Afficient Academy’s AI-Powered Learning Technology Disrupts K-12 Education

Afficient Academy | March 31, 2022

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A perfect storm is brewing at the country’s K-12 schools as teachers and parents struggle to support children who have fallen behind. Facing resource-strapped educational systems exacerbated by the pandemic “learning loss,” parents are seeking alternatives. In response to increasing demand and queries, Afficient Academy, provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, today released data proving that students learn 2-5 times faster with Afficient than with traditional school.

By harnessing AI, Afficient’s patented Afficient Methodology helps identify gaps in children’s learning and provides intelligent and self-paced learning paths to not only close the gaps, but also help children dramatically improve learning effectiveness to reach A/A+. Research data ( from Afficient students verified that it has enabled 90% of its students to ace one grade level of content in just two to four months. Many students have exceeded their grade level and advanced ahead of their schools’ curriculum.

“As a father of three children, and having seen serious deficiencies in many educational programs, I leveraged my Silicon Valley, teaching, and entrepreneurial roots to launch Afficient Academy with the vision and belief that modern technology can greatly enhance the effectiveness of learning, Now, our students’ data has proved that our AI-powered programs can not only improve learning efficiency by 2 to 5 times, but also lead to much better learning quality. I hope this new generation of technology-based educational programs reach and help a great number of students achieve ‘A’ efficiently.”

- Dr. Jiayuan Fang, Founder and CEO.

Afficient: Giving Students the Joy of Learning

The first Afficient program launched in 2015. Today, over 15,000 students have learned better and faster with Afficient Math (Grades 2-12) and Afficient English (Grades 2-8). Afficient’s adaptive, self-paced programs gift each child the joy of learning by allowing them to learn according to their ability, and not age nor school grade. This is liberating as students compete against themselves to be the best they can be.

Angelina Chen’s Afficient Math journey started in May 2021. Her parents noticed gaps in her math understanding, gaps verified by her Afficient diagnostic test. Although a 3rd grader, she started at Grade 2 in math to help fill in those gaps. Straightaway, Angelina excelled. In less than six weeks, she completed all coursework for Grade 2. She’s now an Honors level student and finished Grade 5 math — all this in just seven months. In addition to helping Angelina grow her math skills, her parents love the flexibility of Afficient’s online program, especially helpful since Angelina started in the midst of the pandemic.

4th grader Andy Wang’s skill gaps in math were impacting his confidence. So his parents enrolled him in Afficient Math in October 2021, where he began his journey in 3rd Grade math. In only five months, he has finished Grade 4 math. His parents report that Andy now gets straight As on his math school tests—and he likes math more than before. And best of all, his confidence level has gone up too.

How the Afficient Methodology Works

After a complimentary diagnostic test, each child gets an individualized AI-based program that adapts to their academic level. Intelligent algorithms guide the child through learning paths optimized to help them reach A/A+. Rather than having to wait for worksheets to be graded manually, students receive instant feedback. And while each child works independently, live teachers can help them get “unstuck” when they encounter learning difficulties. Because the learning is interactive, fun, and rewarding, students are motivated to make persistent progress and advance to excellent academic levels. Afficient enables students to build solid foundations, succeed in school entrance and placement tests, get into advanced courses in school, and get better grades in school – all with less time and stress.

Accredited by The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association for Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), Afficient provides:
  • Customized weekly assignments that are automatically generated. Students know how much they need to accomplish in a week and can always do more.
  • Courses that are results centric. Students always know how far they are from reaching their grade-level goals. They are guided through their work until they achieve A/A+ goals.
  • Alignment with Common Core standards. What students learn from Afficient Academy directly helps them get better results in school.

About Afficient Academy

Afficient Academy, a leading provider of AI-based K-12 learning programs, offers computerized Math and English programs that greatly improve learning efficiency and quality. Founded in 2014 to help students “Achieve ‘A’ Efficiently,” Silicon Valley-based Afficient Academy has helped over 15,000 students with its market-proven, self-paced learning programs powered by its patented “Afficient Methodology.” After a complimentary online diagnostic test, students get individualized AI-based programs that adapt to their academic levels. Intelligent algorithms guide students through learning paths that are highly efficient and optimized to help students reach A/A+. Live teachers provide support to help students in their self-learning process. Interactive, fun, and rewarding, Afficient programs motivate students to make persistent progress and achieve excellence. Over 90 percent of Afficient students complete one grade level with an A/A+ in two to four months.


