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How can schools better equip learning spaces for modern career skills?

May 14, 2019 / Shawna De La Rosa

Today's students will enter a workforce with fewer cubicles and more collaboration space. Classroom design should be fashioned to reflect the real work world into which they will soon enter, eSchool News reports. Beaver Country Day School in Newton, Massachusetts, recently completed a redesign that started with asking the students what they wanted. Administrators replaced rows of desks and chairs with flex-space furniture that allows for both individual and group learning. Hallways are used as a classroom extension that allows students to meet in small groups. Students use meeting rooms along with the faculty. The flexible environment allows for creative collaboration, while still giving students an option to study alone. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the days of assembly-line manufacturing jobs are coming to an end. Students will graduate into positions that require thought and collaboration. The cubicle office design is becoming extinct, which means straight lines of desks a...