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FluentWorlds' Top Rated Language Apps Now Available From DigitalGo in Europe

October 08, 2020 / prnewswire

DigitalGo and the V.I.E.W. today announced the formal launch of their partnership to market FluentWorlds in Europe. FluentWorlds, www.FluentWorlds.com, the world's highest rated English language learning App on the Apple iTunes store at 4.9, has made its 3D App available via DigitalGo -Europe's leading digital marketing company. Further, D-Go will also distribute 3DMeet – an online communications platform that combines the best of Skype and Zoom with a set of immersive worlds created in 3D. FluentWorlds' platform allows users to enjoy immersive learning experiences delivered in over 35 engaging and realistic 3D gaming environments like an airport, a hotel and even Virtual Las Vegas on the desktop, laptop, or smartphone.