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The importance of handwriting skills among K12 students

September 09, 2019 / Study International Staff

One of the pressing concerns of 21st century educators is that school students’ handwriting skills are being neglected, with technology being seen as a disruption to manual writing practices in the classroom. Naturally, with temptations of typing, swiping and scrolling on the screen, it’s no surprise that handwriting skills are under threat. For Google Certified Educator, Samantha Ryker, it’s important that students hold onto their writing skills and persevere through the temptations of typing and tablet swiping. “Recently, my students were studying science vocabulary words in class to prepare for a quiz. Back in the olden days when I went to school, I would have copied the words down by hand and re-written the definition in my own words. But my students took a picture with their phone. To study later. From a picture on their phone. “And when I suggested they actually (gasp!) use their hands to write down the definitions, they balked. What do you mean writ...