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Free Quantum Computing Training Course Launched by the Linux Foundation and World Bank

The Linux Foundation, | August 26, 2022

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, has released a new, free, online training course, Fundamentals of Quantum Computing, in partnership with the World Bank. The course provides an understanding on how quantum computing could be used for complex decision making far beyond current computer capabilities, as well as an understanding of the technological, governmental, and industrial implications as the technology further matures.Quantum computing involves using quantum theories to perform complex computations. The technology has been in development for decades and is expected to revolutionize computing as it becomes more widely available. The Linux Foundation has been providing access to online training and education since 2014 and offers a full course catalog across a dozen categories with 100+ course offerings to meet a growing demand around the world. At the same time, the World Bank Group's Open Learning Campus (OLC) serves to accelerate development solutions by transforming global knowledge into actionable learning. Since its inception in 2015, it has provided 5000 learning offerings to over 4 million clients in 190 countries. This helps to meet the World Bank Group's twin goals of ending poverty and building shared prosperity. "Quantum computing has the potential to impact various sectors, including financial services, healthcare, agriculture and logistics, in addition to changing the way we architect cybersecurity. Given its potential impact, it is important to develop foundational knowledge of this new technology as it develops, to understand its implications for our skills, systems and technological governance," said Sheila Jagannathan, head of the Open Learning Campus at the World Bank. "As part of the Bank Group's ongoing efforts to support Government Chief Information Officers, government technology teams, advisors, and policymakers considering and preparing for the practical aspects of digital transformation in emerging economies, we have worked with Linux Foundation to develop this course on Quantum Computing fundamentals. This is part of a broader initiative to learn from our advanced digital partners, including the Republic of Korea, on the current and future impact of emerging technologies." The new course takes approximately three hours to complete, making it accessible to anyone. It will be of particular interest for public sector leaders, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and technology teams in charge of the planning, design, development and deployment of public service delivery and digital economy infrastructures and platforms. Learners should be generally familiar with how computers function and the current use of on-premise and cloud computing. The course discusses the fundamentals of quantum computing, highlighting potential technological disruptions it brings. It discusses the current capabilities of quantum computing, current use cases, as well as prospective future applications, while emphasizing security advantages and dangers, especially around secure communication and encryption. It also dispels some of the myths surrounding quantum computing, explaining what it is at the moment, as well as why it is an exciting and essential technology to understand and embrace. "We are on the cusp of another technological revolution as quantum computing technology matures and enables us to solve problems which are too computationally intensive for traditional computers, "Now is the time to start teaching folks around the world about quantum computing in order to ensure that the policy implications are thought through and that the requisite talent pool is nurtured to support this technology as it grows. The World Bank has proven to be a valuable partner in this endeavor, recognizing the need and taking a leadership role in ensuring educational resources are available around quantum computing to everyone." Clyde Seepersad, SVP, and general manager of training & certification at the Linux Foundation. About the Linux Foundation Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation and its projects are supported by more than 2,950 members. The Linux Foundation is the world's leading home for collaboration on open source software, hardware, standards, and data. Linux Foundation projects are critical to the world's infrastructure including Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js, ONAP, Hyperledger, RISC-V, and more. The Linux Foundation's methodology focuses on leveraging best practices and addressing the needs of contributors, users, and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration.

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Imagine Learning | August 24, 2022

