AIME Launches New Training Program, the AIME Academy, for the Wholesale Mortgage Community

Association of Independent Mortgage Experts | August 05, 2022 | Read time : 02:30 min

AIME Launches New Training Program
The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), a non-profit, national trade membership association which supports wholesale mortgage professionals, announced its new training program, the AIME Academy. The AIME Academy’s launch showcases two brand new training programs – the Loan Officer Assistant Training Program and the Processor: Level 100 Training Program – both designed to provide entry-level training for learners without prior mortgage industry knowledge.

“The AIME Academy was created to specifically help Broker Owners and small broker shops, who often lack critical training support in-house, Our association is committed to helping our members effectively scale their businesses, and in order for the broker channel to continue to grow, we need to provide the tools and resources that make it easier for their businesses to thrive.”

- Katie Sweeney, CEO of AIME

Loan Officer Assistant Training Program
The Loan Officer Assistant Training Program is tailored to provide the basics of the mortgage industry and its history, while teaching the responsibilities and expectations of the average wholesale LOA. This self-paced program also highlights the basic requirements from the Fannie Mae, FHA, HUD, VA, and USDA selling guides, and is designed to support wholesale brokerages as part of their internal training processes.

Processor: Level 100 Training Program
The Processor: Level 100 Training Program is the first level of a multi-tier processor training plan, teaching aspiring processors how to analyze initial loan data. Trainees will be able to determine eligibility, including income, property, assets, and credit. This 10-hour competitive syllabus takes learners through five in-depth courses, covering lender regulations, guidelines, IPAC, and various workflows- all specifically designed for the wholesale mortgage channel.

Program learners can work at their own pace towards the next level of certification and all graduates earn skill badges and a completion certificate. Both training programs are available immediately in the AIME Academy with additional courses available in the coming months.

This program is intended to be a game-changer for anyone who wants to step into the wholesale mortgage industry. The nation’s leading mortgage experts developed the coursework for the training program guaranteeing that learners will excel in the fast-paced world of wholesale mortgage lending, adds Mike Cox, AIME’s Vice President of Education.

About Association of Independent Mortgage Experts
The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) is a non-profit, national trade membership association created exclusively for independent mortgage brokers. With over 65,000 members, AIME is committed to establishing a community of independent mortgage experts by creating an association that empowers them with unparalleled technology, continued education, and networking support necessary to successfully advise consumers nationwide with their residential mortgage needs. AIME operates with a growth-focused strategy, providing tools and resources to propel the wholesale channel beyond a 25% share of the mortgage market in 2022 and beyond.


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New Training Program Uses Virtual Reality Simulations to Address the Electrical Construction Skills Shortage

Transfr | September 23, 2022

Transfr, a skills training platform best known for pioneering the use of virtual reality to simulate on-the-job training, today announced the launch of a new package of simulations that harness the power of virtual and augmented reality to help organizations of all kinds create pathways to careers in electrical construction. The virtual reality simulations are designed to equip learners with the foundational knowledge and skills to prepare them for apprenticeships and jobs in the fast-growing electrical construction industry.The latest collection of simulations was built in collaboration with TRIO Electric, a Houston, Texas-based electrical design, construction and service firm that has been using the simulations as part of their own workforce training programs. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred us to think creatively about how we can train the next generation of electrical construction workers in a scalable and cost-effective way," said Beau Pollock, president and CEO of TRIO Electric. "Finding electrical instructors is difficult and time-consuming, and training requires us to use the same materials that technicians use on the job. The virtual simulations not only offer learners real-world experience and hands-on practice before they go into the field, they also help us to conserve resources in the process. According to the National Electrical Contractors Association, electrical construction represents a $202 billion industry that provides Americans with power, light, and communication technologies, employing more than 650,000 workers. Demand for electricians is expected to grow by 9% through 2030, with an average of 84,700 openings for electricians each year, on average, over the decade. The median annual wage for an electrician is more than $60,000–a well-paying career path that does not require a four-year degree. The simulations are being used by high school and community college students as well as adults looking for careers and apprenticeships in electrical construction. Students cover key topics such as workplace safety, material and tool recognition and usage, wall rough-in, overhead box installation, wire pulling, conduit bending, and other foundational skills required to become a trained, productive and safe electrical worker. Delivered in concert with employers, colleges, and workforce development organizations, these simulations enable learners to feel as though they are embedded in the physical environment and experience of an actual worksite. Transfr's innovative approach guides trainees through hands-on skills sessions with the assistance of a digital coach that adapts to their performance, all in a fully-immersive, 360-degree environment that is distraction-free and safe from many of the risks of traditional electrical construction learning. "To keep pace with the complex demands of the electrical industry, employers are in search of new and creative ways to develop the skilled workforce that this dynamic industry demands—and meet our country's light, power and connectivity needs,This is about harnessing the potential of virtual and augmented reality to help more aspiring tradespokepeople not only learn about careers in electrical work—but gain the invaluable on-the-job experience they need to launch their careers." Bharani RajakumarCEO of Transfr The electrical construction simulations are the latest addition to a series of fully immersive training modules from Transfr, in fields that include some of the country's fastest growing jobs and industries: automotive, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, health care, and construction. To date, more than 10,000 incumbent workers, job-seekers, and students have already accessed the company's virtual reality simulations, which simulate the on-the-job training and experience needed for individuals to prepare for new career opportunities. About Transfr: Transfr's mission is to train the future of every industry by opening up new opportunities for people across the globe. We create unique pathways to well-paying jobs available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and economic prosperity, facilitated by immersive, hands-on training.

