Penn Foster secures investment to accelerate the pairing of data science with digital learning based on skills.

prnewswire | January 21, 2021

Labor force improvement pioneer Penn Foster today declared a critical new speculation from BayPine and Two Sigma Impact to quicken the form out of its computerized learning stage zeroed in on planning frontline laborers to flourish inside high-development, high-expertise occupations. The two speculation organizations will band together with Penn Foster to acquire new capacities information science and trend setting innovation to help the organization keep on contribution down to earth, reasonable answers for its understudies.

"Skill gaps and economic mobility are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin," said Frank Britt, Chief Executive Officer of Penn Foster. "This investment reflects our belief that the combination of advanced labor market analytics with low-cost digital training can help individuals make better-informed decisions about their educational investments. It's about enabling employers to close skill gaps by identifying and creating career paths for historically untapped talent."

A computerized learning stage that works in association with bosses, public labor force offices, and local area based associations, Penn Foster conveys expertise based preparing for in excess of 300,000 working students every year. Notwithstanding offering authorize projects and declarations in fields going from medical care to talented exchanges, Penn Foster accomplices with significant managers, including Lowe's and Walmart, to give secondary school recognition and vocation instructional classes that are regularly entrances to higher pay jobs.

"Two Sigma Impact believes that by focusing on creating a better workforce, we can create long term value and better business outcomes," said Ian Blasco, Partner at Two Sigma Impact. "We are excited to work with Penn Foster to apply advanced data science techniques to the development of dynamic, skills-based training that is tightly coupled with the demands of the labor market."

"For decades, Penn Foster has been at the forefront of delivering flexible, affordable, and job-relevant development programs that have redefined the intersection of education and work," said Anjan Mukherjee, Managing Partner at BayPine. "The implementation of digital transformation initiatives to unlock human potential is core to our thesis, and we look forward to working closely with management to develop a modern, agile platform at Penn Foster that leverages the power of data to drive better outcomes for working learners."

In "Unstuck in the Middle," a white paper delivered by Penn Foster a year ago, the organization put forth the defense that perceiving ability fulfillment along a range could open financial versatility for laborers utilized in positions that require in excess of a secondary school confirmation however not a long term degree. As per the National Skills Coalition, while center ability occupations make up the biggest segment of the US work market, only 44% of laborers are right now prepared to the center expertise level. A new report distributed by the philanthropic, Opportunity@Work, proposes that the assessed 71 million Americans who need four-year degrees, however are "Gifted Through Alternative Routes" (STARs), speak to an undiscovered pool of ability for US bosses.

"The critical need for different ways to approach training and education for workers has become more prominent in the past few years, and the pressure on our economy created by the pandemic has only emphasized that the time has come for a workforce transformation," said Ann Ruble, Operating Partner at Two Sigma Impact. "New data-driven approaches to learning will help expand access to training in high-demand fields for both workers and employers at a time when it is needed most."

This speculation speaks to the following period of Penn Foster's development following an effective organization with Bain Capital Double Impact, the effect contributing unit of Bain Capital. Terms of the exchange were not unveiled. Macquarie Capital filled in as monetary guide and William Blair and Company as co-consultant to Penn Foster. Everberg Capital additionally partook in the exchange. Jamieson gave exchange the board guidance.


Teachers can put collaboration to work and bring together learners from distant points or match learners with tutors remotely. Project-based learning is useful for teaching almost anything.

