eLearning Brothers Introduces the Strategic Learning Blueprint to Help Organizations Access and Improve Their Modern Learning Strategy

eLearning Brothers | October 11, 2021

Learning solutions leader eLearning Brothers today announced a new strategic consulting service, the Strategic Learning Blueprint that evaluates an organization’s existing training, architects a custom plan, and activates a modern learning strategy.

Businesses can’t afford to provide training that doesn't work,Organizations need effective learning solutions that are engaging, change behaviors, reduce costs, and deliver results. As an end-to-end learning solutions provider, eLearning Brothers is uniquely positioned to develop custom training for organizations, whether that’s virtual reality, gamification, or other types of interactive learning experiences.

Andrew Scivally, Co-founder and CEO of eLearning Brothers

Joining the eLearning Brothers team to spearhead the Strategic Learning Blueprint is Treion Muller, the new Chief Solutions Architect at eLearning Brothers. Treion has close to 20 years of experience innovating, developing, designing, digitally transforming, and strategizing in the learning and development space with some of the largest L&D players in the world.

The Strategic Learning Blueprint has 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1. Assess - We start with an assessment of your existing training plan, offerings, and technologies and identify training needs, objectives, and behavioral change gaps.
  • STEP 2. Architect - We design a custom learning plan for your specific training needs and objectives based on what is discovered. This includes selecting the right solutions, technologies, partnerships, and modern learning approach.
  • STEP 3. Activate - We launch your modern learning training solutions, accountability processes, and success tracking system to assure your goals are achieved.

Implementing the Strategic Learning Blueprint changes behaviors, reduces training costs, and achieves measurable ROI. You then empower learning rockstars for your organization.

Organizations can contact eLearning Brothers to schedule a FREE strategy session.

About eLearning Brothers
eLearning Brothers is a leader in learning technology solutions that enable organizations to conquer performance and development challenges. The company offers a one-stop-shop for learning development and delivery, ranging from strategic consulting and custom learning development to content libraries and development tools, all paired with an easy-to-use platform for delivering and tracking learning. eLearning Brothers helps everyone create and deliver measurable learning experiences that rock.


In this video, Teresa Cain shares advice for prospective students looking to join the Integrated Innovation Institute's online program.

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Cognizant Commits $5.3 Million in Philanthropic Support to Expand STEM Education and Access to Tech Careers

