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These universities have proven that online exams can work

March 24, 2020 / Study International Staff

Many universities are switching to online exams during COVID-19.For one, Oxbridge’s summer assessments are moving online. Over at Imperial College London, 280 medical students successfully completed final-year exams last week. The university says this a historic first for medical studies.If you’re worried about this shift to online exams during COVID-19, fret not. History tell us it’s a pretty untapped area, but there’s potential to be uncovered.Online exams during COVID-19 shows benefits of digital assessmentOnline or digital exams can save lecturers ample marking time. It also saves students the hassle of putting pen to paper to demonstrate their knowledge in an area of study.
According to the University of Technology Sydney, students are also less anxious about online exams as they can first do practice tests online. This assessment model also explores the possibility of automated marking for standardised tests.