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XLerateHealth, University of Kentucky to Expand Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Programming via Digital Learning Platform

XLerateHealth | August 18, 2022

XLerateHealth (XLH), a national healthcare accelerator based in Louisville, KY, in partnership with the University of Kentucky (UK) through UK Innovate, has been awarded the first phase of a potential $3.25M multi-year grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the IDeA Regional Entrepreneurship Development (I-RED) Program (Award Number UT2GM148083). The purpose of the grant is to develop and launch a suite of experience-based entrepreneurship and commercialization training tools to address the needs of academic institutions across the Southeast U.S., including faculty, researchers, innovators and students. XLH and UK have led this effort since 2018 through the XLerator Network, an NIH-funded partnership to increase the commercialization of promising life science and healthcare innovations in 25 academic institutions across the Southeast Institutional Development Award (IDeA) states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, West Virginia and Puerto Rico. This NIH I-RED award will allow XLerator Network participants to build on prior work and develop, launch, test and validate entrepreneurship education and training tools that foster the translation of promising biomedical discoveries and technologies from research laboratories into commercial products “Based on our years of experience training biomedical entrepreneurs, we believe that effective entrepreneurial pedagogy is a combination of four elements: 1) informed high-quality educational content, 2) mentorship and coaching from experienced domain experts and entrepreneurs, 3) access to experienced talent to build a cohesive team, and 4) access to capital to fund the successful refinement of the technology/product and its commercial launch into the marketplace,” said Jackie Willmot, CEO of XLerateHealth. “We are proud to continue this collaboration and grateful to the NIH I-RED program for its support in bringing these resources to academic and clinician innovators.” “Through the XLerator Network, our partnership with more than two-dozen academic institutions in the Southeast IDeA region has created a framework for learning, testing, and applying entrepreneurship and commercialization best practices to advance the most promising health innovations in the region,” Ian McClure, Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Impact at the University of Kentucky. “UK Innovate is thrilled that the NIH I-RED program will now catalyze that foundation and generate new education, mentorship, coaching, and commercialization tools for those partners and the region. As the academic lead institution for this new award, we are proud of this partnership and thank the NIH I-RED program leadership for its support.” Ian McClure, Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Impact at the University of Kentucky About XLerateHealth (XLH) The XLerateHealth (XLH) mission is to cultivate and grow impactful healthcare innovation in the Midwest, Southeast and other areas of the country where great innovation often goes unrecognized and underfunded. Founded in 2012, XLH supports the development of healthcare innovation through its healthcare accelerator, which helps start-up founders commercialize their business and attract funding. XLerateHealth also leads the efforts to build and operate the XLerator Network, an NIH-funded partnership with Academic Lead University of Kentucky along with 24 other academic institutions in the Southeast. The objective of this work is to increase the commercialization of promising life science and healthcare innovations in the NIH-designated Southeast Institutional Development Award (IDeA) states.

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YuJa Inc. Strengthens Enterprise Ed-Tech Product Portfolio, Adding Features and Capabilities