Cognizant | December 08, 2022

Cognizant has announced $5.3 million in philanthropic support for 14 organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. This funding will help broaden access to K-12 STEM education and advance equitable career pathways, a philanthropic commitment consistent with Cognizant's vision to leverage technology to improve everyday life. "Cognizant understands the power of technology to modernize, reimagine, and transform communities,Through our philanthropic efforts, we are expanding on-ramps to tech careers through greater access to high-quality STEM education and inclusion for those historically underrepresented in the industry. We are proud to partner with these 14 organizations to accelerate their work preparing talented young people and adults to succeed in the workforce of today and tomorrow." Tobi Young, Head of Philanthropy, and SVP, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Cognizant. Cognizant has long-standing global commitment to promote inclusion, elevate underserved communities, and prepare people for the future of work. Since 2018 alone, Cognizant has provided support to more than 70 organizations working to provide individuals with the quality education, training, and job opportunities required to improve economic and social mobility, among its other corporate social responsibility initiatives. In 2021, the company announced a new five-year, $250 million effort including philanthropic funding and in-kind contributions to advance economic mobility, educational opportunity, and health and well-being in communities around the world. Expanding Access to STEM Education Today, only 53% of K-12 schools offer computer science. and NCWIT work to advance research, professional development, and advocacy efforts to increase access to and participation in computer science at schools across the U.S. Programming from Dalhousie University, Girlstart, JA Central Ontario, University of Montana, and University of Toronto empowers the next generation of STEM professionals by connecting students with engaging and industry-informed learning opportunities. DonorsChoose provides educators across the U.S. with the resources they need to support young learners; funding from Cognizant will support K-12 computer science-related classroom projects on DonorsChoose during Computer Science Education Week, taking place Dec. 5-11, 2022. Advancing Equitable Pathways to Careers in Technology Ada Developers Academy, Blind Institute of Technology, Marcy Lab School, Road to Hire, and Turing School of Software and Design boost diversity and equity in the tech industry through innovative educational opportunities for learners from historically excluded and underrepresented backgrounds. Work Shift is an independent digital media hub for news, analysis, and opinion focused on whether education and training programs deliver the talent and opportunity that society needs. The outlet provides in-depth coverage of industry-leading programs, ensuring students, families, policymakers, and companies learn about promising education and career pathways. Quotes from partner organizations: Ada Developers Academy — Alexandra Holien, Interim CEO: "Ada is changing the face of tech, and we are thrilled that Cognizant is investing in our work. When we look at who is most left out of tech and the American economy overall, it's women and gender-expansive folks, especially Black and brown women. Ada's tuition-free program launches students into careers as software developers in just one year, hugely accelerating gender and racial equity in the tech industry. So far, we have graduated 700 new programmers from our Seattle and digital campuses, and now we are expanding! Ada just opened a campus in Atlanta, thanks in part to Cognizant's support." Blind Institute of Technology — Mike Hess, Executive Director: "Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) assists the hardest-to-serve communities with our fully remote and fully accessible programs. BIT is serving the blind, deaf, neurodiverse, and other people with disabilities to participate in equitable opportunities to further their futures in the workplace. With Cognizant's support, BIT can reach so many more individuals!" — Hadi Partovi, CEO: "In today's world, it is essential that all students have the opportunity to learn computer science. Cognizant's support will help enable our work to make computer science a fundamental part of the K-12 education system and ultimately increase access and participation for young women and students traditionally underrepresented in the technology fields." Dalhousie University — Dr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dean, Faculty of Computer Science: "Dalhousie University is excited to partner with Cognizant. As a civic university, Dalhousie strongly shares the belief that those who create and influence our digital world should be representative of the whole of society. This investment will enable us to build on the work we have done through our WeAreAllCS diversity initiative to improve access to technology education and opportunities for those who have historically been underrepresented in the field. Through this partnership we will also be expanding our innovation and entrepreneurship programming, better connecting our students with industry, and the growing digital ecosystem." DonorsChoose — Alix Guerrier, CEO: "Cognizant is fostering a love for tech and computer science among public school students, by providing their teachers with the resources they need. Through their partnership with DonorsChoose, Cognizant is empowering future STEM leaders sitting in U.S. classrooms today." Girlstart — Shane Woods, Executive Director: "Thanks to support from Cognizant, Girlstart can provide free year-round STEM programming for 2,000+ girls in grades 4-8. Support for K-5 science has been greatly reduced over the past few years. Girlstart provides additional learning time outside of the school day and during the summer designed to bridge learning gaps by exposing girls to hands-on STEM lessons and activities. Our participants perform better on science and mathematics tests and have an increased interest in STEM education and careers thanks to our women in STEM guest speakers. We are grateful to Cognizant for making our work and progress possible!" JA Central Ontario — Jennifer Holmes Weier, President and CEO: JA Central Ontario is proud to renew our partnership with Cognizant. Here at JA Central Ontario, we envision a world in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities. This vision is strongly aligned with Cognizant's aim of creating a world where all communities can participate in and benefit from the digital economy. We're looking forward to continuing our work together to inspire and prepare young people across Central Ontario as they look ahead to the future. Marcy Lab School — Reuben Ogbonna, Executive Director: "We are thrilled to be supported by our partners at Cognizant who share our mission of building equitable pathways to high-paying tech careers for underrepresented young adults. As tech sector jobs continue to be an engine for economic mobility in New York City, we see disproportionate numbers of Black and Latinx individuals locked out of these opportunities early in their careers. With Cognizant's generous support, we will be able to increasingly impact these numbers, graduating classes that are nearly 100% students of color and ensuring they are placed in competitive tech roles, thereby radically diversifying the tech landscape and creating generational wealth for our students and their families. NCWIT — Terry Hogan, President and Chief Technology Officer: "Professional school counselors play a central role in encouraging girls, women, and other underrepresented groups to pursue computing. Through their interactions with students, educators, parents, and guardians, counselors are in a unique position to enact change. But research shows, they face barriers when it comes to advising about computing education and careers. NCWIT's Counselors for Computing program equips counselors with tools that help students see themselves in computing. Counselors are a key lever on the path to a more inclusive tech industry, and Cognizant is helping NCWIT reach more counselors in more locations." Road to Hire — Kacey Grantham, CEO: "Road to Hire is grateful for Cognizant's continued commitment to supporting young adults on the path to high-growth, high-earning careers. Due to this collaboration, Road to Hire's reach will expand this year to more than 1,600 young adults of color underrepresented in tech. This work could not be done without excellent partners such as Cognizant. Turing School of Software and Design — Jeff Casimir, Executive Director: "Turing's mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse and inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers. Since our founding in 2014, Turing has helped over 1,800 people navigate the path to thriving tech careers. With support from Cognizant, we've been able to increase outreach efforts to recruit larger numbers of women, veterans, and BIPOC students. We've implemented new programs and coaching systems that have driven the graduation rate above 85%, time-to-hire under 60 days, and average starting salaries above $85,000. Our community thanks you! University of Montana — Seth Bodnar, President: "Sitting in the aboriginal territories of the Salish and Kalispel people, the University of Montana has long supported Native American access and success in higher education. We are grateful to Cognizant for its generosity and partnership in helping foster inclusive prosperity in Montana. Its support for the MT AIMS and Indigenous First Year Experience programs will help build pathways to higher education and meaningful careers for Montana's Native American students. University of Toronto — Chris Yip, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering: "This continuing partnership will help U of T Engineering to strengthen and grow programs that inspire and empower the next generation of engineering leaders — especially young women, Black students, and others who are underrepresented in the profession today. As engineers, we do our best work when we have diverse voices around the design table. We are proud to partner with Cognizant to lead the kind of change that will build a brighter future for us all. Work Shift — Elyse Ashburn, Co-founder and Editor: "The way Americans work and learn is shifting dramatically, and we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure that those changes expand economic opportunity for people who have traditionally been left behind. Cognizant recognizes that independent journalism like what we do at Work Shift will play a critical role. We can't improve our systems of education and work without an honest accounting of what's working, what isn't, and what might. About Cognizant Cognizant engineers modern businesses. We help our clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world. Together, we're improving everyday life.

