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How an app (yes, an app!) will revolutionise education for deaf students

October 07, 2019 / Leelian Kong

Imagine you’re in class trying to take down notes for an important test next week. How you do in this test and what you’re learning in school are not without far-reaching consequences in how your life and career will pan out. Now imagine trying to do this without being able to hear. This is the reality for deaf and hard-of-hearing students everywhere. Not everyone is privileged enough to have an interpreter and not every learning environment will meet their needs. Google’s Live Transcribe app may change deaf students’ learning potential forever. “This app really helps all kinds of information, not just [making] education…accessible to a greater set of people. So if you’re hard of hearing or deaf, you don’t have to go to a special school anymore,” said Sagar Savla, a product leader in Google’s AI Research group, in a video conference at Google Malaysia last Friday. “You can continue in the same hearing school or universi...