Imagine Learning, the largest provider of digital curriculum solutions in the U.S. serving 15 million students in more than half the school districts nationwide, today announced the launch of Imagine Learning Classroom, the new digital application powering its core English Language Arts and Mathematics solutions. Imagine Learning Classroom (formerly LearnZillion) enhances the high-quality curricula of Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics, Imagine Learning EL Education, Imagine Learning Odell Education, and Imagine Learning Guidebooks. These comprehensive programs offer the most accessible, teachable, and engaging core curricula for K-12 students available anywhere today. "Our goal is to deliver compelling, high-quality curricula in a teachable way to support educators and spark learning breakthroughs, Core Curriculum for Imagine Learning. "With Imagine Learning Classroom, we've developed a cohesive, immersive classroom environment to empower teachers and ensure student success." Terry Gilligan, Senior Vice President & General Manager As pioneers in digital instruction, Imagine Learning continually refines its core products and services to meet the needs of all students and educators. These solutions give educators continuous, clear insights into their students' learning, and supports them to maximize their potential. In addition, ongoing pedagogical research measures effectiveness in classrooms around the country to advance learning for all students. Imagine Learning Classroom puts the teacher and student at the center of learning for more positive outcomes. The dynamic software creates inspiring instructional experiences, providing students with opportunities to own their own learning, express choice in content, and showcase their voice in assignments, building essential skills to set students up for success. Imagine Learning Classroom: Offers a turnkey solution that saves teachers time in planning and instruction Incorporates features and functionality that support and honor each curricula's instructional design Empowers teachers with tools to personalize and customize instruction to their unique needs Engages students with rich media, including videos, digital interactivities, virtual manipulatives, and more Enables the implementation of quality curricula in all learning environments Refreshed student and teacher experiences, including a unique experience for primary students Imagine Learning Classroom offers the following premier ELA and Mathematics programs for grades K-12: Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics is a complete K-12 IM-Certified mathematics curriculum that delivers a digital-first classroom experience, enabling teachers to create a student-centered, cohesive learning environment, based on research and driven by data that fully leverages the impact of high-quality curricula. Imagine Learning EL Education is a content-based K-8 literacy curriculum utilizing compelling real-world texts that engage and excite learners in grades K-8. Informed by the Science of Reading, the program allows students to focus on mastery of knowledge and skills and demonstrate high-quality work while building habits of character. Imagine Learning Odell Education is an innovative knowledge-based literacy program for grades 9-12 dedicated to fostering creativity and critical thinking. The program emphasizes learning through inquiry and empowers teachers to configure the course content by providing a variety of text collections and topics. Imagine Learning Guidebooks is a comprehensive English Language Arts solution that immerses grade 3-12 students in reading and writing lessons across genres. Students create a web of meaning critical to the development of reading and writing skills, and build understanding through text sets, compelling questions, and integrated reading and writing activities. About Imagine Learning Imagine Learning is a PreK–12 digital learning solutions company that ignites learning breakthroughs by designing forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology to drive student growth. Imagine Learning serves more than 15 million students and partners with more than half the school districts nationwide. Imagine Learning's flagship products include Imagine Edgenuity®, online courseware and virtual school services solutions; supplemental and intervention solutions for literacy, language, mathematics, robotics, and coding; and high-quality, digital-first core curriculum, including Illustrative Mathematics®, EL Education®, and Odell Education®—all on the Imagine Learning Classroom—and Twig Science®. Read more about Imagine Learning's digital solutions at

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Higher Education Servicing Corporation Announces the Launch of HESC Solutions, Inc.

Higher Education Servicing Corporation | September 01, 2022

Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC) is excited to announce the launch of its for-profit subsidiary, HESC Solutions, Inc. HESC Solutions, Inc. was created to oversee the ongoing development and licensing of the HELIUM Loan Origination and Servicing System, which was first deployed by HESC in 2017, and to provide expanded student loan servicing opportunities with federal student loan contractors. HELIUM is a state‐of‐the‐art solution capable of originating private student, parent and refinance education loans as well as servicing both FFELP and private education loans. Built with the latest Microsoft technology, HELIUM's modern coding structure and architectural framework provides clients with a rich-UI, web‐based user experience while delivering increased productivity and efficiency, faster turn-around for system development updates, easy connection to ancillary products, and greater control and flexibility of system controls, which are critical for success in an ever-evolving student loan industry. Higher education loan providers and servicers may license HELIUM to manage their own loan origination and/or servicing portfolios or contract directly with HESC to provide third-party loan originations and/or servicing.HESC Solutions, Inc. also provides subcontracting services for federal student loan servicers including contact center support, back-office processing tasks, and Direct Loan servicing. "We are excited to launch HESC Solutions, Inc. Now more than ever, we are ready and able to deploy our industry-leading HELIUM software to education loan providers and servicers to help meet the needs of their clients and borrowers. And as a qualified small business with decades of student loan servicing expertise, we are well positioned to serve as a federal student loan subcontractor," Phillip Wambsganss, President of HESC Solutions, Inc. About HESC Higher Education Servicing Corporation ("HESC") is a private, nonprofit student loan servicing organization founded in 1978 to ensure Texas students and families have access to higher education. In 2017, after years of development and testing, HESC launched its own proprietary loan servicing platform known as HELIUM, which it utilizes to service its own portfolio of federal and private education loans. HESC also continues to provide full-service, third-party servicing and administration for federal and private education loan providers as well as offers private student and parent loans to permanent Texas residents through its Texas Extra Credit education loan program.

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Learn to fly airplanes with this program! Introduction to Aviation is an online homeschool course that can qualify for highschool credit.  Through hands on assignments and daily flight simulator training, students learn the mechanics of airplanes.