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McKissock Learning Will Launch Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) Experience Program

McKissock LLC | November 22, 2022

McKissock Learning, the leading national provider of online education for real estate appraisers, today announced its commitment to launch a Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraiser (PAREA) Experience Program to support the diversification and growth of the appraisal profession. “As a leading appraisal education provider, we know firsthand how difficult it can be for aspiring appraisers to find a supervisor and realize their dream, We believe this is a great opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to the profession with a critical initiative to ultimately contribute to a more diverse and expanded appraiser community.” Kevin Hecht, Appraisal Training and Development Manager at McKissock Learning. Slated to launch in the fall of 2023, the McKissock PAREA Experience Program combines technology-based training with real-world field experience and will allow participants to qualify for up to 100 percent of the experience hours required to sit for an appraisal exam in participating states. McKissock’s PAREA Experience Program is made intentionally for people who complete the required education only to find they cannot move forward in their goal of becoming licensed appraisers because they can’t find a supervisor,” said Alan Hummel, Principal at The Hummel Group and certified appraiser for 35 years. “It is a powerful instrument to diversify and expand the profession. Consistent with The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) policies, McKissock’s PAREA program will allow participants to apply appraisal concepts and general principles to real-life situations, problems, and activities. Participants can access training modules, simulations, and assignments through McKissock’s dynamic learning platform, allowing for mentor-led and self-study activities. In addition to simulated learning experiences, McKissock will also require students to complete real-life personal experience activities in their local markets, such as inspecting properties in their area and verifying information with local stakeholders such as realtors, contractors, and lenders. Participants will be expected to author and produce appraisal reports on various property types, each of which must pass a mentor’s review and be fully compliant with USPAP standards. Our mission at McKissock Learning is to support the advancement, diversification, and growth of the real estate appraisal profession. We are committed to providing PAREA participants with quality training and practical experiences to enable them to become licensed and successful appraisers,” said Renee Altier, President of Valuation and Property Services, Colibri Group, the parent company of McKissock Learning. About McKissock Learning McKissock Learning is a top national provider of education for licensed real estate property appraisers, agents, brokers, home inspectors, land surveyors, and professional engineers. For more than 30 years, McKissock has provided appraisal qualifying and continuing education, as well as professional development courses to support appraisers through all stages of their careers. McKissock Learning is part of Colibri Group, which provides learning solutions to licensed professionals who strive to be among the best in their fields.

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Fusion Academy's Personalized Learning Coming to Folsom

