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2U commits $3M for underrepresented students to pursue technical training

June 23, 2020 / Aman Kidwai

Education technology company 2U will offer scholarships of $2,500 each to "Black, Latino, and Indigenous learners, as well as women," to attend online technical training programs. According to the company’s June 10 statement, it will provide the scholarships, totaling $3 million, to candidates demonstrating "both need and merit." 2U said the program is specifically for individuals from underrepresented groups enduring financial hardship or who lost their jobs. The scholarships can be used for more than 100 programs spanning digital marketing, data analytics, coding, fintech and more. The programs are offered by more than 30 universities partnered with 2U, including Columbia Engineering, The George Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, Rice University, University of California Berkeley, University of North Carolina and Vanderbilt University. For many, the program is offered by an extension school or school of professional studies. "A...