YuJa Inc | September 20, 2022

Ed-tech solution leader YuJa, Inc. released a number of new and updated features across its portfolio of products this quarter. Products include: the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, YuJa Video Conferencing Platform, YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility, YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving, YuJa Engage Student Response System, and YuJa Verity Test Proctoring “At YuJa, we know that enterprise education technology continues to evolve. Our mission is to evolve with it so we can help institutions of all sizes easily manage technology tools that power their learning experiences,Everyone from our engineers, to sales and support teams works to ensure our software solutions are meeting and exceeding the expectations of the institutions we serve.” Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc. Highlighted feature introductions and updates are listed below. YuJa Enterprise Video Platform YuJa’s flagship product, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, now offers a new CampusTube video experience, a new Cielo24 human captioning enterprise connector, dynamic feedback for video quizzes, new API, and many WCAG 2.1-aligned accessibility improvements to enrich your Video Platform experience. Other updates include in-depth Live Stream statistics across the Hardware Hub, Software Capture and RTMP initiated live streams, new customizations for the Canvas LTI 1.3 integration, a new Sub-Admin Captioner role, consent forms workflows, and a new Facial Analysis tool. In addition to the Video Platform, other products also saw a number of updates to enhance user experience and product capabilities. YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility now has dynamic accessibility suggestions for WYSIWYG text regions, language translation support for Text-to-Speech, increased options for Website Accessibility, enhancement to Panorama’s ability to generate Accessibility Reports, and more, making it simpler to gauge accessibility and fix issues. Additionally, YuJa Panorama’s website accessibility tool has been updated and can now be integrated into the LMS at the institution and course levels. YuJa Media Capture Portfolio YuJa Software Capture for PC now has a Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon add-on that enables users to auto-sync the start and end of the recording during their presentation session in just a few simple clicks in PowerPoint's configuration tab. YuJa Video Conference Platform The Video Conference Platform now offers virtual backgrounds, enhanced sharing capabilities and provides meeting owners the option to manage the waiting room and admit participants individually or all at once. YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving now offers a Recurring Jobs tab to manage upcoming archive jobs, a more accurate representation of file sizes, and an enhanced user interface to make the data archiving and compliance process seamless. About YuJa, Inc. YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning enterprises within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate.

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Core Education Launches New Private Higher Education Network

Core Education | September 14, 2022

Core Education Services, PBC has announced the formation of a new private network for the exclusive benefit of small and mid-sized colleges and universities. The Core Affiliate Network™, which launches with ten member institutions whose combined budgets reach $457 million, will empower participating schools to modernize and transform their business models through innovative shared services made accessible through economies of scale. Core Education will provide supporting services across an array of functional areas, including marketing, enrollment resources, workforce programs, technology modernization, operational efficiency, capital strategies, campus operations, and compliance services. Member institutions maintain their independence – though they must meet specific financial and leadership criteria to leverage Core solutions addressing higher education’s biggest challenges. “Small and mid-sized institutions are disproportionately impacted by the systemic issues facing higher education today,In an era of shifting demographics and declining demand, these institutions need an advocate who understands transformation and what it takes to establish long-term prosperity. By creating economies of scale and providing access to top talent and resources that would otherwise be inaccessible, Core can be that advocate for a growing number of institutions seeking to transform their business models.” Rick Beyer, Executive Chairman of Core Education, In addition to the ten current participating colleges and universities, more institutions are conducting partnership studies and Beyer expects new members to join the Core Affiliate Network over the next year. “We are fortunate to be working with a number of presidents and board leaders who are committed to real transformation,” he says. “As such, we anticipate continued growth as they learn more about the unparalleled subject matter expertise and organizational depth we bring to the table.” What Member Institutions are Saying Larry Czarda, President of Greensboro College: “Without the Core Affiliate Network, we could not afford the resources and expertise that are driving our transformation. We are stabilizing and modernizing our technology platform. We are strengthening our institutional research. And we are launching a major workforce development initiative that will pay big dividends for our region. As a small but growing United Methodist institution with a rich history, Core is making it possible to evolve our business model in ways that match our unique vision for the future.” David Wright, President Emeritus of Indiana Wesleyan University: “There are big opportunities for institutions that leverage Core as a supporting organization. In my work with faith-based institutions, I often see the need for knowledgeable external support that appreciates how important it is for a school to maintain its independence and identity. That combination is rare – and it sets Core apart.” Gordon Bietz, Director Higher Education, North American Division, Seventh-day Adventist Church: “Core enabled a group of our institutions to launch a workforce development initiative that would have been very expensive if each tried to do it on their own.” Lee Johnson, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Siena Heights University: “We are launching a series of certificates and credentials with Core to help grow and diversify our revenue streams. We are also leveraging Core as part of our technology assessment and modernization plans. None of it would be happening without the substantial economies of scale that Core provides.” Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN, President, Regis College: “As a public benefit corporation, Core uses a cost recovery approach that enables Regis to reach higher margins for our growth initiatives. As a Catholic institution guided by a mission that inspires us to provide access to a rigorous education through innovative learning opportunities and collaborative engagement at all degree levels, this new partnership will enable Regis to expand our vast offerings for students. These additional academic offerings will make meaningful contributions to workforce development throughout New England and beyond by supporting companies seeking talent and also help employees develop new skills that are in demand throughout the marketplace.” About Core Education Services, PBC Core is a public benefit corporation with a mission to support small and mid-sized institutions through innovative shared services. Core Education addresses its mission of student and institutional success through a comprehensive set of supporting services, with a specific emphasis on market expansion, technology efficiency, and operational effectiveness

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