Fusion Education Group | December 14, 2022

On the heels of pandemic related isolation and learning loss, Fusion Education Group (FEG) will open a new middle and high school here and with it introduce Sacramento-area families to its revolutionary education model. "We are bringing the future of education to Folsom,Fusion Academy is the most personalized school in the world. Our one-of-a-kind schools are built around the individual needs of each student. There is nothing else like it." Peter Ruppert, CEO of Fusion Education Group. Fusion Academy Folsom is expected to open mid-January 2023 and is now enrolling middle and high school students. The school is FEG's 32nd campus in California and will be located at 420 Palladio Parkway. Founded in Solana Beach, California in 1989, Fusion Academy's approach to learning is grounded in its one-to-one model of one teacher to one student, with different teachers for different classes. FEG began replicating the personalized learning model in 2010, and since opened more than 80 campuses across the country. Fusion Academy Folsom will offer a flexible education model that combines three learning modalities including one-to-one learning, digital learning, and small group project-based classes. Fusion is guided by a fundamental belief in the immense potential in every person; its mission is to help each student flourish, academically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers are also mentors and work to create positive, safe, and secure environments where students are emotionally supported. Fusion provides an academic and social environment like no other," said Fusion Academy Folsom Head of School Christa Green. "It serves students through connection, inspiration, and empowerment. I am excited to be a part of the lifelong impact Fusion will make on our children, their families and the Folsom community. Green has spent the last two decades of her career in private education in Folsom and the greater Sacramento area, including pre-kindergarten, before and after school programming and higher education. In joining Fusion, she highlighted parent and student satisfaction surveys that illustrate the power of Fusion's personalized learning model. 97% of parents surveyed report that their child has positive relationships with teachers and are pleased with their child's overall experience at Fusion schools. 90% of parents report that their child is more successful academically than they were at their previous school 87% of students report that the adults on campus really care about them 83% of students feel comfortable being themselves and an equal number of parents report that their child seems more confident since joining a Fusion school Fusion teachers personalize instruction based on student strengths, interests, and learning preferences. Schedules are also customized so students take classes at a time of day that works best for them. Athletes, actors, and students with extracurricular passions can schedule school around their life instead of the other way around. Other students who attend Fusion include gifted or accelerated students, students with mild learning differences, or anyone looking for a more personalized learning environment. Green is joined by Amber Pipa, as Director of Outreach. Pipa joins Fusion after a decade of outreach work with mission-driven not-for-profits, government entities, and associations. Like many things in life, seeing is believing," Pipa said. Small classrooms, with one student and one teacher working to master a subject is a completely outlandish idea to many parents. When I walked into Fusion Academy for the first time, I wished for a moment that I could retake middle and high school. I've never seen students so engaged. Each Fusion campus features Homework Café spaces where students complete and receive support with their homework. The cafés also serve as the student social hub; where student meetings occur, clubs meet, and more. Fusion campuses also feature a state-of-the-art recording studio, a mixed-media art studio, and a science lab with college-level tools. Fusion Academies are intended to remain small, and rarely exceed 100 students. Students can attend Fusion full-time for middle and high school, or part-time for tutoring, classes for credit, or college counseling. What I have learned in the last 14 years since we acquired the original Fusion Academy in Solano Beach is that our model offers a custom launching pad for students to realize their full potential," said Ruppert. "The relationships made and the confidence that students acquire makes their futures limitless. About Fusion Education Group: Fusion Education Group is a revolutionary innovator in personalized education and provides accredited personalized education for more than 9,000 middle and high school students at Fusion Academy, with 80 brick and mortar campuses that offer one-to-one instruction; Barnstable Academy, which offers traditional college-prep in a small school setting in New Jersey; and Fusion Global Academy, which offers one-to-one personalized education through a completely virtual campus that currently serves students in all 50 states and 35 additional countries. Fusion Academy Folsom is the 81st brick and mortar campus opened, and one of 32 operating in California. Learn more about Fusion Academy Folsom here.

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Tashkent Declaration of UNESCO Sets the Global Agenda for Early Childhood Education Till 2030

UNESCO | November 25, 2022

On the last day of the World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education held in the capital of Uzbekistan on 14-16 November, representatives of about 150 countries adopted the Tashkent Declaration of UNESCO. This information was provided by the Ministry of Preschool Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Earlier, speaking with a welcoming speech to the delegates of the conference, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said:"I am confident that today's conference will be held in the spirit of frank discussions and exchange of views, new ideas and initiatives, and that specific proposals and recommendations will be developed. Undoubtedly, the Tashkent Declaration, which will be adopted at the conclusion of the conference, will serve as the basis for our joint efforts in this direction. The Tashkent Declaration is intended to set the international agenda for early childhood education through the year 2030. This document has been prepared through a consultative process during the conference and, once signed, will be translated into the six official languages of the United Nations and shared with the UNESCO Member States. "In Uzbekistan, we have the opportunity to send a powerful message to the world based on UNESCO's commitment to make 2022 the year of mobilization of efforts for education. Here in Tashkent, we must determine the model of society we want to live in a society that takes care of its children, guiding them and giving them all the attention they deserve," UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. In the framework of the strategy for global transformation of early childhood care and education (ECCE) system, the Tashkent Declaration established a set of guiding principles: improving the quality and relevance of curricula and pedagogy; ensuring equal and inclusive educational services for all children, and protecting and guaranteeing the rights to access ECCE in emergency situations. These and a number of other tasks are based on such fundamental factors as the development and support of teachers, broad introduction of innovations and state support for the sphere. The provisions of the UNESCO Tashkent Declaration, which set the main vectors for development of ECCE until 2030 – a milestone for the UN Sustainable Development Goals since the moment of signing become a guide for international organizations and relevant ministries of the countries participating in the world community in implementation of the paragraph 4.2 which reads: "By 2030 to ensure that all young girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-school education systems so that they will be ready for primary education.

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