generate Accessibility Reports, and more, making it simpler to gauge accessibility and fix issues. Additionally, YuJa Panorama’s website accessibility tool has been updated and can now be integrated into the LMS at the institution and course levels. YuJa Media Capture Portfolio YuJa Software Capture for PC now has a Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon add-on that enables users to auto-sync the start and end of the recording during their presentation session in just a few simple clicks in PowerPoint's configuration tab. YuJa Video Conference Platform The Video Conference Platform now offers virtual backgrounds, enhanced sharing capabilities and provides meeting owners the option to manage the waiting room and admit participants individually or all at once. YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving now offers a Recurring Jobs tab to manage upcoming archive jobs, a more accurate representation of file sizes, and an enhanced user interface to make the data archiving and compliance process seamless. About YuJa, Inc. YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning enterprises within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate.

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Videos are processed much faster than text, and they make a lasting impression compared to plain text or static images. This results in higher information retention and better application of the acquired knowledge. Videos can take on many forms from short bite-sized ones to serve microlearning needs to interactive videos, scenarios, simulations, screencasts, and animated and real videos.Videos can be used to make complex topics simple and provide just-in-time support for your learners. Videos can be used for different training types – explore this infographic to know where and how.