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Afficient Academy’s AI-Powered Learning Technology Disrupts K-12 Education

Afficient Academy | March 31, 2022

A perfect storm is brewing at the country’s K-12 schools as teachers and parents struggle to support children who have fallen behind. Facing resource-strapped educational systems exacerbated by the pandemic “learning loss,” parents are seeking alternatives. In response to increasing demand and queries, Afficient Academy, provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, today released data proving that students learn 2-5 times faster with Afficient than with traditional school. By harnessing AI, Afficient’s patented Afficient Methodology helps identify gaps in children’s learning and provides intelligent and self-paced learning paths to not only close the gaps, but also help children dramatically improve learning effectiveness to reach A/A+. Research data ( from Afficient students verified that it has enabled 90% of its students to ace one grade level of content in just two to four months. Many students have exceeded their grade level and advanced ahead of their schools’ curriculum. “As a father of three children, and having seen serious deficiencies in many educational programs, I leveraged my Silicon Valley, teaching, and entrepreneurial roots to launch Afficient Academy with the vision and belief that modern technology can greatly enhance the effectiveness of learning, Now, our students’ data has proved that our AI-powered programs can not only improve learning efficiency by 2 to 5 times, but also lead to much better learning quality. I hope this new generation of technology-based educational programs reach and help a great number of students achieve ‘A’ efficiently.” - Dr. Jiayuan Fang, Founder and CEO. Afficient: Giving Students the Joy of Learning The first Afficient program launched in 2015. Today, over 15,000 students have learned better and faster with Afficient Math (Grades 2-12) and Afficient English (Grades 2-8). Afficient’s adaptive, self-paced programs gift each child the joy of learning by allowing them to learn according to their ability, and not age nor school grade. This is liberating as students compete against themselves to be the best they can be. Angelina Chen’s Afficient Math journey started in May 2021. Her parents noticed gaps in her math understanding, gaps verified by her Afficient diagnostic test. Although a 3rd grader, she started at Grade 2 in math to help fill in those gaps. Straightaway, Angelina excelled. In less than six weeks, she completed all coursework for Grade 2. She’s now an Honors level student and finished Grade 5 math — all this in just seven months. In addition to helping Angelina grow her math skills, her parents love the flexibility of Afficient’s online program, especially helpful since Angelina started in the midst of the pandemic. 4th grader Andy Wang’s skill gaps in math were impacting his confidence. So his parents enrolled him in Afficient Math in October 2021, where he began his journey in 3rd Grade math. In only five months, he has finished Grade 4 math. His parents report that Andy now gets straight As on his math school tests—and he likes math more than before. And best of all, his confidence level has gone up too. How the Afficient Methodology Works After a complimentary diagnostic test, each child gets an individualized AI-based program that adapts to their academic level. Intelligent algorithms guide the child through learning paths optimized to help them reach A/A+. Rather than having to wait for worksheets to be graded manually, students receive instant feedback. And while each child works independently, live teachers can help them get “unstuck” when they encounter learning difficulties. Because the learning is interactive, fun, and rewarding, students are motivated to make persistent progress and advance to excellent academic levels. Afficient enables students to build solid foundations, succeed in school entrance and placement tests, get into advanced courses in school, and get better grades in school – all with less time and stress. Accredited by The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association for Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), Afficient provides: Customized weekly assignments that are automatically generated. Students know how much they need to accomplish in a week and can always do more. Courses that are results centric. Students always know how far they are from reaching their grade-level goals. They are guided through their work until they achieve A/A+ goals. Alignment with Common Core standards. What students learn from Afficient Academy directly helps them get better results in school. About Afficient Academy Afficient Academy, a leading provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, offers computerized Math and English programs that greatly improve learning efficiency and quality. Founded in 2014 to help students “Achieve ‘A’ Efficiently,” Silicon Valley-based Afficient Academy has helped over 15,000 students with its market-proven, self-paced learning programs powered by its patented “Afficient Methodology.” After a complimentary online diagnostic test, students get individualized AI-based programs that adapt to their academic levels. Intelligent algorithms guide students through learning paths that are highly efficient and optimized to help students reach A/A+. Live teachers provide support to help students in their self-learning process. Interactive, fun, and rewarding, Afficient programs motivate students to make persistent progress and achieve excellence. Over 90 percent of Afficient students complete one grade level with an A/A+ in two to four months.

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