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Predictive analytics courses you can take online this summer

July 03, 2019 / Study International Staff

New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data are growing at an incredible rate. Because of this, data scientist jobs are increasingly in demand and will be long into the future, as companies struggle to keep up and make sense of all the data that can now be collected and stored through the development of cloud-based technologies. Employers are increasingly looking for employees who are well-versed in different components of data science, depending on the business. Forrester Research analyst Brandon Purcell said that organisations increasingly rely on insights driven by data. “Data scientists are crucial in turning the massive amount of data companies capture into action. They’ve always been in high demand, but until recently, only large enterprises and digital natives were willing to make the significant investment. Now, almost everyone is.” In eCommerce, predictive analytics is an essential tool that’s also growing at an ...