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Welsh schools to offer cheaper uniforms with gender-neutral options

July 10, 2019 / Richard Adams

School in Wales will be made to offer cheaper, gender-neutral uniform options from September, as the Welsh government seeks to tackle the rising costs of school clothing for families. The statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education means Welsh state schools that are revising their uniform codes will need to avoid exclusive deals that force parents to buy from a single supplier, and must ensure that uniform items are widely available, avoiding expensive logos and designs. The new rules also mean schools can no longer have separate uniform codes for boys and girls, so that trousers or shorts, for example, will be available for either to wear. Kirsty Williams, the Welsh minister for education, said the costs of school uniforms were a long-running issue for families. She said the new code gave the government in Cardiff the chance to revise its guidance to give it a legal underpinning. “It gave us an opportunity to look at the rather outdated way we look at uniforms, wit...