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What the first ‘European Universities alliances’ means for international students

July 09, 2019 / Study International Staff

According to UniversityWorldNews, “European Universities’ are cross-border alliances of higher education institutions from across the EU that share a long-term strategy and promote European values and identity.“The initiative is designed to significantly strengthen mobility of students and staff, and foster the quality, inclusiveness and competitiveness of European higher education, the European Commission says.” Out of 54 applications, 17 European Universities involving 114 higher education institutions from Europe were selected. Of these, only three universities from the UK won the competition to be part of the alliances. However, according to Science Business, “UK universities would “be forced to leave their projects” if the country exits the EU without a deal, a commission spokesman confirmed.” France scored the highest with 16 successful alliances, followed by Germany with 14 universities, Italy with 11, and Spain with nine. Hungary ...