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D2iQ releases Conductor to deliver interactive courses and training on actual Kubernetes

July 09, 2020 / PR Newswire

D2iQ, the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that power smarter Day 2 operations, today announced the release of Conductor, a new interactive learning platform that enables enterprises to access hands-on cloud native courses and training. With Conductor, developers and operators can now learn Kubernetes on actual clusters right from their web browser, increasing the team's capability and maximizing resource utilization. According to a recent D2iQ-sponsored survey with Vanson Bourne, only 23% of organizations believe they have the talent required to successfully complete their cloud native journey. As enterprises move from legacy to cloud native applications, the demand for Kubernetes has significantly increased. However, once moving closer to production and Day 2 operations, they are met with the complexity involved in migrating to a complete Kubernetes environment while also struggling to keep pace with the skills required to maintain it. Conductor addr...