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What’s behind the explosion in cryptocurrency education?

October 03, 2019 / LAURA ASCIONE

Driven by rising awareness of cryptocurrencies and increasing demand from students, colleges and universities around the world are increasing blockchain and cryptocurrency education, according to an annual report.  The 2nd Annual Coinbase Report on Higher Education, from Coinbase and Qriously, outlines findings about rising student interest in cryptocurrency education, and highlights an increasing number of courses focused on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or bitcoin taught across a range of disciplines. Fifty-six percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on cryptocurrency or blockchain, according to the report. That’s up from 42 percent in 2018. Computer science classes still are the most common for cryptocurrency education, accounting for 32.2 percent. But finance, business, and economics classes collectively tally 19.8 percent, and law-school classes add another 10.7 percent.